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After a year of frustration, Verizon finally swapped my Droid Bionic for a Galaxy Nexus. Here's a re-enactment.
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Haha, I know. I was surprised, too.

I was polite and firm. I told them I wasn't willing to be sent a replacement Bionic, and that I was fed up with ICS upgrade delays and data drops. I mentioned that other Bionic owners on message boards were experiencing the same issues, so another model wasn't going to help. Only took three calls and two failed attempts on their end to call me back.

I think it also helped that the Bionic is a year old and the Galaxy Nexus is about to be replaced by a new model -- or models -- within a few months. So to them, I was swapping an obsolete unit for one that was about to be.

But I was able to keep my existing plan with the unlimited data. And I cannot believe the difference in quality. 
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