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Man alive we, in most parts of New Zealand (us in Miramar a suburb of the capital city for instance), are so lucky as we get to see the Milky Way every night (clouds allowing, of course)
What does your sky look like on a clear night?

In 1994, an earthquake knocked out the power in Los Angeles. Many residents called local emergency centers reporting a strange “giant, silvery cloud” in the dark sky. That giant, silvery cloud was the Milky Way, which many residents had just seen for the first time.

20th-26th April is International Dark Skies Week. Check out this website for tips on how to light responsibly (you can also download free posters):
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I grew up in rural Waikato, and I miss the stars! Living in Auckland, they're just not as visible. 
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Mike Riversdale

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This is good for us all, I hope it becomes the standard by which all political parties view the Internet.

I became a candidate for the Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand to champion rights and freedoms for New Zealand. I'm thrilled to help shape the Green Party's Internet Rights and Freedoms Bill
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Good to see a party embracing a policy.
I would separate the call for  "A Chief Technology Officer for New Zealand ..." from the policy statement as it is part of the 'how' rather than the what and why of policy.
The support for a 'global Internet Rights Treaty ' really does not impress me as any such treaty is likely to be a cross between the aims of the balkanizers and the secretive TPPA
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Mike Riversdale

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Thanks to +Liz Quilty and +Paul Quilty for the most awesome Cambridge welcome and shame it was only over a coffee.

House sharing is definitely on the cards so we can get into Cambridge a little more than a coffee hour :)
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coffee was excellent :D
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Best fish and chips (or in my case fish burger and chips) in New Zealand. Fact!

Yeah yeah, you've all got your favourite places and will no doubt bore me with your attempts to convince me of their awesomeness.

But this place is the best. Fact. Deal with it and we can all move on.

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Same with KFC, always smells fantastic when driving past, buy it and you always seem to ask yourself afterwards, "why did I buy this shit?".  :I
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"Preserving Christchurch's history to help Cantabrians remember, plan, and rebuild"

Nice work Google
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Did I miss reporting of this? "Lest we forget: our other war anniversaries"
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Hear hear!

+Rob Boyle
The reddit Reaction
I recently posted a short observation piece on my llewblog about the awkward relationship that Red Dwarf had with the BBC.
It was a barely considered reaction to the fact that during the BBC 2’s current 50 year celebrations, poorly paid BBC researchers created lists of the top 100 shows from BBC2 history.
Obviously Red Dwarf never got a mention, I wasn’t surprised and it’s nothing new.
As is often the case when I mention anything about Red Dwarf I got a few extra hits on my blog. It averages around a thousand hits a day, it got 6,000 when I posted my short update.
Then reddit picked up the story and I got 38,000 hits yesterday and it looks like I’ll get close to that again today.
But this got me thinking. 
It’s not about Red Dwarf as the reddit comments testify.
The virtual non-story of Red Dwarf and the BBC merely gives fuel to the fire for various groups and individuals who hate the BBC and what to see it destroyed.
These people are backed by some very powerful forces, the Murdoch empire and the current government to name but two, oh wait, maybe that is just one group.
Anyway, obviously it wasn’t my intention to have a pop at the BBC as an institution, merely highlight the odd and awkward, and indeed very English class based outlook of the management.
I’m a big supporter of the BBC, it’s a vitally important part of the fraying fabric of our society, it’s not market driven and that’s a huge blessing. It produces gigatons of programs every year, many amazing, some merely good and a few that are utter shite. It’s watched by billions around the world and everyone who has a telly in the UK pays for it.
The pressures on the BBC are growing, technology is changing, not everyone has a telly and I personally watch far more BBC shows on iPlayer than on conventional broadcast telly. 
I’m sure it will change very dramatically over the next 20 years but I pray it won’t become just another commercial channel driven by ‘market forces.’
The ‘free’ market has shown us one thing above all others, wealth trickles upwards. That’s it. We currently have a genuine social and political crisis caused by the super wealthy taking everything and the rest of use scrabbling about trying to make ends meet. 
The BBC and the NHS are the last remaining institutions that are not totally governed by the crude and increasingly failing nonsense we’ve been told to admire, the free market.
It’s not free and it’s not a market.
Yes, the BBC has a long and not always glowing history but what it represents is vitally important. It does have a collective inclusive spirit where we all pay for it and in return it will even pay for shows it doesn’t particularly like, such as Red Dwarf.
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Be in a tourist in Wellington

See home with different eyes - great idea / photos from +andrew mcmillan :)
Some random photos from our last day in Wellington - now that we've arrived in Dublin and have decent internet connectivity again.

We had to check out of our motel by 10:00am, but the flight was not until 5:30pm, so there was a bit of time to get around for one more look around where I've lived for the last 35 years.  Most of these are taken on the South Coast, and from Mt. Victoria, with a few more through the window of the +Air New Zealand A320 for our first leg to Auckland.

#wellington   #youcantbeatwellingtononagoodday  
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Mike Riversdale

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Definitely a big screen film +Paul Fraser 
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Raglan (NZ) storm clouds and an Easter sunset

The rain clouds would come, drench everything and be gone all in 20 minutes.
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When you truly think of the men that lived there it's quite amazing, otherwise it's a bit bland
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Amazing food, best authentic Asian food in Wellington. And cheap as.
Public - 3 months ago
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The service was friendly but the food took a while to get to us and when it arrived it was ok food trying to be something better. It costs more than it should.
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Relaxed, amazingly knowledgeable staff and one of, if not, the best beer choices in the southern hemisphere. Visiting Wellington without coming to HZ is like visiitng your home town and not going to [insert your favourite bar].
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The food was excellent and way too much for our birthday stomachs so they happily packaged it up and we took it home
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Finally, a bar that serves great beer in a comfy, relaxed atmosphere being less uptight than Hashigo Zake, with more room than LBQ and less 'main street' than Malthouse. I love this bar and it's now my local (I haven't been able to say that about a Wellington bar for such a long time)
Atmosphere: ExcellentDecor: ExcellentService: Very good
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