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Mike Reeves-McMillan
Novelist, short story writer, copy editor, book reviewer, nonfiction author
Novelist, short story writer, copy editor, book reviewer, nonfiction author


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One to watch - I don't qualify to contribute, but I'll be interested in the outcome.

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Don't forget about the electric car, but do consider making a Kiva loan to a female entrepreneur, or looking for another way to fund women's education.
There are 100 ways to solve climate change, and many of them aren't what you'd expect- especially the top 7.

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I'm becoming more and more convinced that almost the only path out of prejudice is getting to know people that you're prejudiced about as fellow human beings.
"I went in armed, not with a weapon, but with knowledge. I knew as much about the Klan, if not more than many of the Klan people that I interviewed."

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For your military SF medic needs.
It sounds like science fiction: with a light zap of electricity, a tiny stamp-like device transforms your skin cells into reservoirs of blood vessels or brain cells, ready to heal you from within.

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If you look closely, up in the tree you can see how far the clematis vine has spread (it's planted in the ground one story below the deck). It's about to flower.

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As the great C.L. Moore taught us, relationships and emotions make SF better. Here are some reflections on SF in which those elements are central.

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A less dramatic way of putting it would be "Civilization is in a traumatic transition".

And I wish he hadn't framed things in terms of male-female stereotypes (even if he calls them archetypes). But the point is still valid: as we move into a world where abundance is, in many areas, replacing scarcity, we need a fundamentally different way of organising to deal with the new reality effectively. And many of our current problems are a result of dealing with new situations as if they were old situations.
Not the most uplifting intro. But the good news is, Ismail had some pretty unique insight to share about the nature of the problems society is facing, and plenty of thoughts on how to fix them too.

I've had a packet of risotto rice for ages, but I'd heard risotto was hard to make, so I'd never dared to try.

The Food Lab has a carefully-researched recipe that sounded simple, though, so I gave it a go.

It is delicious.

Aaand another minor character emerges from the background, articulates the theme, becomes a representative of non-toxic masculinity, and gets a great big shipping label tied to him. Even though I'm not actually sure yet what his orientation is, exactly.

I think this thing is going to break the 100,000 words mark. Currently a little over under 95, and I have some threads to wrap up.

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For my fellow steampunk authors who want to feature alternative computers in their stories.
We’ve always been fascinated at the number of ways logic gates can spring into being. Sure, we think of logic gates carrying electrons, but there are so many other mechanical means to do the same thing. Another method that sometimes has a practical use is…
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