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Thanks to +Joey-Elijah Sneddon of +OMG! Chrome! for this article.
Any Android developers are now able to bring their their Android apps to Chrome OS, as Google expands the 'ARC' plugin project with documentation and tools.
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+Amber Craig leaves us both (myself and +Raj Khushal) speechless at one point with the amount of projects she starts on AND successfully delivers - incredible, a true powerhouse here in Wellington and across New Zealand

+Beyond the Achievements +Internet NZ 
Ep.41: +Patreon & Amber Craig

The journey to make the podcast sustainable continues but in the meantime the amazing Amber Craig goes through (almost) all of her projects and makes +Mike Riversdale and +Raj Khushal feel like they're just not doing enough!

#newzealand #podcast #tech #barcamp
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Go +Tim Kong, fascinating life/work story ... 
ep 40: Shaking things up & +Tim Kong from N4L

A change to our podcast format (slicker and quicker to the interviews) and more importantly a deep discussion with Tim Kong around all things tech and education orientated here in New Zealand (hint: it's about the teachers not the tools).

#newzealand #tech #edu #teched
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A long rant about airline apps...

The +Aer Lingus app is so bad that after I read through every review. marking all of the accurate ones as "Helpful" and all of the obvious spam as "Spam", I got curious today as to how it could have got that way.

Android apps are named similarly to Java classes, and since in many cases they are developed by Java developers they tend to follow the naming conventions that have emerged in that language.  In this case the app itself identifies it as com.feedhenry... providing me with a simple clue. And then by digging around on the +FeedHenry website, we can even find a quote!

+Ronan Fitzpatrick, who it seems is the Director of Network Distribution of Aer Lingus is quoted on the FeedHenry website as saying:

"The world of mobility is changing at such a fast rate. Staying ahead of the curve in a competitive market, a comprehensive mobile app solution that integrates with our backend systems has delivered a great service to our passengers and attractive ROI for Aer Lingus."

Such chutzpah!  "Comprehensive"? So how come it is missing so much functionality!  "Delivered a great service to our customers"? Approximately 95% of the customers who have taken the time to write an actual review of the Aer Lingus app have rated it at a single star, and these aren't the "it doesn't work on my obscure mobile device so I'll give it a 1" kind of reviews - these are actual well-considered angry tirades.  The only thing I can believe is that it has delivered a great "ROI": which translates as "It cost us feck all to do this and now we can say we have an app!  How cool is that?".

Naturally every passenger on an airline is, by definition, a mobile passenger.  They are moving.  Often from one place where their smartphone's internet connection works, to another, where it doesn't - or is hideously expensive.  So perhaps storing the boarding pass on the phone for their return journey would be a good idea?  Well, yes, it would be a great idea - after all that's what every airline app ever does.  Well almost every app.

Perhaps you're a frequent flyer with an airline, and you install their app to keep track of your bookings and your points?  After all: you're a regular customer, right?  Perhaps even a high-value repeat customer! Of course it should remember your login details, associate your bookings with your frequent flyer status, automatically download your boarding pass before your flight, prompt you to check in?  Tell you about the weather at your destination? Useful?  Nah, there's no need for that sort of thing: just put the website in an IFRAME on the phone and we're done.  Nothing to see here, the website does all these things anyway, amirite?  Why do this stuff twice?

And after all that, when the customer is done with the app, you should absolutely make sure that exiting it so they can listen to music or read their book is as stupid as possible.  If possible make the customer uninstall your app and reboot their phone in order to ensure it's really not running.  It's OK: they can install it again next week if they ever want to see it again.

So, how bad can it be?  I looked through the play store to see how airline apps rated generally.  I've lived in New Zealand up until last year, so maybe I was spoiled by the +Air New Zealand app, and it seems I probably was: with a Play Store rating of 4.4, the top comment there from +Elton Osborne says:

"Take note This is how an app should be written. Well done Air NZ! Classy, well thought out provides everything you need. As a frequent flyer on Air NZ I use this app regularly. So many companies skimp on their app budget and its plain to see that this was not the case here. Shows your upcoming flights cleanly and notifies you of key events from online check in to delays and real time boarding calls at the airport. Not a gimmick like many others and genuinely enhances your travel experience. In my top 5."

At the other end of the scale it looks like +Aer Lingus see the bar as +Ryanair, which is also mostly negative 1 star reviews, managing the same low 2.8 score, because among other airline apps I checked that was the only other one that I found below 3.!  Qantas, at 3.2, was the third-worst score I could find.

I decided to look through all of the carriers I've flown on in the last few years (a certain amount of APAC bias since I only moved to Europe less than a year ago) so here goes:

+airberlin  4.5
+Air New Zealand 4.4
+easyJet   4.3
+Wizzair Virtual Airline 4.2
+JetBlue  4.2
+SAS - Scandinavian Airlines  4.0
+LATAM Airlines Group - LAN & TAM Airlines 4.0
+British Airways  3.9
+American Airlines  3.9
United Airlines 3.9
+Singapore Airlines  3.8
+Virgin Atlantic 3.7
+Thai Airways 3.7
+LOT Polish Airlines 3.6
+Jetstar Australia 3.6
+Virgin Australia 3.5
+Swiss International Air Lines 3.3
US Airways[1] 3.3
+Qantas 3.2 (budget brand Jetstar scores better)
+Ryanair 2.8
+Aer Lingus 2.8

(I was unable to link to the United or US Airways G+ pages)

Note that RyanAir has 1-5 million installs, whereas Aer Lingus is 100-500k.  Air New Zealand is also 100-500k, and airberlin, the highest scorer, has a significantly smaller audience at 10-50k.

And so a significant majority of my fellow travellers on these airlines depend on their smartphone.  Millions of people have these airline apps installed on their phones, and this device Is the first thing out of their pocket when we land, arranging for the next mobile experience.

For me, in Dublin, that's +Hailo which gets me to and from the airport.  And it works.
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Reinhold Niebuhr wrote a prayer that many of you will recognize. It goes roughly: “Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”What does this have to do with looking for a job?Everything.There's a ton of unfairness in the job search process. As a candidate, you can’t control whether a company requires a work visa, whether some executive’s kid has an ins...
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Sorry to lose Brenda and Sandy to Auckland ...
ep 39: PledgeMe update, Brenda & Sandy from Nomad8

We start with a new monthly catchup with +Anna Guenther who runs through a few +PledgeMe Team tech/media items before a fascinating conversation with +Sandy Mamoli & +Brenda Leeuwenberg discussing their Nomad8 / agile story.

#newzealand   #tech   #podcast   #agile  // +Raj Khushal +Hash Tag 
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Clever showing off of google tld :)
We’re always thinking about what’s ahead, but sometimes it’s important to look backwards. In that spirit, we’re proud to introduce, available today. Made possible by new gTLDs (, gives us an opportunity to reflect on our efforts by flipping our results on their head (and y axis).

So take a minute out of your day to peek at the Search you know and love at It might just change your perspective.
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Works on chrome mobile
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Douglas Adams and how prescient he was about technology ("the name we give stuff that doesn't work yet"): (podcast)
Douglas Adams made a radio series in 2000 offering a vision of the future that new technology would offer. He looked at the fast changing music scene, the coming of e-books, the future for broadcasting and made his predictions for what he described as...
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Will likely give this a go in the next week or so ... let me know if you try and get it working
Getting Skype running on my Chromebook was a genuine eureka moment for me. So much so, that I wrote a guide to help others keep in touch with folk who do not use Hangouts. 

It is a little bit of a faff but works reliably on a wide range of CBs once you've got it going. 
Following on from the success of ‘Install Flipboard on a Chromebook‘ I thought that I would look into running Skype on a Chromebook – my Acer C720 [UK Link] to be precise. Many people (myself included) are disappointed that Skype isn’t natively available for Chrome OS. Microsoft are working on providing Skype through the browser – which will probably work with Chromebooks but until…
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Syntax error. Circular Reference. Suggest Google updates Bing instead.
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Hack Miramar At The OS/OS Conference
On April 16th & 17th here in Wellington the fine folks from Github, Enspiral, Loomio and Chackle have brought together a worldclass set of international, New Zealand and local speakers on the subject of Open Source Open Society . I will be facilitating a ta...
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Brilliant! If you run a websever, go on ...
Quite cool. Web servers stage Terry Pratchett tribute (via @BBCTech) -
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Mike's been around and done it all ... well, ok, not THAT!

He saw the web as the way in the early 1990s, was an advocate of Web 2.0 (you know it as the "cloud") in the 2000's, and co-founded, grew, and sold New Zealand's earliest dedicated Google Enterprise Partner this decade.

Now he explains stuff as he helps start-ups grow and transition onto survivalists and the future New Zealand success stories.
Releasing the tension that sits between "change is everywhere" and "change is hard"
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Excellent service, even got asked if it was ok to send the chef home as I had guests joining me later - top work!
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