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Trying to be different as that's what we need ...
+Ed Strafford +Nigel Chang +Sophie Buergin
So a movie, that's a thought buzzing around the head - what we're attempting to do is change behaviour and the way the I, +Ed Strafford and +Nigel Chang generally work is with words. Now, words are fine but if we wanna get in...
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Madness, have I gone to the darkside - no (probably no) BUT I can see that the individual Govt employee behaviour doesn't actually follow the rules, and that is a massive problem!

Tough to sort out as well .. but that's what we're about, tough problems!
"When asked about how the government planned to support small and medium-sized ICT firms as a buyer of services, Joyce said it was a case of ensuring government agencies adopt the procurement rules." source: ICT sector drives...
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Thanks so much Ecomailbox for the laptop stickers!!
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Ah, they are for laptops? - I put ours on the letterbox ;)
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Love it
Makes me think of Ray Kurzweil and Andrew Mcafee
‎2015 and still no hover cars. This is getting ridiculous. But way back in Germany in the 1900's they too had high hopes for mankind and the inventions and experiences we'd collectively create in the future. Below are some illustrations from that period that were produced by Hildebrands (a lead...
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...I'm betting they won't be any more accurate 
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White House officials dismissed the Senate vote against fast-track as a “procedural snafu”
I don't think they know what 'snafu' means, expressly the 'afu' part!
Senate legislation fails to pass after Democrats put concerns about US jobs ahead of president’s argument that trade deals will boost global economy
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Mate, we have done amazxingly - so proud of us and I LOVE working with +Raj Khushal 
ep 50: Cameron from +StarNow and Anna from PledgeMe

Most excellent show with +Cameron Mehlhopt as well as our monthly catchup from +Anna Guenther with the +PledgeMe Team 

(oh, and a celebratory 50th show AND, this goes out on our 1st birthday - yay us!)

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It's been awesome Mike, so much fun. You also continue to inspire mate.
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Problem: Businesses report that current government procurement processes are overly prescriptive, are not outcomes based, do not support innovation and favour larger suppliers. Opportunities exist to source innovative solutio...
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How about it peoples?

Winnie will be 100 soon. She has no family and little contact with the outside world. Could you help out by sending her a card? Just don't tell her because it's a surprise.
An appeal for birthday cards for a 99-year-old Sheffield woman who has no surviving family has gone viral.
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Yeah, I reckon! 
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Hmm, suppliers / vendors may not want us to be succesful, EVEN if they say they do ... change is tough eh!
If we want procurement to be different we will have change, however: Many suppliers work in a certain way because Government has trained them to do so so we find now that they think like the Ministry and they'll be really ha...
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Trying to remove yourself from the Internet (Web) is a tough business, but for some the desire not to be archived has some strong reputational (and legal?) imperatives.
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I talked about Ingres ... no, not the Google game but the RDBMS from way back when, who else used it?
ep 49: On the mike with Mike

Back in episode 15 we heard from show host +Raj Khushal and was always our goal to then reverse the deal and have a chat with +Mike Riversdale and a mere 35 shows later we got there ... enjoy

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Ingres is what Postgres was built upon, but I suspect there's little code left in there from the original.

I did use Ingres - not the Postgres precursor, but the proprietary fork of it - among many other DBMSs such as Pick & Mumps.
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Wellington, New Zealand
Swindon, England - London, England - Sydney, Australia
I explain stuff, connect people and get things done
Mike's been around and done it all ... well, ok, not THAT!

He saw the web as the way in the early 1990s, was an advocate of Web 2.0 (you know it as the "cloud") in the 2000's, and co-founded, grew, and sold New Zealand's earliest dedicated Google Enterprise Partner this decade.

Now he explains stuff as he helps start-ups grow and transition onto survivalists and the future New Zealand success stories.
Releasing the tension that sits between "change is everywhere" and "change is hard"
Google Apps, Change Management, Information Management,
  • HashtagMe: Access Granted
    Podcaster, 2014 - present
    Jibber jabber with Raj and myself around subjects that affect Kiwi tech workers
    Director, 2008 - present
    I explain stuff, connect people and get things done.
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  • New Zealand Trade and Enterprise
    Programme Manager of Knowledge Management Programme, 2012 - 2013
  • WaveAdept
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  • Fronde
    2006 - 2008
  • Christchurch City Council
    Knowledge Management Advisor, 2005 - 2006
  • Ministry of Health
    Business Analyst, 2001 - 2005
  • BusinessObjects
    Pre-sales Technical Consultant, 1999 - 2001
  • Department of Corrections
    Analyst Programmer, 1995 - 1999
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    Programmer, 1986 - 1999
  • Cloud Sherpas
    APAC Change Management, 2011 - 2012
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Excellent service, even got asked if it was ok to send the chef home as I had guests joining me later - top work!
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