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Blocking, unfortunately, won't stop someone from using our Contact form and abusing the tool.
That pisses me off because I want that form for legitimate issues to be raised by members but disrespectful spammers abusing it are going to be called out and used as an example. 

Maybe it's just me but an account named Bi Chacho Lovetaco just doesn't scream IT Professional to me.

I have added commentary about 'No Fiverr posts allowed' to the Community Description.

While I absolutely understand the need for those in developing parts of the world to earn an income anywhere they can, this is not an appropriate community for those posts.

I can guarantee you that anyone in here who needs business cards designed, resumes made, or Photoshop work done is more than capable of doing it ourselves so posting in here is a waste of your time. 

Not sure what is going on with +Google+ because we do have Held For Review enabled here but garbage spam is still getting into the community feed.

Sorry to disappoint the would be new spammer members but profiles with names like Indian Actress Navel Kissing are kind of clearly not IT Professionals and hence banned the instant I see them just on the members list. 

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Interesting, if not possibly a little concerning.

Non-native English speaking spammers really should take advantage of Google Translate a bit more.

Banning a spammer name News Fucker Hindi amuses me. 

Just some rants on my mind this morning

I've been a diehard +Google+ user and supporter since the days when it was invitation only and I have to say, I'm happy that people like +Madeleine DeRome and +Leanne Osborne and others are still very actively involved, improving the community, and helping to prove that it's not a ghost town here.

That said, as one of the Owners of a somewhat fair sized community and the largest in it's area of interest, and just as a user of the site in general, I'm somewhat disappointed in some things.

The +Google+ account itself, for instance. The profile for that account is so crammed full of garbage spammer comments that it's not even worth trying to read the posts made under that account.
As someone who takes a zero tolerance stance on spam on here, it's very frustrating to see all the junk posts and accounts that ought to be banned from the site on there.

Also the Google Verified program, which I am very pleased and proud to have next to my name on here frustrates me. I have banned and reported dozens of verified accounts that were spamming my community or just in general. Verified Spammers?
It kind of seems like it's more an Oprah Winfrey Verified program.

You get your account verified!, You get your account verified!, and you too get your account verified!

Every time I ban and report a "verified" garbage account I am less and less proud to have one. By apparently indiscriminately verifying any account that wants it, it seriously devalues the program.

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Has anyone in here fiber linked a Dell switch to a Ubiquiti switch successfully?

I'm wondering if I can just use the same SFP transceivers or if I need a Ubiquiti SFP on one end and a Dell compatible one on the other?

Currently I have Axiom transceivers that work fine for connecting our Dell switches to each other but we haven't been able to get a new Ubiquiti switch to 'talk' to the Dell switches as yet using them.
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