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Dreamscape Added To Wallpapers

Good morning Googler's :)

I have just uploaded the image Dreamscape to the wallpaper gallery its 1600px at its widest side, enjoy and download if you wish to use them.

I'm not going to be on much today but I will play catch up later, have fun out there :)

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Good morning Mike, I like the pictures.
roya kh
fantastic dear Mike
looking like the sun is just behind that tree
Good morning+ mike Shaw! Thank you for such amazing photos! Have a blessed day!
Love the third one ... did you take them all? Thanks for the share +Mike Shaw
its realy very nice pics........keep it up
Aw...beautiful pics! Well done Mike!
Awesome pics, Mr. Shaw. I had to add you after viewing your work. Are any of these available for download. Would really like to have a few of these as desktop wallpaper. Hope to hear from you soon. Have a great one!!
Wow, that made a significant difference in my view! For the better.... :) solace.........feelings......what a wonderful world............
Really nice Portfolio ! Thanks for Sharing ;)
Cannot remember ever seeing anything like it. Brilliant effort. Thanks for sharing.
Good work Fella, Awesome dude!
Oh wow! I don't know how to describe my feelings after watching those amazing photos. Ethereal?
Your images are simply stunning....thanks so much for sharing the beauty :-) Best wishes from Aus...
so chweet mr.mike grt job.....
yea owsum shot.............. :) <3 gr8 work!
what a picture.really so sweet.i fell in nature's love &feel calm.peace. thanks Mike
great photoes!! it take the art work to make it happen.
BEA-wait for it-UTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
nature is Sooo beautyful......

+JUDE SHAW He really is very talented...Not in kitchen, but certainly in taking photographs. :-)))
Binh Le
These picture are so nice. Allow me to get them to my background ^_^
I was nto able to go through all photos. But whichever, I saw, They are simply wonderful.
Absolutely Beautiful Nature ......Thanx for sharing....
omg thats gorgeous. its like somthing out of dream
Hmmmmm .... :) very very niceeee ....
Thanks for sharing +Mike Shaw. Your images are in my regular rotation of Windows 7 backgrounds.
yep its really awesome views.................
all photos very nice...............awesome............
Mike, Awesome!! Very refreshing to the soul!! You are the Best!! Thank You!!
Great Shot Mike!
Please can you do a "how-to" for long exposure shots. You have inspired me to nbuy a ND10 filter but I suspect I shall need more than just a lucky shot to get it right. Can you tell me if , and what software to use for post production, and also the best time to take this shots.
Thanks (and keep on keeping-on!!)
great photos Mike...question what camera you are using? I like taking pictures but no that perfect like your's
Those photos really help one get through the defficulties of the day!!!!
Amazing Mike Shaw I really enjoying every single pic from you
As always, Mike, thank you for so generously sharing your creativity.
amazing photos... love it. nice job.
Thanks a lot Mike !. You let us share the joy of your photography by uploading your full-sized images !. :)
beautiful>I mean, I love to capture Mother Nature at times like these, but WOW. Im just a 14 yr old, but i have Huge dreams and I come from a place where dreams like that never come true. I guess Ive jsut gotta keep dreaming, huh?
Simplesmente Fantástico!!!
Fantastic... very good...!!!
wow,I lack the best word to describe the photos
Praise God for his GREATNESS creating such beauty and for your amazing talent being able to capture it on film. Thank you Mike!!! Keep on sharing. Lize
this is beauty...more beauty
Hi. How are you ? I can't mail messages , sory. 
this is so beautyful really . thanks
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