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Mike Ramsey
A Local SEO, Newspaper Publisher, Agency Owner, Husband and Father all rolled up in a Small Town Idaho package.
A Local SEO, Newspaper Publisher, Agency Owner, Husband and Father all rolled up in a Small Town Idaho package.

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Here you go. Enjoy :-) 

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Learn a little more about +Joy Hawkins in this LocalU interview! 

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This is a great idea. Thanks +Aaron Weiche 

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Only +Andrew Shotland could answer some of these questions in a way that makes you want to laugh, cry, slap, or hug him. 

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fun interview

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I dont know whats better. The new dashboard or seeing Mike look at the new dashboard. 

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A very personal post about my journey as a Mormon. I think the same lessons are found in most religions but this is the path that has lead to me figuring a few things out. 

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Do you put yourself in timeout? 

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good round up for a crazy week. 
Smart Local Roundup - Local Stack, ranking factors, guerilla SEO and definitive guide

It's been a fun packed week in the land of local with the introduction of what everyone appears to be calling the Local Stack. Along with some healthy coverage of that the roundup also includes the biennial Moz ranking factors survey and a couple of cracking resources focuses specifically on local SEO. Enjoy!

Google's new Local Stack is now in play
Last week Google rolled out what folks are calling the new Local Stack, which effectively reduces the local search pack down to just 3 players. Debate has been rampant, both around what Google's motivation is and about what this means for businesses in the local search space (Localgeddon anyone?!). There's some great insight in the links below (find your niche) and a couple of interesting click studies that suggest focusing more on organic results may prove to be beneficial. It's only been a week so there'll be lots more chat and analysis on this one in future weeks.
Read more: via +Mike Blumenthal via +Phil Rozek via +Casey Meraz via +Mike Ramsey

Moz releases results of 2015 ranking factors study
Every couple of years the good folks at Moz roll out the results of their search engine ranking factors survey. These factors aren't necessarily looking to unravel any algorithm but considering the quality and knowledge of the contributors the results give an invaluable insight into what works. In short, links still matter (shocker!!). Check out the full results and contributor opinions in the links below.
Read more: via +Moz via +Cyrus Shepard

Guerilla local SEO secrets
SEO means different things to different people and there's a blurred line between where SEO just becomes marketing. Too many SME owners simple say "can you sort my SEO out" without thinking about any longer term marketing aspects. A local marketing campaign should be about more than having a well locally optimised website and a tone of accurate citations. This great article focuses on some of the other things to focus on, including 3 of my favourite: commitment, consistent and patience. Great read, bookmarked!
Read more: via +Marcus Miller

Definitive guide to local SEO
This is an absolute monster of a guide to local SEO and dives into everything from optimising your Google My Business page to covering local SEO tools and more. It's huge and I haven't been able to dig all the way through yet but saw it recommended in +Linda Buquet's forum so thought I'd include it here in the roundup.
Read more: via +Brian Niebler

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See you all back here same time next week ☺

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