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Mike Shaw

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And The Land Did Sing
Unto me with a voice of beauty
And the symphony of life played on
The maestro conducted a scene
Of fantasy and love
So my soul could feel the beat of my heart
And the land did sing
With a chorus of birdsong bathed in morning light
As I stood and dreamed while still awake
The mist she danced to the melodies of calm
So I rested within this time
And the land did sing.

Good morning.
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Mike Shaw

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Nothing nicer than bully cuddles from Harry feeling a lot better 😊
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+Sergey Letuchiy  It is :)
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Mike Shaw

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I Am King

My favourite big cat Iblis from the wonderful +Chester Zoo  an Asiatic male lion that never ceases to stun me into silence when I watch him. Sorry if you are fed with seeing his images but I can never get fed up photographing him.

Lets Talk About This Technique
Its something I stumbled across when post editing another big cat image many years ago, a shot taken in everyday surroundings made to look as though it was done in a studio. At the time I didn't even know the style had a name, its Chiaroscuro and its been around in art for centuries. So no, its not something new and its not unique to me.

I have been asked many times about how I get it like this so I put a method up on my blog: Once again, its just the way I do it, the technique is not mine.

But here's the rub, I have been told that I should not release this information as I am letting others do the same style, I even had someone ask me to take it down, when I asked him were he learnt the technique he said from the same source as the link above!!

There is no black book of secrets when it comes to photography, we learn from each other, I know I did, I looked at the work produced by my peers and studied the results they were getting, I went on to try and ask questions until I got it right. I did not though stop there, I think I managed to come up with a way of processing images that make them mine.

Knowing the techniques is the easy part, making end results that stand out as uniquely yours is the hard part, don't imitate, become different.  
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He is so beautiful
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Mike Shaw

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It's midweek folks but take a leaf out if this rabbit, it will soon be the weekend so chill out lol 😄
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Isn't it cute 
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Mike Shaw

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I do, have a complete and utter fascination of the human race. There is something about people that draws me in, makes me sit outside for hours on end and watch as each one passes me by, everyone different from the next. The differences we are born with, colour of skin, height, weight, looks, then there are the differences we adorn ourselves with, style of clothing, hairstyles, make up, expressions, ethnic influences through race, religion, some then go to the next level and adorn their bodies, piercings, tattoos, implants, plastic surgery. Then the changes we cant influence that come with the aging process.

No two of us are the same, its a parade of individualism that is only here within nature, the rest of the animal kingdom follows a norm set within its genetics but we have changed, becoming different from the norm.  Each and every time I sit and people watch I celebrate the multifaceted species that we are, I celebrate you.     
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+Rich McPeek thank you
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Mike Shaw

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The Children

Its so easy at times for people to underestimate our children, they are just little bundles of energy most of the time, reeling off so many questions the word "why" will become imprinted on your brain. We send them off to school to be educated but in all honesty we are training them to simply fit into society, through education we round off the square pegs to fit into our round holes. 

We don't trust them with the capability of free thinking because that is what happened to all the generations that followed ours, we have become indoctrinated to believe that society is always right.  So we will pass that on, putting our children into uniforms and sending them to institutions where those that have been trained will simply train them in the ways we think is right.

Its only the children that rebel against this indoctrination and develop their own free thinking, their own free will, that will go on the be able to change the future of human kind. 

Set your children free, let them set you free.
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Thank you all :)
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Mike Shaw

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Stop It Please

We all use avatars, some are ourselves, some are not, no issue there as it's down to you how public/private you wish to be online. I respect that.

BUT if you are a MAN using an avatar that is a WOMAN is downright creepy!

When people add me to their circles when I get a chance I do try and check as many out as possible to see if we have a common connection, if you do this believe me we have nothing in common!

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I'm what you see on my picture :)
A man from little Bulgaria!
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Mike Shaw

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You Have To Believe Anything Is Possible

Talking on another site about the way as photographers we struggle to be different. So many photographers have produced so much work over the decades it's getting harder and harder to become "original"

But why is that so important?

We learn through imitation, our parents speak to us and we speak back. Our education system is based on imitation of those who have been trained to make us imitate them so we fit into society.

What you produce may not always be original, that's not the issue so don't get all bent up about that. Concentrate on making it recognisable, get that right and you have turned down the right fork in the road. 
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Wow. :)
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Mike Shaw

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Harry home at last.

After nearly a week of being at the vets and at one point thinking we were going to lose him he is back home with us. Still a little sore on his legs but he has the right meds with him to put him right. One of the first he did (apart from fart on me) is to try and chase one of the cats. I noticed though his tail wagging all the time so I think it's curiosity more than anything else.

It amazing just how much of an impact he has made on all of us, he became a member of the family the minute we saw him. I could not contemplate him not being here now.

I have to give a huge thank you to the people that run who have helped us throughout this, the support has been phenomenal. And also the vet Kathryn who would not give up on Harry
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يشبهك هههه
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Mike Shaw

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Hi All.

I want to let you know about a wonderful organisation that has helped us with Harry, the English bull terrier we adopted last week.

Poor Harry has not been well, he fell sick on Sunday and could not bear his won weight on his back legs, we had to rush him to an emergency vet were they gave him painkillers and something to bring his high temperature down, we brought him home to care for him before taking him back to the vets the next day. They did a lot of tests on him, full bloods etc, he has been on a drip to get his fluids up and painkillers with antibiotics. He will be staying in for two nights (hopefully he will come home tomorrow) He has had X-rays done and fluids taken from his joints, turns out Harry has sever arthritis in his right front elbow and left rear knee. to add to his misfortunes he also has a urinary tract infection that might be causing his high temp. 

Some of Harry's history that we know of is that he was in a pound many miles away and three days overdue to being put down. This wonderful organisation had managed to get it put on hold, someone traveled down to get him out and take him to a temporary foster home for a few days, they then got in touch with us to see if we can take him on, the rest you know about :)

The people that run this organisation are all volunteers, what they do is for the love of the dogs, they will not let you adopt by simply asking, they come out and do a thorough  home check to make sure both you and your home are suitable, they then try and find a dog that will fit in with your family.

They have also picked up all the costs of Harry's vets bills and I can tell you its mounting up but this is what they do. They do all this through fund raising and donations and nothing else.

Please if you can then help out by donating to their PayPal account of

I know times are hard but any amount no matter how big or small will help, thank you in advance from all us including Harry :)
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No I posted here was at my folks for weekend signal there is awful but home and have wifi now woo hoo
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I am a Cheshire UK based photographer, self taught and specialising in landscape and street portraits using the chiaroscuro style at times but I like to move about genres to test my abilities.

I have gone on to develop photographic techniques by crossing over editing software that has given me a style that is uniquely

Looking to broaden my horizons and travel more around the globe to try and capture images of my own that reflect my outlook and to show the rest of the world what I see.

"When you see your world through a viewfinder, as an image in your mind, the world is a different one to those others simply pass through, open your eyes"

I have since gone on to be internationally published in both books and magazines such as:
Digital Camera and Digital Camera World issue 115
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Soura Magazine Turns 5 book
Idea Photos and Fashion Idea issue Jan/Feb 2009
Squish Magazine issue 1
Mac fan issue April 2010
John Pual Thornton's Art And Courage. 

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Completely self taught, never read a manual, keep hitting things until they work!
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