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Something to distract you on election day (in Australia!), how about a new article in my Nightscape Photography 101 series!

This one is about Planning and Preparing for a Nightscape Weekend! - I've been busy preparing for my own weekend away, so thought I'd capture all the steps in planning a weekend away like this - to help you when you plan your own night or weekend of nightscape shooting. I hope you enjoy.
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Mike thank you, my 6D just arrived and couldn't wait for a clear sky to test, cheers mate! 
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I really like this one.. For some reason I skipped over it on my first pass through my IISAC2013 photos, but found it today and here it is!

This view was captured next to the old iconic tree stump on the side of the road down to the Lostock Scout Camp, where IISAC2013 is held.

Canon 6D, 14mm @ f/2.8, ISO6400, 30s exposure. Shares are always welcome - they help new people discover my work. 
#nightscapes   #nightscapephotography  
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Nice shot Mike, I recognized the tree stump immediately but never saw such a beautiful skyway.
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I've got boxes of calendars - help me empty them! :)

The 'Southern Sky 2014' is full of my nightscapes and landscapes, and the 'IceInSpace Astronomy Calendar 2014' is full of great astrophotography by the IceInSpace community.

Save 20% if you buy 2 or more, including mix and match. Buy online at the IceInSpace Shop:
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Hi +L. G. Kidd . Certainly can. Once you get to the checkout screen, just fill in your address, and after you select the country, the screen will refresh and you'll get the option of International Shipping.

Hi +Rodney Jones . Great to hear! Thanks for the feedback.
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Mike Salway

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The IceInSpace Astronomy Calendar 2014 is now available for sale via the IceInSpace Shop!

This is your calendar! With images submitted by IceInSpace members, and winning images chosen by the IceInSpace Community, the calendar showcases the brilliant talent we have on offer.

The calendar features 12 great images of our night sky, and provides a nightly guide to what’s visible in the sky. The calendar also includes a summary of the year indicating best time to view the planets, as well as maps showing planetary alignments in the pre-dawn and post-sunset sky. It also includes monthly star charts, moon phases, conjunctions, eclipses and other major events as well as school holidays for all Australian states.

SAVE: Order 2 or more calendars and receive 20% off! You’ll also receive a free IceInSpace Sticker for every calendar you order.

The calendars make a fantastic gift – for yourself, your friends and family. Whether they’re hardcore amateur astronomers, have a casual interest in the night sky, or just like looking at pretty pictures, this calendar will be a great addition to any wall, kitchen cupboard or workplace cubicle.
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Definitely, this will be cool. I'll have Katrina email you to sort out the details.
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Here's an illustration of what's possible with processing.

It's not going to be to everyone's taste, but processing is very subjective - and for me, my taste changes regularly so what you like now, may not be the same in 6 months time :)

The top is straight out of the camera (with lens profile applied). The bottom has had noise reduction, tonal contrast, saturation, curves, levels and colour balance. The foreground was masked out and processed slightly differently with less contrast and different colour balance.
#nightscapes   #nightscapephotography  
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I like a touch of post-processing, say to make the night sky a  bit darker and less washed out. I am sure that your raw shot is not the way it appeared to you, so some adjustments are called for and acceptable. Viewers still have to understand that the adjusted shot is not the way it appeared to the eye, which seems to be a difficult thing for some folks to accept.

This is a nice job, but some folks really get carried away, turning a beautiful shot into a complete fantasy. I prefer that shots be enhanced to the point that they better approximate what was seen with the eyes, which to me usually is a bit of light and contrast adjustment, plus maybe a little color saturation tinkering. But too much is annoying, and turns it into some fantasy dreamscape (which has its place, of course). I also think shots that have been enhanced in a major way should announce that fact. But then I do not do astro shots myself (at least not now). I do have to explain to students frequently that some Hubble shot or whatever is NOT the way it would be seen with just the eyes.
OK, enough of my blathering.
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Mike Salway

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I’m extremely excited to announce that the Southern Sky Calendar 2014 is now available for sale! :))

The Southern Sky Calendar features 12 of my unique landscape and nightscape images of the Southern Sky. Being a keen amateur astronomer, I used my experience of photographing the night sky to create a series of unique Australian nightscape images, many taken in the beautiful Kimberley region of Western Australia.

The Southern Sky Calendar provides a nightly guide to what’s visible in the sky, and also includes a summary of the year indicating best time to view the planets, as well as maps showing planetary alignments in the pre-dawn and post-sunset sky. It features monthly star charts, moon phases, conjunctions, eclipses and other major events as well as school holidays for all Australian states.

Buy online here:

Only $19, but you can save 20% by ordering 2 or more!

They make a fantastic gift for family and friends too! Stocks are limited, so if you enjoy my photography please get in quick!
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Still 180 or so available, would love you to order some :)
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The next part in my Nightscape Photography 101 blog series is now live.

In this 9th article, I going to discuss my thoughts on What Makes a Great Nightscape Photographer. Out of all the photographers that inspire me, what sets these people apart? What do they do differently, or what do they have in common, that makes them great?

Feedback always welcome!
#nightscapes   #nightscapephotography  
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Extreme imaging? Amazing what you can capture in just 10 seconds of exposure.

This is a vertical panorama of 5 shots (camera in landscape orientation), with each shot just a single 10s exposure @ ISO12800 (!), f/2.2, 50mm lens with a Canon 6D.

I kept the exposures so short to avoid star trails because I was using a 50mm lens with no tracking. To compensate for the shorter exposure, I bumped the ISO right up which the 6D handled extremely well.
#nightscapes   #nightscapephotography  
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+Cory Schmitz Hi Cory, yes it's still bumped up with saturation and contrast in post, as well as noise reduction. I'll have a blog post soon which shows the raw->noise reduction.
Thanks +Andi K  and +Sagnik Sarkar .
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Mike Salway

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While I was doing those selfies from Cape Leveque that I posted previously, I was watching the Crescent Moon set in the West - and here's that Crescent Moon!

It's a 5s exposure with a Canon 5D Mk2 with a 200mm lens @ f/2.8, ISO1600. The only processing on this one was crop and noise reduction!
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Here's another processing before and after - but this time, it's not to show raw/processed, but how my knowledge and technique have changed over the past year.

The image was captured at Cape Leveque during my Kimberley adventure, and was processed soon after getting back (just over a year ago). Looking at it now, it is way too red and too dark.

I reprocessed it from scratch today using my 'current' techniques and style, to get the bottom image. Which I much prefer :) You?
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2nd shot looks a lot more like the night sky to me.
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Passionate about Astronomy, Photography and Karate. Too many hobbies, not enough time!
Passionate about Astronomy, Photography and Karate.
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