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Mike Ricca

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watching Corner Gas opening credits

Man, I love that Canadian 80s sitcoms were just like American 80s sitcoms.


"The series ran for six seasons from 2004 to 2009."

... oh.
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Well shit, okay then
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Mike Ricca

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Anyone here know catbrains?

One of our cattes — the one who lost her kittens and adopted our two orphans — has been aggressively affectionate lately, rubbing herself up against my legs, the chairs, the floor, pretty much anything. She's particularly fond of my legs, though, and if I walk away she'll chase me and give them a swipe (no claws) and/or love bite.

Is she in heat? Lonely? Drunk? She's normally pretty skittish of me and I'd need to approach slowly if I wanted to give her scritches. Now she'll beeline for me from across the room and chase my feet forever.
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sounds like she's in heat.
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Mike Ricca

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Thought I shared this but maybe not?

//cc Hey +Jesse Rosenblum
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Mike Ricca

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Life in a Menagerie

Dog 1 walks too close to Dog 2
Dog 2 growls at Dog 1
Dog 1 puddles and runs away
Dog 3 cluelessly tromps through puddle, tracking it across the room
Dog 4 licks up puddle

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Mike Ricca

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OR just learn how to use a flash.

But, you know — an expensive cumbersome solution that requires two assistants and a lot of rigging works too. Either or.
What do you do if you're out shooting on-location, without strobes, and you want to darken a bright background without affecting the light on your model? J
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Yeah, Strobist is the way to go.
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Mike Ricca

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To pay my electric bill, I have to go to either their office or one of ten specific bank branches on the other side of the island and queue up for an hour or so to pay the bill in cash, in person.

No online billpay (shit, they don't even have a website), no pay-by-phone, no pay-by-mail. They're not even affiliated with local bill payment agencies. I have no choice but to waste an entire afternoon, a good 3–4 hours of my life total, just to pay my fucking electric bill.

Oh, and it has to be paid within ten days of receipt. Not business days, regular days. Despite the fact that they (and the banks) are closed on Sundays.

Seriously though — fuck this country.
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Ran to the supermarket to pick up a few things. 24 minutes to get though the checkout line. The express checkout line.
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Mike Ricca

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Oh my god I'm so fed up with news sites autoplaying their videos. What might just be a nuisance in the States is goddamn crippling here because my internet has got ludicrously low daily data caps and that shit eats it right up. Even when I catch it in time, I've wasted a decent % of my daily cap by the time I do.

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I've got and adblocker, but unless there's a setting I'm overlooking, I'd have to go in and block each news site's players individually and there's no one site I visit specifically.

I disabled flash for a while but it disabled all flash, which became a bit of a pain. Also, a lot of the video players are HTML5 now.

I'll try the plugin, though - thanks!
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Mike Ricca

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Kylow Rent is my favorite Star Wnrs character.
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I don't know if I want a Lepin STAR WNRS set, or one of the LELE STAR WART sets... hmmm.
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Mike Ricca

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I bought a motorcycle! She's pretty and surprisingly powerful and capable of handling whatever Philippine roads throw at her.

Shame I'm not allowed to take her on the road for at least three months.
I bought myself a new motorcycle. And I do mean new — fresh off the showroom floor, she’s as cherry as cherry gets. I can’t wait to take her on all manner of adventure, exploring every corner of the Philippines, high and low, taking countless photos along the way. Shame I’m not allowed to take her on the road for three months.
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Mike Ricca

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In America, the War on Drugs means a lot of innocent people and nonviolent offenders go to prison for far longer than they have any right to.

In the Philippines, it means that they're are corralled into rooms and then blown up and shot.
An official of the CBCP Episcopal Commission on Prison and Pastoral Care calls for an independent probe of Thursday's explosion that killed 10 inmates, eight of them with drug cases, at the Parañaque City Jail. A note thrown outside by an inmate claims the detainees were summarily killed.
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Mike Ricca

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It meeeee
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pakalu papito twitter is best twitter
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Mike Ricca

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So remember how The President of the Republic of the Philippines promised to release a list of the names of politicians suspected of being involved with the drug trade?

Well, he did. And so far two of the people on the list are dead. Well, to be fair they were already dead. One for about eight years or so.

There's also a guy who was listed as being a congressman despite never having held office, oh and a mayor that beat Duterte in the election years ago. And speaking of elections, apparently not a single politician on the hit list supported Duterte's presidential big. What a crazy coincidence, huh?
President Rodrigo Duterte on Sunday revealed the names of sitting and retired local government officials, policemen and lawmen who are allegedly involved in the drug trade.
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