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A Place To Watch The Sunset

A small Greek island called Kefalonia, a small man made harbour with no more than three boats, a taverna overlooking the sea with nothing more than the sound of water hitting the rocks. I can't think of a better place to watch a sunset.

Good morning Googler's :)
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Beautiful place, beautiful shot!
Good morning It's so beautiful (- *) i can't think of a better place and romantic =)
Good morning to you! Each time, your little story about your photograph make the pictures more precious.
A stunner Mike. I love the patterns on the water
Don't really go into details about anything.......
Loved the overall effect of this picture, so very beautifulo.
Sounds like the Ideal place to unwind after a stressful day at work

A lonely boat in the sunset Lies
against the golden glow from the evening skies
The small Taverna with joyous sound
the water rolling on this sun drenched ground
I sit and reflect on the day just past
my soul and mind at peace at last
a very good morning indeed after seeing this picture :)
Bonus points for making me want to go back to the motherland :)
Good morning + Mike Shaw .A place charming all I'm sure there are wonders to discover. Nice picture.
I love your photos! You are very talented.
wat a beautiful view !!!
Lu Vi
nice one
Buon giorno a te Mike, racconti sempre in modo splendido le tue blellissime foto
So beautiful..very good photo.. :))
Thanks for sharing a very nice view.
A fantastic place and is umbeliaveble to think that during the WWII it was theater of one of the most bloody pages of the war. :(
How horrific that must have been then, but its lovely and tranquil now, wish I was there and not in cold damp London!
Good morning from the Jersey Shore beaches .. 
wow ... what a beautiful sunset and what a moment to start a day ..
what a beautiful place to stay with someone who u love..:)
Would love to be on that little boat right now just gently rocking with the gently lapping waves- Just dreamy
it would be an enjoyable fairyisland, i love it, thanks for sharing!
Absolutely beautiful! Kefallonia is not that small though, quite a bit larger than Corfu actually and the biggest island in the Ionian Sea. Nevertheless, absolutely beautiful photo!
very nice SUBHANALLAH........
wow !!!! luv this pic <3
its so beautiful !!!!
brought some emtional moment in my mind ....
love it so much..wonder image! great light and composition!
me too, except on the trail of mountain or beach.
this is the perfect showing of how beautyful the nature looks like
you should come to Malta, we have a natural harbor that looks magnificent at sunset. Not to mention all the beaches. Photo opportunities here are endless :)
Very interesting technique in photographs
You are absolutely right.
Wow! I need to go see the world! Beautiful.
Ada M
a place to loose yourself into...superb!

Overall rating
amazing photo... makes me wish i was there
seriously fantastic look at the effect on the water its incredible
Akita good girl&beautiful face.
I like u & miss u Dear
Greetings from all the Palestinians this is more than wonderful congratulations on this beauty of the images
my name is rida alhasnat from Palestine.
tahnk you
OMG the sea the rock beautiful sunset I need to go to Kefalonia sounds like Paradise.
amazing pix and amazing palace..!!
Another good place is Santa Monica Pier in California.
Beautiful place, beautiful shot!.....Assalam walaikum rida alhasnat....
Kaifal haal habibi ?...Rida Would u like to be Friendship with me....
+Mike Shaw ,on looking at it,i can hear the sound of water hitting the rocks &soothing my soul.GREAT
PEACE, that's the first thing that came into my mind when i saw this picture..
It looks absolutely breadth taking!
heaven...pass the pistachios and i'll have another Amstel!
piękne nastrojowe zdjęcie, bravo beautifull moody photo
beautiful. I think watching a sunset off a ship in the middle of the pacific with no other boats around beats it.
so beautiful reminds me of the good times i used to fall asleep in a the bottom like that a drift around....great times never last exsept in the minds of us
You take the most beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing.
so natural, so sweet, so...home
Totally, truly A ZEN MOMENT 
Sounds and looks like every second bay in the Croatian archipelago. Still.. its beautiful wherever you can find it.
Now that is the perfect place to awaken your senses and become alive once more! Great Shot Mr. Shaw Bravo!!
It makes me think of the movie "Mamma Mia". =]
Karen D
What a lovely scene to wake up to...
Bri Boo
i would totally go there!
Mike, yours were the first pictures I saw when I signed up for Google. Each day now I look for your submissions, and this picture is indicative of why I do that. You seem to have a magical gift of finding eye treasures and capturing them flawlessly. From faces on the street depicting hopelessness to defiance, harshness to submissive acceptance of life's lot, to nature's best gifts, you have excelled in your craft. This picture is not only unusual in its natural symmetry, it is among the most peaceful renderings of how I would like all my days to end --in a beautiful, safe, and welcoming little harbor. Very, very nice. Thanks
love it, was in Greece many time, and ill know how the country is
wow...its nice man..!...i wanna learn photography..mainly the motion photography...can you help me...any website tutorial..etc..suggest me..
wow that's a spiritual and peaceful place to be, unique and beautiful
coooooooooooooooooooooooooooollllllllllllllllllllll !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have been to many of the Greek islands and each time they amaze me again! :)
This photo is simply breathtaking :)
that's the most magnificent scene I have ever seen in my life!!!!!!!!!!wish I was there.
Most beautiful place thanks for brightening up my day 
<3 it. It's magical...where are the unicorns?
The touch of God our maker is in everthing... makes us to hear the scream of silence, that the runing waters turn in a melody !
Amazing photo. So relaxing! I have to agree with Irene it does look magical.
Its a beautiful mother nature, the running water, sunset and the trees, I love it
it remains me drinking beers in a ship like that one
i like it
AMAZING!! I've never seen anything as beautiful as watching the sunset on one of the Greek Islands...except maybe watching the sunrise there ;-)
WoW currently trying stuff my eyeballs back in my sockets :) Really cool pic :)
I would like to watch the sunset there
Красиво! Хотелось бы увидеть закат и восходсолнца на маленьком острове...
Stunning! This is somewhere to go to get away from it all.
such an adorable sight! WOW!!!!!!
wowww. i love this place
You have a great eye Every shot you take is Beautiful.
So peaceful looking - I recommend the Greek island of corfu too for a chill-out holiday.
I don't need no proof when it comes to God and truth, I can see the sunset and I perceive - Live Heaven.
It's calming just seeing this picture.
Beautiful! Hope everyone has a great day!
E Herz
Nice place
nice pic I would luv to be added to ur circle
WOW, that is beautiful.... that is definitely something I would love to see in person. Nature in certain places is sooooo beautiful. Whoever took that picture took it at a great time, at a wonderful place, and did a fantastic job!!!! I wish I could bounce through the computer and give you hug for great job that you did. I LOVE IT!!! Keep up the great work..... you could make money doing this, if you arn't already!!! Have a great day wherever you are. Love ya, me/Dee
This is a common scene from the Greek islands. Very nice taken photo!... oh and I think that I need vacation :)
Notice how the water looks like mercury up against the rocks in the forefront of the picture? It seems to curve down..ok...may be it's just me.
miss keline i am jeevan ..namastey
That's cool. beautiful picture.
WOW !! Beautiful !! picture.
Magic photo been to Greece know the feeling. Have you ever been to South Africa- lots of material!
Worlds best sun set is in bayfield Ontario, Canada
Sounds and looks ideal!
I love Kefalonia, its been 15 years since my last visit and I will never forget it Asos is perhaps my favorite place on Earth.
THERE'S my front porch. LOL
that pic is so pretty!!!!!
Wow this is an amazing pic! I would love to paint it : D
hod pod
I enjoy your photos. Thank u for sharing.
Glory to Allah who creates this stunning world
Yeah, all the Greek Islands are soooo fantastic especially love Mykinos - food and scenery to die for.
oh yes siree ~ been here ~cant tell you what an awesome time i had with my hubby and my child who was 2 at the time~ the lady who made aniseed bread , the horse cart, ahhh the shutters on the rooom opening up to the beach~ we will go back~ a dream place.....thanks for the memory +Mike Shaw
It's beautiful yet surreal, like i'm seeing someone's perceived moment..
i love ur photography........
its really awesome
Very nice place. Can't wait to go back... nice pic Mike
dear google friends then more ever angain to photo ther was very nice
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