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Mike Rombout
I love programming. I have an opinion about everything and I love to share my thoughts.
I love programming. I have an opinion about everything and I love to share my thoughts.

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/me scratches the 4 mosquito bites on both foot soles.

Fuck that, I am moving to Iceland.

I love (read hate) how people complain about C/C++ being old and obsolete and then continue writing Node.js (actually C/C++) in their Sublime Text editor (actually C++) on their Mac (actually C++). And then totally tweet about it on their phones (actually C/C++).

Every popular language is used everywhere. It's just a matter of where you look. There's different tools for different projects.

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Decided to give openSUSE and KDE a try again after (almost 2?) years of Fedora and Gnome.

And so far openSUSE seems to be running smoothly. But Wow! I almost forgot how customizable was compared to Gnome! It's so pretty!

Steam must be the only platform where one can buy a game and end up  4 cents richer.

Please, be a proper developer and stop using GitHub for Windows...

Is that seriously an Amazon icon I see in Ubuntu. I'm glad I moved away from Ubuntu quite a while ago.

I absolutely love the performance and integration of the WebView component of JavaFX. I might be able to save myself a lot of time on implementing a fully functional markdown/latex editor and a diagram editor in JavaFX.

*wink CodeMirror * wink to be determined JavaScript diagramming library

Sometimes I wonder if I am the only programmar that is not bothered by checked exceptions. Quite frankly, I rather like them.

Seriously? According to the FBI, Sony got hacked by sloppy North Korean hackers... So that means Sony actually got hacked by sloppy hackers... Imagine how sloppy Sony's security is then...

It must be that I'm more an engineer than I am a designer. But I think it's just weak they are whining about each other copying their uniquely designed black rectangles. Get over it, they're rectangles. #apple #xiaomi #euclid  
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