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Mike Shaw

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It's midweek folks but take a leaf out if this rabbit, it will soon be the weekend so chill out lol 😄
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So funny!
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Mike Shaw

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Hi All.

I want to let you know about a wonderful organisation that has helped us with Harry, the English bull terrier we adopted last week.

Poor Harry has not been well, he fell sick on Sunday and could not bear his won weight on his back legs, we had to rush him to an emergency vet were they gave him painkillers and something to bring his high temperature down, we brought him home to care for him before taking him back to the vets the next day. They did a lot of tests on him, full bloods etc, he has been on a drip to get his fluids up and painkillers with antibiotics. He will be staying in for two nights (hopefully he will come home tomorrow) He has had X-rays done and fluids taken from his joints, turns out Harry has sever arthritis in his right front elbow and left rear knee. to add to his misfortunes he also has a urinary tract infection that might be causing his high temp. 

Some of Harry's history that we know of is that he was in a pound many miles away and three days overdue to being put down. This wonderful organisation had managed to get it put on hold, someone traveled down to get him out and take him to a temporary foster home for a few days, they then got in touch with us to see if we can take him on, the rest you know about :)

The people that run this organisation are all volunteers, what they do is for the love of the dogs, they will not let you adopt by simply asking, they come out and do a thorough  home check to make sure both you and your home are suitable, they then try and find a dog that will fit in with your family.

They have also picked up all the costs of Harry's vets bills and I can tell you its mounting up but this is what they do. They do all this through fund raising and donations and nothing else.

Please if you can then help out by donating to their PayPal account of

I know times are hard but any amount no matter how big or small will help, thank you in advance from all us including Harry :)
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aww...poor harry, I hope he will be okay. :( but thankful for the organization that tried to give him a second chance.
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Mike Shaw

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They Gave Me Fur

To protect to who I am, to hide me from view, to keep me warm and help me survive.

They did not give me fur to deal with your insecurities mankind, to adorn your bodies to make the ugly feel beautiful, to hang on your walls to make the week feel strong, to be killed to make you feel more like men.

They gave me fur for a reason, that reason is not for you to steal it.

The time has come for humankind to grow up as a species and learn to look after what it shares and not destroy it. 
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well said!
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Mike Shaw

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You may think this is offensive but you need to watch to understand, we can all be guilty of this.
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good  :-)
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Mike Shaw

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The Lost World

You do not see it as you slumber in the morning light, covers pulled over your head to stay warm, you cannot see the mist and fog mingle within the morning sunrise as it rises from the damp ground, warmed by the golden glow. The landscape shrouded in a veil of dense air, this lost world to you, this morning serenade to me.
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Thanks all :)
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Mike Shaw

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I do, have a complete and utter fascination of the human race. There is something about people that draws me in, makes me sit outside for hours on end and watch as each one passes me by, everyone different from the next. The differences we are born with, colour of skin, height, weight, looks, then there are the differences we adorn ourselves with, style of clothing, hairstyles, make up, expressions, ethnic influences through race, religion, some then go to the next level and adorn their bodies, piercings, tattoos, implants, plastic surgery. Then the changes we cant influence that come with the aging process.

No two of us are the same, its a parade of individualism that is only here within nature, the rest of the animal kingdom follows a norm set within its genetics but we have changed, becoming different from the norm.  Each and every time I sit and people watch I celebrate the multifaceted species that we are, I celebrate you.     
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I love your portraits!
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Mike Shaw

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Still Smiling

The one thing I have noticed whenever I meet Peter is no matter how much of a mess everything is for him at some point in the conversation he will smile. Sometimes its just fleeting, sometimes its a long smile but whatever it is it lights his face up. You would think he has little to smile about but he is philosophical about his situation and takes most things with just a shrug of his shoulders. I was there in my younger days but fortunately  for only a short time, not the many years Peter has spent living on the streets, I think I would struggle ever to find anything to smile about.

Meeting Peter always makes me realise just how lucky in life I am, for what I have but also for knowing him.
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Lovely shot...u've captured it brilliantly.
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Tender Is A Mothers Love

We stood and watched as she had a hand full of carrots, one by one she put them in her mouth and just seemed to roll them around spitting bits out. It was only then did we realise she was actually peeling them, once she was happy with the carrot she passed it to her baby. Orangutans are very agile creatures, they can get up and around to the canopies of forests like most primates with ease taking their young with them, no matter what we feel the danger is if you observe them long enough you realise, just like humans, or maybe better than some people out there, they never allow their young to be in any danger. 
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Please stop using Palm Oil. I would like to continue to see this.
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Mike Shaw

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Say hello to Harry, rescue Bully who is staying with us to see if he can get on with the cats, at the moment he likes to chase them but I think he may end up learning the hard way. He is so placid otherwise, you can lift him up, check his teeth, eyes, ears, paws and so on with no problem at all.
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He is beautiful +Mike Shaw. Thank you for rescuing him :)
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Mike Shaw

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We are off to see Rocky today, an all white English bull terrier, 5 years old and easy going, we know he is good with cats as his owner had an old one that eventually died and he grieved for it. All being well he will be coming home with us :)
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Mike Bull Terriers are great and loving dogs congrats on bring Rocky into your life and home. 
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Looking to broaden my horizons and travel more around the globe to try and capture images of my own that reflect my outlook and to show the rest of the world what I see.

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