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So How Will G+ Change Your Life?

Giving Away A Canon 1DX

Its about to change mine.

Because of Google+ an investor saw and fell in love with my work

Because of Google+ a team has been built, sourced from Google+ to build a web site, to build an online presence, to build a brand and take on what we do to the next level, then the next and so on.

Because of Google+ I have the chance to become a full time photographer where the possibilities are endless.

More so I have the ability to be able to give you something back too. My equipment is to be upgraded, camera, lenses and so on, I am looking not at one but two Canon 1DX's, why two?

Recently my investor and myself have been humbled by the way the community of G+ has come together to help others, take for instance the photography auction to help +Charles Crawford get a Bioness brace

Or the more recent post by +Kieran O'Connor who was helped by a generous gift by +Romain Guy of a Canon 5DII.

So when we do upgrade the camera the second will be given away, we need you to nominate someone you feel is deserving of this and we shall read through the comments and make a decision.

In regards to the future, stay tuned, I shall keep you all updated, its going to be one wonderful ride :)
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you give us inspiration not just in your photos but in this side of photography as well.. hoping to follow in your footsteps :)
congrats to you +Mike Shaw well deserved for sure. I look forward to watching what you come up with in the future with even greater support from the community.
Congratulations +Mike Shaw. great to see such good things come to of Google+. Look forward to seeing more of your work :)
This is wonderful and incredible news Mike. Congratulations.
Congratulations Mike! With your talent, you deserve every success you get.
Good for you Mike! and Congratulations! I too "hope" that G+ will play a role, if not even facilitate many changes in my own life as I begin down a few (new) paths. Best of luck on your "life/career changes". I am an avid follower (and admirer) of your work. :)
Excellent news and congratulation Mike!
Congratulations! That's awesome :)

Where are you willing/able to ship? That affects my choice for the nominee. :)
I'm so happy for you +Mike Shaw ! what a wonderful thing to happen to YOU and for you to pass on the good fortune is equally as wonderful!

I would like to suggest +Keith Barrett . Keith gives so much to this community - spending his own dollars on equipment to run the live broadcasts, and he gives so much of his time to us all to do it as well. Always patient, always kind - I'm sure I've seen him mention that he doesn't have a good camera and that he'd like to start taking more photos.

So... yeah.... I nominate Keith.

Congratulations Mike - you are going to do WONDERFUL things with this opportunity - I just know it !!
Awesome news. Good thing G+ is a ghost town that no one uses. ;-)
Social media and the power of networking. Congratulations and I am sure you will move onwards to bigger and better things. Best of luck for the future in this new venture.
Nice to see that good things do happen to good people!
Congrats Mike, you do deserve it.
Fantastic! It warms my heart to see all of these lovely things happening within the G+ community. Thanks for perpetuating the goodwill and making us all smile and have even more faith in our fellow humans :)
Many congratulations +Mike Shaw Your combination of dedication and talent deserves every reward and success.
I hope giving away your camara has the same effect on the receiving end as it had on +Kieran O'Connor . I read his story this morning. I love what is happening on Google plus!
great news +Mike Shaw i'm happy that it happened with you !
good luck to someone to get this camera !
That's fantastic news and couldn't happen to a nicer or more talented guy. Well done!
And +Mike Shaw congratulations on the chance you have been given. You deserve it, you make beautiful photos!
Gratz Mike ! You deserve it.
Hey folks : do NOT vote for me for the gift of the Canon 1DX, I only work/play with Nikon ;)
Congratulations look forward to seeing more! I'd also like to nominate my sister +Joy Rancid Rita Bunt for the camera. She's a widow, has brought two children up single handedly and has had some terrible luck. In spite of this she still manages to be loving, creative and inspiring and I can think of no other who deserves it more x
That is fantastic news and it couldn't have happened to a cooler, more deserving guy! Love your images and I'm excited to see where you will go next! You paid it forward for many people and it is coming back to you. And so the circle begins again.

As far as a nominee, is it horribly selfish to nominate one's self :-) Still saving my pennies for a new camera and shooting with my phone in the mean time.

Congrats again!
Congratulations +Mike Shaw I knew you would break through and find the success you so deserve. Good luck and may your success take you to great heights :)
Great news indeed +Mike Shaw! I'll be looking forward to the shots you get once you have your new gear! ;-)
I am so happy for you +Mike Shaw !!
What a source of inspiration you and +Kieran O'Connor are for the Google+ community in so many ways.
The two of you are fine examples of the best attributes of humanity.
Congratulations on your new job! You deserve it so much.
That sounds amazing. Congrats!!!
Well deserved!
Congrats +Mike Shaw ! Very well deserved and a beautiful thing you are doing for someone else as well!
Thats great, your pictures were always full of emotion. Peace, nature, and sometimes intensity.
Congrats +Mike Shaw . Looking forward to the interesting things you come with in your new endevour.
I'm much more interested in the new Canon EOS C300 camera.
Congratulations! Because of Google+ I can congratulate you for all of the above!
Keep living the dream +Mike Shaw. Reminds me of the adage, "Life's only a bitch if you are". Good to see good things happen to good people.

I would put that camera or any redundant flashes you're sitting on to good use. I'm doing a shoot with the Maryland School for the Blind for next year's Swirl For a Girl fundraising event (probono of course) and it'd be awesome to have a larger sensor to work with when it comes time to toss together larger format prints for the auction and event signage. We've made a pretty big impact donating our design and photography services to the event in the past - we raised over $30k the first year alone - and I'm convinced we would make an even larger difference if we had better resources to work with.

While I have been pushing my Canon T3i about as far as she'll go, it's still a solid camera (excellent starter body) and I'd hate to see it go to waste. So, if picked I'm offering to give my current DSLR to someone else on the list - a la pay it forward style.

--- Edit ---

If any of you are looking for a worthy cause to support check out . The operational costs of the foundation are about as minimal as you can get. With the exception of the printing and mailing of a few hundred invitations and save the date cards, every penny goes towards funding art and aquatic programs for blind children.
Wow! Way to go!
I expect great things in the future!
Good luck!
Hip, Hip Horray! I am very happy for your exciting well deserved news +Mike Shaw
+Mike Shaw It is great to hear about your successes and growth and I wish you all the best going forward! As for nominating someone - consider +Peyton Hale. He is a talented photographer with a dream of making a career out of doing what he loves. I have had the opportunity to attend a workshop which he was teaching, and his passion for the art is very evident.

Cheers!! ~joe
Congrats on all of this +Mike Shaw - this is a really phenomenal thing you are doing! and +Joe Azure to say I am humbled for a nomination is a total understatement - I sincerely thank you!
Wow, that's really generous of you. As much as I would love to nominate myself, obviously I can'

I shall nominate +Manuella Manuella - She really needs a new camera and is a way better photographer than she gives herself credit for. I would love to see her with a great camera and some more confidence!
What a generous and amazing gift by somebody +Mike Shaw if it isn't a late april fool that is ;)
Like you I was touched by how the community came together help +Charles Crawford lots of people really banded around, it gave me the feeling of a real community willing to help another, and only proved to me the amazing people we have on here and the power of Google+, to not only help established photographers like yourself but to help new photographers like myself and put them on a level playing field.

There is one person I see as being nominated for her hard work in putting all this together and I've only just friended her but she has been so helpful putting things up and answering mine and others stupid questions, she is I believe the person who came up with the idea and saw it through +Nicole Burgoz

Hope that helps Mike
Congratulations on YOUR good fortunes +Mike Shaw It is well deserved & thanks for this post as well, Dear. All my best & May God bless you with all the success that you desire, Sir! (((HUGS)))
Great news! I'd like to suggest +Dan Peterson for the camera. He was saying the other day that at the rate he's taking pictures, he'll wear out his current camera (not a DSLR) before it's paid for. He's been making great progress, and I think it would be terrific if he could have something better to work with. Whoever you pick, thank you for your support for the community.
Excellent news and well deserved but nonetheless amazing. I remember a post you made when I first joined Google+, where you wondered where this experience of being embraced for your philosophy as well as your photography would lead. And here is your answer!
Congrats +Mike Shaw! I'm so glad this is happening you to as you are not only a great photographer, but a wonderful person. I not only admire your photography, but the way you contribute to the community here on Google+.
Congratulations +Mike Shaw . I agree; Google+ has been very kind to me and the photography community is like family (a nice family, not like "The Adams Family").

Thank you +Sandra Parlow for your incredibly kind words. You are very sweet! I love hanging out with you guys and it is its own reward! I actually don't own any digital still camera at all except my cell phone, but I am now lusting after the new Sony NEX-7. I got to play with one yesterday and I swear I heard it call my name. I'm trying to find a way to afford one :-)
Oh Mike I am so so so happy for you, I had a big silly grin reading all of that.. you deserve it so much, I wish only the best for you! :)
+Keith Barrett if you were to win this camera ... I would be so thrilled for you!! I wonder when this prize will be awarded.. maybe you can hold off on that Sony until then!!
Congrats, Mike! This giveaway is a tough one, because there are many people who are hesitant to talk about what they need or, more often, want. I wonder just how many people in my circles could really use this camera but are too afraid or self-conscious to speak up. That said, however, I think I would nominate +Shannon S. Myers who has had some tough months of late, but still manages to maintain her compassion, passion for photography, and sense of humor. :)
Oh and can i add to my previous post +Mike Shaw any of your old photo gear would find a good home here with me as a newish UK starting photographer :D heh
+Sandra Parlow It would be a while before i could save enough to afford anything like the Sony, let alone forever for a 1DX.
Well thanks, but I would think some professional who needs to put food on the table should win it. I'll take their old camera :-)
Great news on a new camera! well done. I suffered cos someone stole my canon.. so Im down to a bridge camera, and I havent taken many decent photos recently.. There are however, so many good photographers, especially on G+.. Hmm where to start.
Even that would be cool as hell +Keith Barrett !! Maybe if you don't win it that could be a stipulation!!! THe winner must give their old camera to Keith..." LOL!
Hi +Mike Shaw. I wanted to congratulate on your gift and your attitude! Kudos! As for a nomination, I'm not sure whether you will be donating some lenses you used and whether they'd be compatible with a Canon 7D but if so I'd like to suggest +Lee Daniels. Not only is Lee an outstanding photographer and human being but she's recently been through some tough times where she had to sell her equipment and it was only thanks to this amazing community and +Chris Chabot's generous gift that she was able to get a new camera. If interested you can read more about this here:
Thanks Mike!
just amazing. time once again to take every step as if it were your first... +Mike Shaw enjoy.
NICE i still use my Olympus C-5060 5.1 MP. still learning how to use my canon hv-40
I would also like to nominate +Nicole Burgoz I would love to see her hard work and dedication be rewarded. She is the one who has banded everyone together and helped spread the the word for this fundraiser for my leg brace.
I wish I could remember a particular name, but please give the camera to someone who doesn't own a DSLR yet. Professional photographers should buy their own equipment and write it off in their taxes - amateurs can't do that. While I was curating a photography theme, I saw many people submitting just phone pictures because, apparently, they didn't have a real camera but enjoyed taking pictures anyway. Browse some of the daily photography themes and pick someone. There are many users who enthusiastically post their pictures without being able to compete with the pros. Heck, even a NikonD90 is more than they own. Make some amateur happy. :-)
If any of you who had already posted a comment and did not nominate anybody, then have a look at my profile and... just have a look around and maybe you will find that I am the one you would like to nominate. :D

But going back to my nomination, I have checked really many profiles of people who work I admire and checked the details of the photos they post. It was a big surprise for me to find out that most of them use Nikons or they had removed the EXIF data, so I think that giving them 1Dx would not be a good thing, as it would imply changing systems. Hence, I would like to nominate +Panda CC, who is using Canon EOS 450D. This would be a great change to her system. :)
Awesome +Mike Shaw ! I'm happy how well Google+ is going for you. I would nominate +Vivienne Gucwa, she's everywhere on here and is always taking part in everything and is supportive of people.
+Billy Wilson - Wow, thank you so much. I am currently using a Sony because it was the cheapest camera I could find at the time which was an upgrade to the non-dSLR I was using. As I explained a few weeks ago when asked if I had allegiance to Sony: I have no allegiance to Sony, it's just been the tool that fit my (ridiculously limiting) financial circumstances that has enabled me to explore my photography passion.

I would totally use a Canon or Nikon but I have never been able to afford one. I have thought about entering the various contests on Twitter and elsewhere for a better camera but I usually stop myself because I tell myself that I have no chance of winning (in fact, the current photography contest(s) I have entered recently have been out of form for me but I feel like I need to put myself out there more to see where I can go with my photography).

So, thank you, seriously. It means a lot that someone thought about me here. And to whoever does get the camera, they will be super lucky and fortunate! Cameras are the tools with which we capture what we see with our mind's eye.
Mike, always enjoy your work. Great for inspiration, emulation and ideas.
After reading what +Vivienne Gucwa has written I would also like to nominate her - there was no word in your post that we should nominate only one person. :D
Gratz, Mike! This is a really wonderful news!!
Nice! Hope it goes well. :)

Erm, +Mike Shaw so your getting 2, won't you need them both? I can't survive with just one camera, always use two saves messing around changing lenses or if one has a problem I still can shoot photos with second. Or is it your old camera your giving away?

IMHO I think you should keep both.
I would like to see what +Chrysta Rae could do with a pro body like that. I'd like to see her rewarded for all the crazy work she does here with the Scavenger Hunts. :)
That's wonderful news Mike! I'm genuinely happy for you and can't wait to see where this path leads you! <3
I agree with +Sandra Parlow I nominate +Keith Barrett his new love for photography, photographers and his endless hours helping this community deserve recognition , and I think he would become a very competant photographer indeed!

And a big congratulations Mike, You have worked hard for it.
Omg +Keith Johnston you got me all emotional!!! That was like winning for me. I can't say thank you enough for thinking of me!!!

And +Mike Shaw holy great news! You so deserve it!! 
Wow that is really great news +Mike Shaw ! Your work needs to be seen. I hope you'll continue with your "people I have met" series. Life is nothing without people, and you capture them.

Thanks +Rahul Roy for the nomination. I don't know what to say. Just an honor that somebody thinks I'm worthwhile to nominate. I am saving slowly for a camera anyway, so I will have one no matter. Thanks Rahul.

If I'm the lucky guy, please include the manual!

Again, congrats Mike. G+ kicks butt.
Congratulation Mike Shaw :-)

I wish you good luck and great wishes.

Regarding your camera give away, I'm an amature photographer for a year now and I think now is the time I go pro (hope everything goes well) however, when I ask for some work, everyone ask me what camera I use, I have a canon 600D , however, I know it's not professional, so they just laugh at me, I can't afford 1DX. I will use the camera (if u choose to give it to me) to full fill my dream to be a photographer. Because of that I would like to nominate my self.

Many Thanks in advance and Good Luck to You.

Cajetan Andrew Louis
Congrats, Mike. Amazing, exciting, life changing stuff and you totally deserve this opportunity. As far as the camera, I nominate +Chrysta Rae be the worthy recipient. I could go on and on about why but will save that for a private post. Suffice to say, it will be equally life-changing. So happy for you. And totally looking forward to our epic hangout on Wednesday.
Congratulation for your new adventure +Mike Shaw. I do not suggest anyone, too many names occur to me. I imagine it is going to be a tough decision for you too.
+Mike Shaw !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If EVER someone deserved/needed to be full time at image making it is you!! It's about time you get to turn 100% of your attention to your craft. I am truly happy to hear this. You earned it man.

As for the camera - I am 100% for getting that Cannon into the hands of +Vivienne Gucwa - her work is inspiring and truly unique. She creates stunning images on a tiny budget. I would LOVE to see her rewarded with a bigger better camera.

Please consider +Vivienne Gucwa seriously. if you go look at her work I think you'll see what I mean.

Congrats again Mike. Very stoked for you.

I support this kind of reasoning. Mike, this just makes me glow inside, as a human being. I'm greatly encouraged to be in your circle. Thank you.
I would totally nominate +Keith Barrett. He put all of his time and effort for a hobby (kids, he doesn't make any money out of those broadcast, he doesn't even have an sponsor) and thanks to him we get to enjoy many shows on G+. I have been lucky enough to spend time with him and he's a fabulous guy. I can't think about anybody that deserve it more than him.
I would like to nominate +Gino Barasa. He's had some bad camera luck lately and hey it's time to come over to the Canon side Gino............come on, you know it's right.
Hi mike congratulation to you on your success
Few days back I told my brother to put his pictures on G+ so people can see his work & appreciate it
Looks like you were doing the same and you did a great job

I would like to nominate my brother +Cajetan Louis
Thanks and good luck for your future :)
Congratulations +Mike Shaw I'm so happy to hear things are taking off for you in such profoundly positive ways. There are so many deserving people being nominated! Good luck with your new adventure ♥
1. I'm so happy for you! You really deserve all that. :-)
2. How will g+ change my life? I really don't know (and I don't think I wanna know). But I can tell you how did it already change it:
g+ brought us a bit closer together. This is good and bad - bad because being to close to you and the other almost 3900 photographers I follow, I became ... permanently ill - I caught this bug called photography, bought a bridge camera and start making pictures. I'm not a photographer, nor will I ever be one but I'm happier. :-)
3. I cant nominate anyone because there are so many great photographers out there but mainly because I don't know who's in need for such a monster and nominating someone who already have one seems unfair to me. Sorry.
Congratulations Mike! You are such a positive presence here on G+, this is well deserved.
Congratulations! That is wonderful news! I'm delighted for you, and I think with your talent it was bound to happen.
This is AWESOME!!! Let me put my thinking cap on, as far as nominations go. :-)
Congratulation +Mike Shaw a dream comes true for you! I think G+ changed the life of many people and also will do it in future. Because G+ I have started to make photos. I have seen all the great pictures and wanted to do it by myself. There are so many great photographers and its a really helpful communtiy. And of course there is so much inspiration to try new things, thats fantastic.
Congrats Mike :) Good luck and best wishes on your new venture!
So cool +Mike Shaw! Congratulations and best of luck on the new adventure. Can't wait to see what comes next, but based on what I get to see you share here, it should be great!
That's really amazing!! Well done and good luck...
I would like to nominate +Lai Olaivar. She's good a good eye and had saved to buy her first DSLR but instead decided to give the money away to help people who had suffered from the floods that hit the Philippines in December.
Cream always rises to the top. Your work has touched so many of us all around the world that it is no surprise that your heart and artistry have led to this. The only surprise is that it took this long! Well done, you, +Mike Shaw!

I would like to second (or third, possibly fourth) the nomination of +Vivienne Gucwa. Her eye for the unexpected touch, the moody scene, the life within the structures without, makes for very impressive and singularly personal images. I think her love of both her subjects and photography itself shows through very clearly. And she has managed to make those images despite equipment restrictions. We all know it isn't the equipment that makes the photographer, but just imagine what she could do with fewer restrictions! I believe she, too, has heartistry that will only grow to be more and more powerful.

Plus, she loves a cat!
How fantastic, congrats Mike :) I nominate the infamously mysterious +Klaudia J who is so so talented....and deserves this :) 
Awesome, Mike! Well deserved. Do we nominate now, or do we wait?
This is an april fools joke isn't it? If this is true however It wouldn't hurt to get a camera ;) lol
Congratulations, +Mike Shaw!!! You are an amazing photographer and a great person!
I'm very happy for you and to be part of this amazing community!! I wish I had more time to spend here and I would love to work as a professional photographer but, at least by now, I'm still working as engineer and I can't find the time that my passion for photography should deserve!!
+Mike Shaw - I thought of someone I would nominate. While I don't know of anybody that is in our circles, I have a nephew who is about to launch himself into the graphic arts, photo and video world for a living having just received his Bachelor's degree. He is about to join G+ (next few days), but getting a camera that would sustain him for a good while is out of his budget. He will get there someday, but having a jump start would help him immensely to getting where he needs to be to make a living instead of taking years to get the right gear. If you consider him, Mike, let me know. Thanks. And I still think the exposure you got here is fantastic to finally give you the chance to do what you are so good at and hopefully get you out of the hella hard work you do now. Congrats again!
First Off a Great Big Congratulations from over here in Michigan USA, this is Fantastic News and I am sending you All kinds of Positive Energy and Wishes for much, much Success ;)
If I could, I'd like to Nominate +Simon Grew the found of the +Charimage Project for your Beautiful camera giveaway. He's working hard to make a Difference with Photographers from around the World to help Charities, Thanks so much and again Congrats!
I must say that you are very generous with all you do on G+; your photos are great, your tips, personal story and now that! I think your give away should go to someone who need it!!! I personally have a canon 5d Mark II... so I'm pretty lucky... I'm sure must of my favorite artists here on G+ already have a great camera...! So how to find someone who need it??
Well, I'm pretty sure you will find!
Let's try to be half generous as you are and earth will be a better place!
Wes Lum
Wow Mike! What a wonderful gift, and I hope it ends up in great hands.
Thanks +Mike Shaw !! Whoever gets it, because is through G+, she/he will deserve it. I'm amazed with the number and quality of people I keep meeting here. G+ pushed me into photography in ways I have not planned. And it keeps me on my toes :)
Mike, there are few people of divine talent and far-reaching soul that are more deserving than you. That we can number very few among your your ranks as an artist and compassionate human being, as a spiritual visionary and grounded man. I am beyond happy for you, but more so, I am thrilled for all of us and the amazing gift we're being given in you as a full-time photographer. To get to watch you grow and explore and expand is an unrivaled privilege for us as well.

The offer you are making is incredibly generous and I have a different suggestion for you to consider. You, of any of us, understand that photography is about connection. That it is about our connection to our world and, better, our connection to each other. That as we evolve as artists, we can show others not only our world, but worlds others hadn't considered. Worlds to strive for. We can inspire, as you have done. When I think of "connection" and "inspiration" in the G+ community, my brain is flooded with names and faces and it is a happy and wonderful thing. But one of those faces stands out to me and she is a friend to us both. She makes amazing connections. She is inspiring in ways that make me laugh with delight. She has fantastic perspectives. She joins in our photography world from her own privileged point of view. (And she's going to kill me for this)
I'm talking about +C. Corey Fisk
What if you gave her this camera as a literal connection. As a solid, hold in your hands connection. Something to hold as she joins in discussions, critiques our work, and tweaks us when we get cocky or too down. She's always there for you and more than there for many,many of us. Why not give it to Corey who will also appreciate it and send her helpers marching and keep +Colin Gerbode on his toes shooting at her command - when where and what. She could do amazing things in ways we never contemplated. And just to have it next to her as a real and tangible connection with this community. I know I would be thrilled to know that she had that big sucker there, a match for her equally big personality.
So that's my thought. I think I heard the dogs unleashed in California and coming for my throat...

To my sweetest, dearest +Christophe Friedli , to +Daniel Schwabe , to the amazing +Niki Aguirre , unique talented friend, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for suggesting me. It is an honor and overwhelming. I nominate all of you as well and hope Mike as enough extras to distribute to every wonderful photographer on here. I have been so showered with happiness this week, so grateful for all the kindness and love that I haven't stopped crying and I'm now afraid that my eyes are permanently swollen and I may never shoot again! And worse, that I'll have to squint through slitted eyes to see all of your work! That can't happen! You are simply amazing friends and people. My heart is very, very full.
I can't thank you enough +Alan Shapiro. It certainly would be life changing for me.
Thinking about who I would nominate is making me crazy...

would it be +kimberly pemberton who has become a sister to me and who could use something amazing like this to change things for her. She could use it and is a constant inspiration to thousands of us. +Nick Gatens, +Eustace James, +Keith Johnston, +Kerry Murphy , +Brian Bonham, +Jake Johnson +Lynne Goodwin, +Angie Smith +Kimberly Tweed or +mel peifer who are all talented beyond belief and could take photography to a whole new level with a gift like this.
Or should it be someone like
+Layla Kuyper, who takes beautiful pictures and is positive and beautiful inspite of her overwhelming health problems, or +Big Ben, who's wife just had surgery or +Tom Gort who goes out of his WAY to help me with things I never asked him to do, but he does anyway. +Lee Daniels who brings G+ a level of class and beauty even thru her own issues. +Alan Allum who just lost a loved one or +Brad Sloan who doesnt' just take a picture, he has a party over it, or +Dawn Molitor who recently had health problems but is still a force and a huge inspiration, or +Donna Jordan who could use the help and a big boost to her spirits, or +Grayson Hartman who makes me grin with his positivity or +Jerry Kiesewetter who has had horrible back issues and is still grinning and positive daily or +Lori Seebeck who is this huge bright light or +Tina Vale who's camera recently broke, or my incredible friend, +Frances Schermers who is truly a delight regardless of her situation, she's an angel. +William Rainey who is just... man... a true delight and friend. Or +Pam Chalkley who could so use a huge boost, who is always a delight no matter what, or +Aaron Schmiedel who I think about all the time, or +Dave Adkin who also has health problems and could use a boost or should it be +Sandra Parlow who does nothing but make people smile. Or people like that: +Erin Henderson and +Gary Munroe and +Karin Nelson who are nothing but positive, +Gilmar Smith who brings smiles to everyone daily, +Mark Rodriguez, +Elizabeth Lund, +Jake Easley, +LaDonna Pride +elizabeth hahn ...

Gawd, I can't pick. I have no idea how you're going to get thru this +Mike Shaw. I wish you much luck. Everyone I mentioned truly deserves it. I wouldn't wanna be you right now! big grin Just my two cents. or 50....
aww babygirl. I love you. I would be beyond thrilled to see you win.
+Chrysta Rae When I was thinking about this (and it is so hard...) you were on my short list of emerging talents I would nominate. To watch you blossom and mature as an artist has been amazing and we're far from done, right? And then there's your list there. +Monique Yates is another who is starting to develop a unique voice and style and has all the potential to become a wonderful fine art photographer.
There are so many here who have the vision and talent and dedication to benefit. It's just impossible.
Thank you so much +Billy Wilson , +Jennifer Eden , +Gino Barasa , +Marcin Pękalski and +Sue Ranscht ( I love two cats actually! I totally told them they got a mention, I think they were stoked ;) ). You guys really don't know how much your comments meant to me (I am super emotional and ended up losing it when I got to Gino's comment). So, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Posts like this really make my heart swell just reading through the comments and seeing how amazing this community is and all the lives that have connected here in such a relatively short amount of time. It's really incredible to think about.
I was going to nominante +Elizabeth Lund and +Gretchen Chappelle, or +Graham Jeffery or... I better stop now.

+Lee Daniels-- you are a dead woman. The form of your doom? He's at the groomers, transforming himself from the scruffiest little muppet in town into a second Boo. If you don't know who Boo is, Google him. The pain you will feel from Boo's YouTube channel will be multiplied when I invite you to hang out to spend time with a weaponized Edison.

Dead. You hear me, woman? Dead.

(Gods, would I love that camera. No, be strong, Corey. Focus on planning Lee's funeral.)
Totally +Monique Yates I second that one.
I know, it's an unreal community. I love the support more than anything. And gifts like this - I mean for reals - who gets these opportunities?! I just wanted to make sure people who were worthy got noted.
Nice list +Chrysta Rae. I am thinking you should probably be the recipient of that gift. As long as you share all of your Africa pictures with us.
eeeeeeeeeee! See I'm really in it for the kisses!! SMOOCH back atcha +Angie Smith. You would do amazing things with a camera like thiis!
i am so very happy for you +Mike Shaw especially given your personal circumstances you have shared with us...this seems right and fitting that even though you are going through tough times, greater recognition has come your way...and wow! what a camera! i have a smile a mile wide! :-))))
Congratulations +Mike Shaw that is so awesome for you and you are so kind and generous!
Thank you so much +C. Corey Fisk for the mention, I have gone through more kleenex in the time I have been here on G+ then in my entire life!
The person whom I would like to nominate for this is +Janice La Mere Hackney ! She has been my daily "touch stone" and has so much talent then I do and works with the limited equipment that she has!
She would deserve this more then I :)
jumps up and down africa, africa, africa... only another 4800 and I am on the plane!! grins at +Jake Johnson
+Mike Shaw, that is one smart investor. I can not wait to see what results when you go full time! Good luck choosing between all the talented and deserving people mentioned above. :) I'm afraid my list of nominees would be quite lengthy, and much like Chrysta Rae's, so I will simply ditto her nomination.
(+Chrysta Rae, big hugs and gratitude for thinking of me. Love you much).
+C. Corey Fisk Oh cripes. Battening the shutters and preparing the attack cat!
"(Gods, would I love that camera. No, be strong, Corey. Focus on planning Lee's funeral.)"
But see, see? Wouldn't it just be perfect? You know it is.

About my funeral: Bach, Brahms, Clapton and Santana with a lot of great jazz in the smokey spots. Bright, joyful colors and pick a day with lots of sunshine. Water balloons and hoses. And cameras. And when you're all done snapping and clicking, point them upward to show me. (presuming..) No clowns though. Please, no clowns...
Me, positive? +Chrysta Rae - you must have mistaken me for someone else (maybe my husband, whose computer I was using just now and had posted this comment under his name.. oops).
Oh wow, I'm sitting in the grocery store parking lot with a big fat grin on my face :). G+ has changed my life in so many ways, starting with reinvigorating my love of photography. Through that I have met so many amazing people, and even recently got a part time job because of it - thank you so much +Catherine Hall for being the best person to work for! Also thanks to +Robin Griggs Wood , +Karen Hutton , +Chrysta Rae +Amy Heiden , +Gilmar Smith , +Barry Blanchard +Mike Spinak +Sandra Parlow +Eric Fredine +J. Rae Chipera and +Tony Payne for making this such an addicting place to be.
Congratulations Mike +Mike Shaw !! How inspiring, following your heart with passion and fortitude has enabled you to make dreams a reality!! Now that is inspirational. And awesome goodness. :)
Nice one Mike , you have the opportunity we all dream of , good luck to you :-)
Congratulations +Mike Shaw, that is so AWESOME! I have to second +Sandra Parlow's suggestion of +Keith Barrett. Keith has been so wonderful to the G+ photography community with his hard work presenting, recording, and streaming Google+ Hangouts. His willingness to be available with his expertise has really helped to get the word out beyond G+. I share links to recorded hangouts to friends on that other social network to get them interested in G+, what it is about, and how it can be used. :)
New Orleans style it shall be, +Lee Daniels -- and I'll be sure to send Perry and Winkle as escorts to deal with your boys.

I promise, sweetie. No clowns.
+Chrysta Rae you just make me cry!! But in a good way! I'm so humbled that you would put me in that group. Honestly though, I can't think of anyone that deserves it more than you +Chrysta Rae. Your dedication to the scavenger hunt is insane!! I don't know how G+ isn't paying you!! And I think this would help you focus back on your own company as that is the reason I developed my photography bug in the first place.

Mike-all the congratulations in the world to you!! One could only hope to be in your shoes right now. This, however, will be one difficult decision for you. Good luck!
A big congrads & hugs Mike!!!! Well derserved ! :) :)
Thank you too +Chrysta Rae I missed the mention of me in your post the first time, big HUG to one of the funnest and nicest women here :)
goes to buy YET more kleenex
That's great news.
Out of most out there, you deserve to be recognized.
I always appreciate your posts and find the caption surprise stories inspiring. Kudos
amazing news +Mike Shaw I remember when you wondered and asked here on G+ if it would ever be possible, I'm happy for you that that dream is closer to reality... for a recommendation (there are already so many good and deserving suggestions) how about the creator of the Canon user circle +Gene Bowker . Giving away cameras is something I done too when I've upgraded (to friends and relatives) so you idea resonates with me. Again congrats!
I'm going to go ahead and nominate someone: +Kerry Murphy. Not only does she take gorgeous photos, she's also incredibly giving, +1 and commenting on a bazillion photos each day, and she's nicer than most people could ever dream of being.
+Elizabeth Lund is too kind, she is also my daily touchstone; she pulls me into conversations and keeps me from drowning in the stream. I am honored just to be mentioned in this group of fabulously talented photographers! I think they should all have a new camera. E, I love you, but I think someone else should have this awesome fabulous camera, like +Elizabeth Lund, who is always there for me, and everyone else! I would be afraid someone would take it from me. :)

G+ saved my sanity, the people, the community, the friends, and the encouragement to create beautiful stories with my pictures. What would change my life more than anything is for my granddaughter to be happy and successful as an artist of whatever she choses. She needs a camera, because as my grandmother influenced me to photograph, I am influencing her (and she keeps stealing my camera). If anyone has a smaller DSL they no longer need, it would be well used. :)

Mike, you truly deserve this opportunity, your work has inspired so many, including me. Congratulations on this, and thank you for being the kind of person who would think to do this.
Thank you +Chrysta Rae for thinking of me and my situation. You are a very wonderful person and I am honored that you mentioned me. You are a sweet heart.
+Lee Daniels, darn it, I was gonna nominate you, or second your nomination, or whatever we're supposed to do. Thanks so much for thinking of me and Corey!

(also, new Edison pics are on the way. Just a heads-up.)
Firstly, Congratulations +Mike Shaw! I've been wishing this for you from the beginning & have said as much on threads of yours in the past. I'm so excited for you & your family. The chemical plant was no place for a talent such as yours :)

+C. Corey Fisk, thank you SO much for the thoughtful nomination. A "real" DSLR camera would make a humongous difference in my life & that of my children. The tools I currently work with are incredibly limiting ... I'd love to be able to pull focus & capture some true clarity & definition in those pixels for once. I feel quite embarrassed admitting (especially in a professional situation) that I don't in fact own any editing software let alone a quality camera. I make the most of what I do have & that's what it's all about. That iphone sure comes in handy, doesn't it Mz Fisk!

The truth of the matter is; I'm a mother of two living in one of the most expensive cities in the world ... buying a new camera is way down the list of household needs/wants & the camera I do have was purchased with my husband's frequent flyer points.

Google has made a huge difference in my life already, the community here is so supportive & nurturing. Most importantly this platform is enabling me to lift the spirits of others & to encourage them to celebrate their own unique creative abilities.

The people I would nominate have already been mentioned & are all well deserving nominees.

Thank you Mr. Mike Shaw. Soak up every single ounce of wonderfulness in this new chapter - Live the Dream!
All the best for you, may you find what you have wished, congrats, that is a beautiful news!
How will it change my life?

This already happened, on day one +Mike Shaw

I had an unexplained "thing" happen where I lost almost all my hearing, in less than an hours time.. then something nothing short of a miracle happened.

My eyes woke up, so I started taking pictures. See for yourself, on my page right now.

If there was anyone I could name here who I would love to see a pro camera in hand: its +Monique Yates.

(I can't wait to hear more details Mike)
Congratulations +Mike Shaw I am so pleased for you. Your giveaway won't be for some months (rumor is the 1DX won't ship until June and then only on a limited basis) so you've got some running room... but I'm going to jump in with +Alan Shapiro and recommend that you give the body to +Chrysta Rae. I've watched her work grow over the short time I've been on G+ and it would be a kick to see what she could do with body like that. Although she (quite kindly, I must say) mentioned my name in her comment please do not consider me... I just got a new 5D MkIII this week and it's way, way to early in our affair for me to even think about leaving her for another.
Mike, this sounds like a wonderful opportunity for you! Congrats my friend!
Congratulations +Mike Shaw!!!!! Hooray! That's so incredible and amazing and hooray! :D
I swear following everyone's streams on here is a bloody emotional rollercoaster ;)
Congrats +Mike Shaw on this well-deserved opportunity. I remember a post of yours from the olden days of G+ where you wrestled with the idea of going pro, and now you get to realize that dream. Good on you! So many people have been nominated who would do wonders with the camera you and your investor are giving away. My weepy (with joy) friend +Lee Daniels could definitely use it as she's finally learning the joy of being a Canon shooter. Likewise +Chrysta Rae would be well-deserving of it. She currently has 500 people taking pictures of things minty and things gross in her third iteration of the Scavenger Hunt. She also hangs out with me and laughs at my jokes and won't let her hockey playing boyfriend beat me up. She's already shooting semi-professionally on a T2i, and I would love to see what she could do with an equipment upgrade. 
Oh +Mike Shaw how awesome! We've all been swept away by your amazing talent! I hope you'll continue to post regularly here so we can admire your beautiful work. +Lee Daniels +Barry Blanchard +Chrysta Rae you guys caught me off guard and my heart bubbled up with love for you guys. I would absolutely love a new camera. As you guys know I used my cell phone and now a Panasonic. I love photography and it has helped me through a tough time the last few months. With photography I can escape into a world of beauty. Google Plus and the community here have also been inspiring and loved me through a stressful time this year. I really appreciate it more than I can say. My entire world has changed because of Google Plus and my amazing new friends. As I read down through your post I saw the others who were nominated and I feel that they all deserve a new camera. I am humbled and overwhelmed to have been mentioned. Thank you my sweets and thank you Mike for your generosity. I also feel that +Cheryl Cooper or +Sandy Ao would benefit from a new professional camera. They are both talented and share their work and love with others on a daily basis. BTW I already feel like a winner just because I know and love so many of you guys.♥
+Mike Shaw thats is indeed a very lovely gesture. Thanks to +Rahul Roy for mentioning me. I would have recommended +Jacob Dix but as he has already mentioned that he is about to get another camera, so i would like to nominate +elaine ossipov or +Alexius Jørgensen . The former as she is very very creative and i love her work (whenever she posts which is a little infrequent nowadays) and the latter for his awesome work and for putting together a great team to further the creation of Painterly photos. Another person whose work inspires me is +Photogenix but not really sure what camera he is using and wether he would like this new one...
Thank you +Monique Yates if I had the money I would buy your one first and then me you heart is so big! +Mike Shaw this is such a fantastic thing you are doing my jaw and heart flew wide open. I have been taking pictures with little point and shoots, and for Valentines day I got a starter camera, I have learned so much and like you Google has opened doors for me I never imagined. The main reason I would love a new camera is to take pictures of people and pets and places I have been. I would share all that work as give gifts to them. The joy I have seen when I give a picture of their pet, home, car or spouse is priceless. They get so happy to have a quality copy of that memory. I am a big giver and am not sure if I could ever charge anyone but I would love to share "real" photo's with them and bring joy to their lives. You have given so much to us newby's on here, I am so inspired to do better, learn more and hang in there no matter what. Giant thank you's! I would also like to nominate +Natosha Davis I have watched her progress and she is very talented and I feel it would change her world !
Congratulations Mike. G+ has changed my life by putting me in touch with so many photographers that I learn from and am inspired by.

As for the nomination, well, this was a tough choice and I thought about it all afternoon. Most of all my other favorite photographers have been already mentioned so I am going to nominate someone who's work I admire daily. +Victor Bezrukov lets me see photography as it should be so this is my choice. Good luck Victor! :)
First of all, congratulations +Mike Shaw on such an incredible opportunity! I can't imagine your excitement! Your gift is very generous. There are so many worthy people in this community, good luck picking through all of these noms!

Second of all, Wow +Chrysta Rae! Thank you so much! I'm so touched that you would think of me, seriously! ...and your words... you are so kind and had wonderful things to say about so many wonderful people. Hugs to you for your generosity too!
It's definitely a life changer, +Mike Shaw! Congratulations and you deserve it!
+abhishek chamaria ;) thanks for the mention. We can never use our words so well... I only meant I'm not desperate for a camera. I do need one though. Borrowing my wife's is a real hassle!

It will be October, November before I can buy some sort of used camera.

I'm glad rahul put us both up for this. Getting nominated was like winning already. So I'm content.
+abhishek chamaria thank you very much for mentioning me again, you always think about me, and I appreciate our friendship very much Abhish!! I can't deny I would love to have it, I actually put a similar one on my amazon wish list less than a week ago. I have a sony cybershot, and I feel very fortunate to have this as it was a gift from my husband three years ago now. +Mike Shaw I would love to have it, but honestly, I feel I would not do it justice. I wouldn't even know how to operate it, or what the buttons were for. I think perhaps someone who is donating more time, like the gentleman above with children, or someone the others mentioned would certainly know how to use it better than I and thus be able to create some true art with it. I also think +abhishek chamaria is being modest, and I'm sure he would love to have this himself, so I would like to nominate him. Do you know he edits all his images on his camera? I didn't until I recommended some software to him. I can agonize over a small burn for an hour, as to the affect it has on the viewer, and he does all his editing in two minutes on a camera::::::::::::;shaking my head:::::::::::::: if only I had such confidence.

Your question about G+ though, has inspired me to write. So I'm going to write on another posting about that, if anyone wants to read it on my blog in a few days they can. It will be a unique story that I can guarantee.

The most importantly the reason why I am posting here since as abhish stated, I have been neglecting g+ lately, not because I didn't want to be here but rather I've had some big projects, and I found out 2 weeks ago I'm moving away from my island soon. I love my island, it's been home to me for the last 7 years. Anacortes is my home, and Roche Harbor is my favorite day out. (ref: " and As I said we've lived here seven years, longer than anywhere in my whole adult life, considering I'm 50 now, I think that's saying allot.

G+ is more than "how" it changed my life. G+ is where I come when I need to make sense of the world. It's where I come for stimulating honest conversations, fun times and virtual snowball fights!! G+ hasn't just changed my life, it's changed the worlds life. Google has changed the WORLDS Life More than iPAD, more than MS, More than ANY other company In the World. ( I'm not going to count IBM during the holocaust because well, I'm just not, and they certainly don't deserve any recognition)

In the mean time I would like to say that Google has change the world in ways we only dreamed of the internet doing, And I mean dreamed of.. we would all sit around having coffee and would dream of how this or that wold change the internet and where that would lead. We dreamed of a day just like today when we could not only talk, but see the person who was standing in a room, much like our own, half a world away from us. The global ramifications are staggering. And for one like myself who enjoys numbers, I can honestly say they are immeasurable.

But Google is providing the medium, it's the people on Google+ that make Google+. I've had to work on Facebook for a while, and I can say even though I've met some nice people there, People with intellect are there only to work, and therefore promoting themselves or someone/thing else all the time, there is always a 'competitive' feel to it.. Here on google+ people are so much more about "just enjoying life" they are not about promoting themselves, they are not in a constant state of competition. It's calm here, peaceful here.

I've wondering and thought long and hard about why this is, why there is such a difference between Facebook and Google+?! One conclusion I've drawn from the empirical evidence, is the lack of advertising here. That perhaps this constant bombardment of advertising subconsciously affects individuals moving them into a state of heightened awareness when lends itself to overaggressive behavior.

My other conclusions which I have no evidence for is just that G+ are nicer, more educated people, more "global" people, that just want to have a little fun and goodness in their lives.

Personally I don't really care which of my hypothesis are correct, I just want to be able to spend more time on google+!! :) lol, almost done with these projects. I've been saying that for three months now.

Thank you again, so very much +abhishek chamaria for always thinking to include me!!
Congratulations from Darwin, Australia - your photography rocks and that you are now able to do it full-time is magnificent. I'd like to support +Pcorn Queen's nomination of +Simon Grew and his work with +Charimage. His work in getting this site up and running - it has only just recently launched - will support charities around the world. In Australia, it will be supporting the Hanover Foundation, an organisation based in Melbourne that provides services and support to people experiencing homelesness.

I hope you are able to continue with your photography and I look forward to watching it grow and grow.
Hi Mike. I've been following your work on G+ for a little while now. I think your images are sublime and your words are inspirational. Good luck for the future - it certainly sounds very bright.

As far as a nomination goes, I'm sure there are lots of deserving candidates. My nomination would be for the Scouts in your area, so benefiting hundreds of young people taking part in Everyday Adventure.
Congratulations Mr +Mike Shaw !! Well deserved and so happy for u that u have the chance to make it a full time profession!!
It always a joy to read your poems, messages and to admire your inspirational photographs.
I wish u all the best of luck and i want to thank u again for your support not only in my work but in others too.
U have a great heart and that deserves respect!!!
And i'm sure this will be a wonderful, exciting ride ;-)
Excellent news - congratulations and 3 cheers for you sterling work and the collective power of this online community. I too would like to second the work of +Simon Grew and +Charimage. He's put a heap of hard work into starting something that will help photographers to make a difference for a wide range of charities.
That is fantastic news +Mike Shaw

Whilst I'd love the camera I'm going to nominate +Greg Simmons as a worthy candidate. He uses a point and shoot at present but manages to produce some fantastic pictures all the same. I firmly believe he could make a leap to much higher ground if given that opportunity of a step up (he and I have discussed [many times] his wanting to take the leap but as with most of us finances prevent) with professional gear.

Thanks again Mike for all you do and for your time in this effort.
I'm afraid I don't know anyone who deserves this any more than anyone else. But I'd like to say that G+ has had a similar effect on me, so many of us have provided work for Charles Crawford's auction, and then more have come along and bid on the images. Humans can be great sometimes eh?
Skill, artistry, dedication and philanthropy. A formidable combination Mike. Well done
Makes me want to hurl myself off a bridge.....
Thank you everyone for both the kind comments and the nominations, as said the camera will not start shipping for a few months so we have time to ponder which way to go :)
+Chrysta Rae I had to come back here and address this again without the floodgates. I was really moved yesterday. I want you to know that there is no camera or anything else tangible that can give me the boost that I got from what you said, just knowing you care enough to think of me. People boost me, and this community sometimes amazes me. This is the second time in less than a week that somebody has moved me to tears. I’m still pinching myself, wondering why me? What did I do? (And I’m going to cry again! Blast it all…!) In many ways, you all are more than friends. You’re the warm blanket I wrap around my heart. You’re the skip in my step … the song on my lips … laughter when I need it and even when I don't. I've been profoundly affected by some people here too. Thank you, Chrysta. I love you!

+Mike Shaw You deserve this so much! I know you don’t know me from Adam Eve, but you’ve been in my circles since my first day on Google+ back in December. I’m thrilled for you. I won’t nominate anyone for this, because I can’t possibly. If I knew someone who had extreme potential without financial means, I would. But I don’t. So I can’t call names without slighting someone. You have plenty of other names from people you know and trust.
Congratulations!!! I would like to nominate my 21 year old son Jason Badum AKA Mad Hatter. Jason just started a Google+ account. Jason has been amazed by cameras since he was a kid. Jason has a lot of cameras from his great grandfathers to his most recent Cannon Rebel EOS 3 which I gave him for Christmas. Jasons pictures are AMAZING!!! He can take a picture of a railroad bridge and turn it into a work of art. Jason is not just a photographer, he can draw, paint and make sculptures out of just about anything. I have told Jason that for years I have thought of him becoming a photographer for National Geographic. Did I mention that he can cook and bake too. Once again congratulations and best of luck in your new endeavors!!!!!
Great story and a sound investment!
Congratulations Mike! Someone well talented with amateur equipment would be a good choice.
Such a wonderful thing for you, Mike!
And... such a wonderful thing you've chosen to do as a result. I'm loving the responses from everyone. ( +Chrysta Rae ... you made me grin with your epicness this morning - and it's Monday! No small task there.)
I have no idea how you'll make this choice, Mike. There are so many people in this community who would use that equipment for all it's worth - and then some.
One name I'll throw in - +Sarra Robinson - 1. She's darling and I'd just like to see her response. 2. She is soaking up photo stuff like a durn sponge and I love watching that!
I've seen some FANTASTIC nominations here, already! I'm still a'thinkin'! :-)
+Lynne Goodwin
1) LOL! Haven't been on G+ today, but I saw this because of the mention, and it feels so good to smile and laugh like that.
2) Let's go to our good friend Dicky V "Are you serious, baby?!" While I would love to own my own camera, I have access to a pretty good one when I want it. I just started taking pictures for real in August, and my level of talent and understanding has grown exponentially. I'm happy with what I have. For now. ;-)
But +Mike Shaw if anyone is deserving of a new camera, it's Lynne Goodwin. If you notice, she has many followers, so clearly her work is influential and inspirational. And you know what she uses? A powershot and her iphone. My mind = blown every single time I see what she can accomplish with her resources. Who can tell what new opportunities will open up for her with better tools? Besides, she was recently at a forensics thing for a while, and that automatically makes her cool enough to deserve this. :-)
Congratulations on this new life for you, Mike!
+Sandra Parlow That is exactly what I was thinking 200 comments ago. Upgrade someone from prosumer to full frame, they upgrade someone else to a DSLR, whoever gets that will send their point and shoot to someone using a phone. Everybody wins and nobody gets stuck with anything they don't know how to use or have no need of
+Mike Shaw - How flipping exciting for you!! I know you will make the absolute best of this opportunity and that makes it that much sweeter. Excellent!

+Chrysta Rae and +Celine Chamberlin - I love you girls so much. I am truly humbled.

I need to think of a nom for a bit. There have been some excellent people mentioned thus far.
+Sarra Robinson ... Dicky V?!?! I love him, babee!
Having access to someone else's equipment ( pausing here to respond in a juvenile manner... ) is well and good - but, it's not the same thing. I can definitely see you finding a use for your own. It doesn't matter when you started - you're growing quickly. Access to better equipment does make a difference. Although, learning to work with what you have can push you to find other things - other avenues of working with an image. It's all just tools.
(And, you're sweet to mention me. Honestly, I've been looking at Nikons for when I'm able to move up to a big-girl camera. Shhh... don't tell anyone here. ;-)
I am going to have to go with +Chrysta Rae as well - as she has worked tirelessly to build a community around the scavenger hunt and in encouraging people to make a difference. Just sorting through all the entries, and keeping up with all of the messages etc. Makes my head spin and I have a complex job. She is also talented and has a great attitude.
Man alive, I'm overwhelmed. Big love to everyone who has mentioned me. The hunt is the reason I developed relationships with 90% of my G+ family. Just by giving a little of myself to others in this amazing community and look how it comes back threefold. I'm beyond touched.
Speaking of the hunt, it's crunch time for me since the deadline is in 3 days, so back to work I go!
Wow. Amazing news, +Mike Shaw ! If anyone deserves a break and an opportunity Like this, its certainly you!
Best of luck to you on this ride!
Giving away a camera like that is just so generous of you. When I think of people who could use something Like that, I think of others, like yourself, who are striving to take their passion to the next level and are working hard to see their dreams through. At the moment, I'm thinking of +Eric Leslie . I know you shoot nikon, Eric but, this is a cool camera! Anyway, Eric is one of those guys trying to support a family and build his photography business. I would love to see him get his hands on a camera like this.
Truly, congratulations on these developments. I'm so happy for you, that you're getting the chance to live out what appears to a dream.

I can't wait to see what you're able to accomplish with this new kind of freedom...and apparent financial backing.

Congratulations +Mike Shaw! The world will be a better place for you doing what you love full time.
I dont know if i could nominate my friend, her name is Jenny Wickett She is selfless when it comes to her friends and she is a an amateur photographer. She has a lot of potential unfortunately her favorite camera broke a few weeks ago and would cost more than it was worth to get repaired. some of her photos are on as you might notice her photographer name is Jennifer Somers. Congratulations Mike I always checkout your page when im needing a break from the bu-selling of my work.
david shorthouse
Wow...what an honor! :) Congrats +Mike Shaw :) Good luck picking the winner!
+Mike Shaw You totally deserve it!!! I'm so glad to hear that it has happened for you. Remember those times when you were doubting G+ and your future here? It was worth the perseverance after all, isn't it? I wish you good luck and all the best! :)

As for the nomination, I don't really do this kind of things, it's not exactly my style, but this time I'll nominate someone who's most talented and a beautiful person: Mr. +Joel Tjintjelaar. Just go see his latest photo, whoever doesn't believe me ...which I'm sure you do :)
Congratulation +Mike Shaw we`ll get more beautyful pictures in the future..more beautyful than now? no, i don`t think so..because it`s you, behind the camera, what makes this pictures absolutly stunning. If i ever win the lottery, you get all money you need to take me with you on a 12-month-tour to visit all the best spots worldwide ;)
Nice to hear a bit of good fortune coming your way. Especially someone from the north west! Make the most of it and wish you continued success!

Hope the new kit reduces your time in the editing room and look forward to the results.

Nice to see you have both feet on the ground. l'm sure you'll choose well and give a boost to whoever earns it.
Wow that is awesome news +Mike Shaw and so well deserved. You contribute so much to the G+ photog community with your images and willingness to share info. Can't wait to see what you do next. Also, thanks +Stuart Dyckhoff for the nomination...I appreciate it so much. 
Jimmy D
I would also like to give the node and nominate +Peyton Hale to be considered for the camera. I met Peyton a while back on the FredMiranda forum and did a trip with him in Zion in fall 2011. A great guy with a great heart which certainly deserves to be considered
Wow. You are doing great and many congratulations. I would nominate +Gabriel Vasile for his outstanding posts on how to use this Awesome Google plus network. He deserves this camera of yours :-)
congrats and none so more deserving ~ my nomination is +Alejo Mesa for the reason being he is just starting out and has had to sell his camera no doubt to fund his studies~ and also he says no-one in his town ever photographs anything and when he is with his camera he is a one-off so therefore the beautiful place & people where he lives~ Medellin the eternal Spring City ~can be shared
I am so absolutely happy for you, Mike! I told your wife two days ago that you are already famous and folks should collect your prints, hehe, boy was I right ;)

Thanks, +Charles Crawford and +Peter Scharff for nominating me. wow,...
Honestly I think there are folks more in need for this Babe than me though. Not that I would say 'NO' if Mike and his sponsor would want to convert a Nikon user to a Canon user.
But I do have a DSLR (albeit a pretty dusty, ruffled up one ;)).
But I know that there are folks out there who produce wonderful photos with 'lesser' gear, who would make great use of this =)

Edited for typos...
+Pam Chalkley I sign everything you said in your last comment. This last week especially has me totally flustered =)
Oh boy! How does one nominate one person when they have been influenced and touched by so many talented wonderful people?? I could nominate so many +Derek Brad has been a major influence on me and a great friend who is on the verge of breaking away from the day job routine and is currently trying to replace a crusty original 5D .. +Angel Figueroa like a brother who also pushes me to be a better photographer.. +Lee Daniels the first photog whom I had never met who left some of the most amazing feedback on some of my pictures (yes I did celebratory dance @ 3am in my bedroom) that initial feedback pushed me to be a better photog and shoot shoot shoot.. +Alessandra Nicole who just had all of her gear stolen which breaks my heart because she is so wonderfully talented.. Oh so many people.. +kora foto morgana +Leanne Staples +Dave Ortiz +Vivienne Gucwa +Kelli Seeger Kim +Alan Shapiro +Johnny Lam +Steve Maya +Ashish Caleb Gattegno +Jason Chau anyone who has been on photowalks with me has been a great wonderful influence and is so deserving...If I could I would turn a single 1DX into 2 5D MKIIIs so more than one person could potentially have their life changed!
thank you +Chrysta Rae :) you make me, everyday, somehow or another!

+Mike Shaw, holy WOW! what an amazing, gratifying, freeing feeling for you! congratulations on so much, well deserved, attention. i've said it before and i'll say it me, the fact that you're self taught is just amazing. it gives all us people, who teach ourselves, a big boost of inspiration :)
+Howard Gaines is the kind of guy that will three states to spend a day of shooting with you while freely sharing his knowledge. I'm blessed to have walked with and grateful for your friendship and camaraderie. Thank you for the mention.
Finally got a chance to read through this string. It's heartwarming how giving and personal this community has evolved into.

+Mike Shaw your success is so deserved. Your consistency and availability is really the barometer for this community. I have so many people that I truly am blessed to know here. I have to nominate one over everyone. G+ has exceeded my expectations and has exposed me to opportunities as well as forms of photography that have made me a better person and photographer. It is now a family event for. Something I never ever expected. +Raquel Ortiz is my wife and becoming a fantastic photographer and collaborator specifically because she Google'd me one day and discovered G+ and what it means to me.

I met +Vivienne Gucwa last summer standing in Tudor City, NY waiting for Manhattanhenge to take place. This is a phenomina where the sun sets in-line with the NYC grid. I have wanted to do it for years. I finally plan accordingly, packed a beach chair and went fours hours before sunset. I was going to get a head start on people and show up early.

I was actually late. Very late for that event. Their were photogs there all DAY waiting for this thing to happen. The crowd was nice and we all got along. I met +Gerard Vizcarra there and we got along despite the myth about Nikon shooters (insert nervous laugh here......I keeeed!!!).

With about one hour left, on my left is standing a tall red-head women. Her hair looks like a deep fire that has been maintained for a long time. She has no gear like everyone else. No tripod-just a simple bag. She asks if she can "nudge passed us to the right and centering herself a little better. Gerard and I look at each other and see nothing wrong.We talked about everything and anything camera related. +Vivienne Gucwa mentioned this budding community called G+ and urged us all to sign up. You will love it.+Manny Ríos was with me and could not care less of the event. I think he was sleeping on the beach chair or went to eat.

Finally the sun comes and shows itself and every goes silent. All you hear is the shutters in rapid succession. It is a sensation and a feeling I will take with me all of my life. I intend to go back and take in Manhattanhenge. I will make sure to show up early, bring a beach chair, some water, and hold a spot for one my best G+ friends.

I would like to officially nominate +Vivienne Gucwa .

Warm regards,

+Dave Ortiz
I can't really think of anyone at this moment. I just wanted to let you know that you are a freaking saint Mike! Faith in humanity restored!
Wow, +Dave Ortiz - I just read your comment and it brought tears to my eyes. Thank you so much, my friend. I can't believe it was almost a year ago (in a few months) that I met you by total chance right as G+ has just launched at that strange natural phenomenon. I had my Lumix with me at the time and I remember being one of the few people without a tripod or a dSLR there (and I got some great photos! :) ). And now we have been on so many photowalks together and I have met your lovely wife as well!

Such a great community we have here.
I nominate my sister, Camille, but I sent an e-mail explaining why. Thank you, I'm sure this will be a difficult choice.
Agreed +Vivienne Gucwa. G+ has really brought photography out and has fostered sharing, giving, learning mainstream. This post alone has opened me up to great photographers. I really hope you get this, explore new boundaries and take us all along for the ride. 
Congrats Mike, you do deserve it. Amazing pics, wonderful work, and humanity. Keep it up :)
Congratulations +Mike Shaw I think I have someone for your 1Dx give away!
His name is +Axel Brunst he's mainly shooting action sports, so this camerawould fit him quite perfectly. He's actually using a EOS 40D which is a solidDSLR, but ageing and especially its low light performance is badass (and thatat its MAXIMUM ISO of 1600).
As a student he unfortunately hasn't that much money to spend on gear. The 1Dxaltogether with his skills would enable him take his photography to a nextlevel (really high level I think) and finally also could let him producetechnical perfect images.
It would be cool to give him a chance and watch his work (he just started withG+ so you can't find that much of his images here, but on flickr he has astrong collection of his work)
This is just so right, +Mike Shaw –– congratulations to you, my friend!!
Ah, thank you for the nice words, +elizabeth hahn! For a minute there I thought you were recommending me for the camera (I only shoot with a little Canon G-series) ...haha! But, there are so many others more deserving as the volunteer work I do doesn't demand I have a strong camera––there are some great suggestions here!
Good luck choosing +Mike Shaw ! Amusing enough, one of my close colleagues uses Canon and I use Nikon. It is the forever battle as to who the winner is! He is always trying to loan me his new Canon. Ha! Anyway, I have totally been enjoying my Google+ experience. Seriously, Mike, I am so happy that I grabbed hold and held on for the Google+ ride. I have learned a lot for my photography circle....who would have thought....learning about wonderful people and techniques. Thank you, Mike....and all!!
+Mike Shaw > Mike, you are an outstanding person. If there were more folks like you in the world, we would be living in a much more peaceful and giving place. I would like to see someone get this who really needs it to give something back to the world, for instance a humanitarian photographer. Right now I can't think of anyone who doesn't already have a rocket-load of equipment, but I'll keep thinking!!!
What a wonderful post for me to stumble upon in my slow process of catching up +Mike Shaw! I am so delighted for you - delighted! You deserve this so darn much and from my perspective you are exactly the right person for good things to happen to.

I was a little bit down yesterday about some selfish things going on around here, but seeing this reminds me that there is also a lot of good, positive stuff going on as well. This post has picked up my chin - thanks Mike! My day is made. :D

As for the camera to give away, I am sure you will choose the just perfect person. Of this I have absolutely no doubt. I can't wait to share in the joy of hearing who it is when the announcement is made. :)
+Athena Carey I wish I didnt have to spoil it but it all fell through Athena, I had an issue with dealing with someone I had not met and seemed reluctant to step out from the shadows, I made a post about it but for some reason it will not give me the link to it :(
I will look for the post +Mike Shaw. I'm ever so disappointed that it fell through. I sort of wish I'd managed to accidentally spend the whole day happy about it before finding out. ;) But I am sure something else will come along. As I said before, you deserve it. xo
It already has! I got hurt at work 5 yes ago so they call me disabled to look at me you'd never no to no me u could c right threw me I love going on ghost hunt gt. Whatever u wanna call it it makes me smile!
It would be nice if my participation on G+ might help me give my daughter Nicole a shot at going to college:
Sorry to hear that your sponsorship fell through.
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