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Mike Ricca
Photographer, sometimes-writer, occasional wiseass
Photographer, sometimes-writer, occasional wiseass

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Psychonauts: simultaneously amazing and the most infuriating bullshit that ever was

Holy cow Psychonauts is fantastic. I get all the hype now.

Damien Darhk's little eyeroll on Legends was perfect.

I just want to take a second to declare my appreciation for Superstore's whole "b-roll transition scene" gimmick they've got going. Some have been hilarious, and he device as a whole is just really clever. I can't remember seeing it in any other comedies. If it's an original device, coming up with it at this point is pretty damn impressive.

So. Yeah. Superstore transition scenes? I appreciate you.

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The inmates may be running the asylum over here, but at least they saw fit to give us this.

"Now for the big finish. But where?"

"Please not on my chest."


I know CxGF is always perfect with its musical style copying, but "Ping-pong Girl" was on point.

watching Corner Gas opening credits

Man, I love that Canadian 80s sitcoms were just like American 80s sitcoms.


"The series ran for six seasons from 2004 to 2009."

... oh.
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