So How Will G+ Change Your Life?

Giving Away A Canon 1DX

Its about to change mine.

Because of Google+ an investor saw and fell in love with my work

Because of Google+ a team has been built, sourced from Google+ to build a web site, to build an online presence, to build a brand and take on what we do to the next level, then the next and so on.

Because of Google+ I have the chance to become a full time photographer where the possibilities are endless.

More so I have the ability to be able to give you something back too. My equipment is to be upgraded, camera, lenses and so on, I am looking not at one but two Canon 1DX's, why two?

Recently my investor and myself have been humbled by the way the community of G+ has come together to help others, take for instance the photography auction to help +Charles Crawford get a Bioness brace

Or the more recent post by +Kieran O'Connor who was helped by a generous gift by +Romain Guy of a Canon 5DII.

So when we do upgrade the camera the second will be given away, we need you to nominate someone you feel is deserving of this and we shall read through the comments and make a decision.

In regards to the future, stay tuned, I shall keep you all updated, its going to be one wonderful ride :)
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