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If +Google+ failing and closing it's doors next year helps contribute to the death of then I will at least feel that not all of the work done here was for nothing.

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I think I'm probably late to the game but I wasn't aware of this remote connection tool until recently.
It's seriously cool and will allow me to get rid of my VNC viewer and consolidate all the systems I constantly remote to into a single portal.

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Done with the layout. Now I just need to ink in all the walls

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I really think someone in a cable factory somewhere does this kind of thing on purpose.

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Ok, I'm pulling the trigger on selecting MeWe as my personal preference for a new IT Professionals Community.


1. Community focused site structure. I like having a room that I can enter and leave as I want as well as having a profile feed that shows the public posts of everyone I add to my contacts/friends list.

2. Good community features, moderation tools, and membership controls. Also things like a community Calendar and File storage feature might be quite handy.

3. Group and Instant Message ability. This is cool, although I'll probably turn off the Group message function because it's literally everyone and if the new community gets anywhere near as large as this one, that will be a nightmare. Members can still message people on their own individual friends lists.

4. Privacy focused user policy. They at least advertise that they are very privacy focused and respect members data.

5. It's backed by Tim Berners-Lee who is involved as a consultant. Like it or not his name still pulls a lot of weight in this industry and if he trusts this site, that says a lot.

I'd love to see every active member here choose to join and contribute there as well but keep a few caveats in mind.

I won't approve or tolerate Fiverr garbage. I'm likely to be checking Searches on G+ of people's names and if I find your profile here contains Fiverr posts, you will not be approved.
As with this community, the new MeWe one will be zero tolerance for spam.

If you do choose to try it out, please fill in your MeWe profile and have some sort of profile photo. This will make Moderators lives way easier.
If you don't choose to give it a try, let me know and maybe the different selections that do split off from here can work together so we are able to promote and support each other. seems to be a fairly well designed possible alternative so Community members here might want to check it out and possibly jump in now and recreate your communities.

I'd never even heard of it before this G+ shutdown announcement and several members recommending it as a new alternative home but now that I've looked at it, I'm really like MeWe.

It ticks all the boxes for moderator tools, community membership controls, page format and features, and a mobile app.

I pinned the post about G+ phasing out that had the most existing comments so that discussion can be controlled to a single post and just going to delete the others on the same topic.
Nothing personal to the OPs. Just trying to limit multiple posts on the same topic.

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Weekend dungeon doodling.
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