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Mike, George told me we needed to get a new 4G phone to help get this site more info. I just got the Samsung Stratosphere. Still trying to figure out all the bells and whistles. I'm like George in the tachnology world....way behind. Farther than George. I can't seem to get the thing to recognize my wifi at home. It shows up on the phone with plenty of signal but it can't seem to connect. Any thoughts?
welcome aboard dawg. nice phone, if you dont have a manual download one here;
see page 84. your wifi router should be set to a specific type of network security, ie wap, wep1 or wep 2, and it will also have a password. whatever it is, (and you may have to access the router with your pc browser to find out or check another computer that uses wifi to see how it is set up) set the phones wifi settings to use the same security type and input password. My phone wont connect on wep2 so i had to go down to wep1. if you are still having trouble figure out what type security and pwd and call cust service or me. my number is in my profile. good luck see ya soon.
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