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Sharing this for my sister in-law. If you're able to help, I know it would mean a lot.
On May 16, 2016 - my sister, Nicole, arrived home after a long day at work only to find a note taped to the door. It said: 'Don't come inside, call 911.' When the police arrived, they found her long-term, live-in partner Andy... lifeless. He had bought a gun, and used it to claim his own life....
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Just browsed through my circle of top 25 people I have circled on here. All very active users at one point.

In the last 48 hours only five of them have posted.

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Well. At least I'm still here. 
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So there's no longer an option for me to filter the stream by my carefully curated circles?

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Mike Searle

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Thanks to letting my daughter play with the iPad connected to my YouTube account this is now the kind of post I am making.

I am one of those YouTube commenters.
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Mike Searle

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I miss having Google provide tools to make it easy to meet and stay connected with people, rather than just providing tools to distribute the same content further.
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Mike Searle

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Hematic the Happy Pentagram

Seen on the bus today.
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Hello internet peoples! It has been for long time.

What is the new for being you?
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Jen R
+Mike Searle OK .. Well ... You're still here. So that's good. :)
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Mike Searle

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Blueberry Morning
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Mike Searle

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Mike Searle

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I am
Falling into pieces
Don't recognize the shadow
Whose shards are in the mirror

So just hold me
Hold me like the night you first said
You love me
Hold my heart like you will 
never leave
You put my pieces back where 
they should be
When you hold me

You've got
Me up in knots around your fingers 
Give your hands to knit my
threadbare places
Cradle my heart inside your 
tender spaces
All my loose threads are tangled 
up in you

So just hold me
Hold me like the night you first said
You love me
Hold my heart like you will 
never leave
You put my pieces back where 
they should be
When you hold me

#art #artist #artistic #artwork #digital #digitalart #poem #poetry #poems #song #songs #love #lovestory #sad #sadness #depressed #depression #hopeful #hope #writing #writer #words
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Touching , very nice❤❤
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Mike Searle

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This is what we did with our day. I think it was totally well spent.

Mike Searle

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This is what I've spent my evening working on. Still a long ways to go, but it's looking pretty good so far.
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Walking the plank?
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I design sunshine. I illustrate laughter.
I am an illustrator, graphic designer, and conceptual designer/artist providing everything from poster illustrations to conceptualizing brand identity. I've worked with clients as far reaching as start-up websites, to small non-profit groups. 

I offer Prints and T-shirts for sale at

I Want To Draw You

I offer commissions of fine art. These portraits make excellent gifts, so if you are interested in commissioning a piece of fine art, you may email me direct from my profile page, or at I don't limit myself to just illustrating people that society calls "beautiful", so whether you're a man or woman, I want to capture your unique beauty and strength!

I specialize in Digital Illustration; Pencil, Pen & Ink Illustrations; Brand Identity; and Conceptual Design/Development. I love art in all forms, but especially visual art and music. I really enjoy cool urban stuff, and anything bold.

I love people, and one of my personal goals is to make the day brighter for as many people as I can.

You can buy custom artwork from me at

You can Like me on Facebook at Searle.Arts, check out my portfolio on Behance, or follow me on Twitter.

I post my illustrations on, where you can also follow The Plus Project.


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Have a beautiful daughter!
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    Illustrator, graphic designer, and conceptual designer/artist. Creative dynamo. People appreciator., present
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