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Crossing my fingers so hard
One step down, two to go. Big thanks to the city for bringing Mountain View one step closer to Google Fiber.

Breaking: I'm switching from Spotify to Google Play Music. Cloud player for uploaded music library? Yes plez

+Cory Lui do you use this?

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Hey everyone, I have a question about redirects. I'm hoping to redirect mobile users to our blog page, since our actual homepage isn't the greatest mobile experience. I found a Wordpress plugin that does this, and it gives you the option to select between 301 and 302 redirects.

I know that 301's are generally preferred for permanent moves, but I'm wondering which you think is preferable in this scenario? I'd like to ensure not to incur any SEO penalties.


Hey all, excited to be a part of the community! I'm getting up to speed on things and have managed to get my authorship markup working. After a couple days, I'm seeing some of my articles with the "second class" results (lists my name and # circles, but no photo), but most with nothing.

How long did it take you to get photos showing up, post-2014 shakeup? Are you having much success?

Also, how much does it help having the other authors on your site setup with authorship?

+Cory Lui I was just thinking about you this morning and I just wanted to say how much I love you man. Hope you have a great day. Also I hope your marriage with +Aubrey Lui goes super well and that you guys name your future child after me. <3

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Getting sushi with my wife...are these tentacles? #oldboy #japan #imnoteatingthat +Amy Query 

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My wife made an amazing meal last night. And it was healthy! +Amy Query #iloveit #tasteslikeawesome

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Snap, I can check in to Foster City
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