Pennwood Numechron TV Clock Circa July 1959
Pennwood Numechron Company was started in the 1930's and was in business until 1972. During that time they made several different models and were one of the first "digital" clocks.
This particular model was made to place in proximity of the rather dim TVs of the era to relieve eyestrain from watching in a totally darkened room. I managed to aquire this one, still in it's original box with the cord still factory wound. It now serves as my main clock in the bedroom.
Years ago our neighbor, who was a TV sales and repairman gave me one of this model as a graduation present from 8th grade and I had it till it was accidentally dropped during a move. The case being made from Bakelite shattered. I always loved the clock and the soft click it made when the numbers revolved and flipped into place, so was thrilled to find this one.
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Bulova & Pennwood Numechron Clocks
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