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Mike F Shaw

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Another camera for sale.

It's the LUMIX DMC-GX8 coupled with the Lecia DG Summilux 15mm f1.7 ASPH lens.

Cost new in excess of £1200 in the UK. This has been out of the box, used once and put back in the box. It has the 4K resolution (that in itself is stunning)

It's a small enough camera that can easily be carried around but as its the mirrorless system I struggle to get on with it.

£750 ONO.

PM if interested.
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Alright, Mike... so what is coming out better than this that you're selling it!? Inquiring minds want to know.
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Mike F Shaw

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I have a new toy, 1973 VW rat rod beetle 😊
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very cool Mike hope you and yours are doing fine sliante!

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Mike F Shaw

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Today's the day of the pink tutu!

Yes I'm going to look silly but I can't think of a better reason to look silly for 😊

I'm doing the Rainbow Ramble with my good friend Phil Proudfoot who's beautiful daughter Millie attends Rainbow House. This wonderful organisation helps children and their families all the time and me spending a little time in a pink tutu is nothing compared to the work this place does or the struggles these children overcome everyday.

To date with help from all you beautiful people we have raised over £1,300 online and I have managed just under £200 from friends and family as well.

This is one last push to try and see if we can get anymore of your money 😬

To those that have donated and shared the posts thank you, you have no idea just how much love I have for you all. If anyone hasn't yet donated but can then any amount no matter how big or small will get you just the same amount of inner love from me.

Please click the link and help if you can, please share this as well, I never ask anyone to share my posts but in this occasion it's different 😊❤️

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k smith
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Mike F Shaw

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I Have The Pink Tutu!!!!

If you want to see me race in it then we need to get just over another £900 raised for the wonderful Rainbow House and all the beautiful children they help. Up to date with all the help from you beautiful people we have raised just under £1100 😊

One being Millie, daughter of a friend of mine called Phil Proudfoot who has been helped so much by this organisation it's become a lifeline to her and her family.

Me looking a bit silly running in a pink tutu is nothing compared to the struggles of family's like this who love their children so much.

Please click the link and read Millie's story and if you can please donate. The reaction from you all has been stunning up to now but we need to try and get as much money for the Rainbow House as we can.

Huge thank you from me.
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Happy Birthday +Mike F Shaw​
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Mike F Shaw

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Decided to put the Olympus camera and all the kit up for sale, it's virtually brand new. Just don't use it, PM me if your interested 😊

I'm selling an Olympus OM-D E-M10 along with:
14-42mm pancake 3.5-5.6 lens
M.Zukon 25mm f1.8 lens
M.Zukon 45mm f1.8 lens
M.Zukon 40-150mm f4.0-5.6R lens
Genuine OM-D camera grip.
Two genuine batteries.

Everything still has its own boxes, instructions and leads (still in packaging).

This is as new, camera has been used only twice, didn't get on with the mirrorless system at all. This is in excess of £1200 new, looking for £600 ONO.

Can post out at your cost.
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Hi Mike funny picture you in dress 
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Mike F Shaw

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Gemini Moon

Deafening cacophony of silence echoes
Fills the void to excess
Breaking moments of nothingness
I watch and weep tears of fruitily

Gemini moon wanders overhead
Gentle glide across skies of moths
Screaming whisper for only my ear
Bright darkness reflects mine eye

Turn your back to look away
From ruined coil
The dark side to hide in comfort
The dark side to cradle

Chatter to the stars
In voice of trembling fear
A mothers tongue
Never translated to understand

Man I once was
Boy I never could be
Aged through war and destruction
Killed damned soul of irredeemable cancer

Can you recall the Gemini moon
Beyond the genus of man
Can you deliver memories forgotten
Or lost in history to be repeated

Pray tell Gemini moon
When rotation turns the night shadow round
Do you find comfort
In what is unseen

Is relief within this damned night
Cast shadows across the mind
Your sister bright
She burns the hearts sorrow deep

She visits me through silver burnished
Revealing the cracks upon my conception
And fear that lies ashen
Debris remain to be picked

And so time never lasting
Forever to be my burden
Gemini moon is passing
Until night sleeps again

Whispers of madness still echo
In silence deafening mourns
Escape within the sanctity
Of my inward foetus caress

Gemini moon I loathe the bright
I fear the night
Insanity of mine own making
Destruction at my own hand

Mankind am I
Pitiless I will be
Gone to become
Forgotten to be remembered

Insomnia will be my curse
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Just stunning
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Mike F Shaw

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Moments Of Clarity

Where do you get yours?
That moment when everything comes into focus, everything suddenly has a purpose, a reason. Sometimes its when you least expect it, others when you do. Such as that one moment the sun breeches the clouds and hits a standing stone on Castlerig Stone Circle. I wonder over the many centuries how many others have stood and witnessed the same, felt the same?
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Nice Photoshoot
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Mike F Shaw

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What Does A Racist Look Like?

Maybe my appearance makes people take assumptions? Maybe I fall into a stereotype?

Conversation yesterday while sat in my car:

Hey mate love your car.


Do it yourself?

No mate just the interior at the moment.

Nice, bet your made up with the vote, we have to stick together now.

What are you talking about?

Brexit, us British have to stick together now and get this country back.

Back from who?

The immigrants.

Ah I see, well there is a problem with that.


My forefathers are immigrants, my first name is Michael and taken from my mothers Irish blood, my middle is Frederick from my grandfathers Germanic blood and my last being Shaw from my families Scottish blood. Going back further I have links to the Middle East, and further afield in Europe including Eastern Europe. What this country needs taking back from is narrow minded right wing racists fucking idiots much like yourself who probably don't even realise their DNA contains genomes from around the world.

No need to be like that!

Yes there is, there is every need to be just like that now I suggest you fuck off before I allow my mania lose on your arse. 😡
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Well said Mike!! 💯
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Mike F Shaw

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This land beneath my feet no longer steadfast in its foundations.
My way adrift around my world and in my heavens.
I see no more the life I have or wish for.
Only the dust that rises upon the wind of my sorrow.
Stay steady they say, stand true when all around you are drowned in lies and deceit.
But heavy my heart, heavy my soul, heavy my mind and body.
No longer willing nor able to carry this weight.
I fall to my knees and watch as the tears of my despair well upon the earth.
They promised a land upon generations to grow.
They promised a utopia, a Shangri-La for dreams to soar.
The mare though she came to ride roughshod.
And upon the barren ground only the broken earth remains.
Within the bloodshed of brothers, mothers, fathers, sisters and children.
War my friends is profitable, it makes the world go around.
So sign up your sons and daughters, give them a gun to fight the corporate needs and greed.
In uniforms so stiff and presented, they stop no bullet nor blood.
Deserts from oasis created for riches.
But money my friends cannot nourish your parched lips.
Barren land from forests created for gain.
But money my friends will not fill your lungs.
Too late.
Too late we see.
Too late we feel.
Too late we know.
When the last root dies, the last cloud leaves no rain, the sun leaves no mercy.
Too late.
Too late the cry.
Too late is closer than we realise.
Too late my friends, the time has come and yet we do nothing.
Nothing left to be done.
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Very true.Life should not always be meaningful and hanged by a thread to every passing moment.But people, Oh people around you noose you round the neck and then showcase the latest victim to their own self.
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Mike F Shaw

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Help me have a happy birthday tomorrow 😊

What do I want?

To see Millie and all the other beautiful children like her smile a lot. You help with that and by doing so you will help me have a wonderful birthday.

Myself and Millie's father Phil Proudfoot are doing a charity run to raise funds for a wonderful organisation called Rainbow House that helps to look after people with disabilities such as al the gorgeous Millie.

I'm going to attempt the 11 mile run but because of a recent diagnosis I can't really push it much more past that. I am though going to be doing it in a pink tutu because of the amount of money you all have helped to raise. This though is were it is getting interesting, Phil has said if it hits £2000 then he will run it in full drag 😬. So not only will you have one biker in a tutu you will have another dressed up like something out of Queens I Want To Break Free video 😂

But seriously,
If you have already donated thank you, you are wonderful ❤️
If you can donate then any amount will help, if you do you too are wonderful ❤️
Can you please spread the word as well ❤️

As you can guess this means a lot to me, thank everyone who has helped so much up to now 😊

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May your smile always shine and your spirit stand tall, when things seem to rough ,try again!!! also you share that day with my son, and his uncle, bless you and happy birthday!!!
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Mike F Shaw

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Good morning.

I would like to introduce you to the beautiful Millie, she is the daughter of a good friend Phil Proudfoot. As you can see she has a smile that lights up the world.

I'm asking you and the power of social media to help myself and Phil make that smile even brighter. Millie depends on a lot of help from a lot of people, one organisation is called The Rainbow House that are simply wonderful. They are holding a charity event on the 23rd of April called The Rainbow Ramble. It's a run or walk (or in my case a crawl) over 5, 11 or 18 miles. Although I hate running I figure it's nothing really when it comes to seeing Millie's and all the other children's smiles that Rainbow House help.

So I'm letting you all decide what distance I should run, if we raise £500+ I'll run the five miles, £1100+ I'll run the 11 miles and £1800+ I'll run the 18. I also agreed (I must be nuts) that if we manage more than £2000 then I would fun it in a pink tutu 😳.

If you can donate then please click the link below 😊

I know and understand that not everyone can donate but if you can then even a small amount is a huge help. Also social media can be a wonderful place, you can put a picture up of a cute kitten and watch it go viral. I would love the image of beautiful Millie to go just as viral, after all who could resist such a smile 😊. So please share this far and wide and let's see social media at its best, let's get this wonderful organisation as much help as it deserves.

Thank you,
Mike 😊❤️
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I work for loma Linda children's hospital Mike. Write me a letter if you like of how we could help. I can find out who to get it to. I love helping children. I work in the surgery dept. Just let me know. And she has the best smile ever!
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Mike F Shaw

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Sometimes We Get Lucky.

One of the things I have learnt with wildlife photography is it takes as much luck as it does skill. Animals do not understand the need to pose for the camera, they have their own environment and their own way of doing things and they really don't care if you want to take their image or not.

Take this peregrine falcon, it was simply a case of taking images as it sat and watched what was going on, eventually it held a pose that I liked and it was a case of hitting the shutter button. More luck than skill.
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Never, did i chose to compliment you on all the beautiful pictures you've  shared with us.. but i did always had a great admiration for the art you've displayed in all your shared photos..  thank you.! I've always admired your skill and even appreciation for the homeless too..! may God bless all your endeavors in your life for His Glory.


This is indeed now, one and may be  my  most Favorited picture. 

Gracias amigo.
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Currently works in the heavy chemical industry.
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