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There's a cool as ever challenge that's currently running out on YouTube and on the TSU social network known as the #CityPhotoChallenge  anyone is free to join us on either communities. We're about to set sail on a full scale launch out here on Google+. 

The rules are simple. We accept only original content from creative folks who seek to share their city/town photos with the world. We curate the content across multiple social media platforms to help them gain added exposure. (Mainly the best photos we detect, tag me in yours if you join to alert me if you feel yours is high quality)

Here's the challenge explained out on YouTube:

This is perfect for photographers, but not limited to them anyone with a smartphone can add to the challenge. We have a competition also in the works known as the #CityPhotoContest  that starts August 1st and ends the last day of summer. If interested feel free to use that hashtag CityPhotoChallenge. The other one for the contest is going to be used when we select via judges what photos are runners up to win cash prizes. 

In order for this all to run smoothly we need your participation to only tag the challenge and not the contest one. Feel free to also create city/town photo archives. Our initiative is to create massive archives in the future from everyone's collective efforts to unite the world online city to city and town to town. Merely by sharing fairly our love of where we either travel or reside. This initiative is a global one, and surely doable to be able to create unity in digital form and get to know more folks from differing regions in the world. (Use your city, province, state, country, or town name to create the archive: example  #SydneyPhotoArchive ) by doing so when others also tag their city or towns etc... you can find those folks who wished to possibly meet up with you, or get to locate great content creators in their area. 

Please do opt out of the city/town photo archives if you don't wish for folks to know where you live. We only wish for those people who would like to fully represent their hometown mostly, and those who love traveling around the world. If that sounds like you, and if you're game there's tons of awesome photo sharing fun on the way! 

Credit for the challenge being created & Wishful thinking -
No need to credit me as the founder of this challenge, but if you do I thank you sincerely from the bottom of my heart. I simply seek unity worldwide someday and for our children to be able to grow up in a more decent and respectful world where war isn't the center focus, nor is social ills and corruption, or any other negative unnecessary evil.

I simply wish for people to someday realize that by playing fairly with others, by treating each other as equals in all respects no matter our sexual preference, age, heritage, nationality, race, bodily shape size weight, social status etc... What could be achieved is unlimited potential for humanity to heal itself from all of the wounds that our history has lashed upon us as for the unlucky ones, culture to culture, national origin to national origin. Helping nature and the wildlife will surely follow suit, as more and more good folks aim more at healing rather than destroying, fighting, or perpetuating ignorance, chaos, or mayhem further.

Special thanks to all those good folks out on TSU who chose to join our City Photo Challenge. This photo is from a good friend of mine I managed to meet out on that awesome social network. He goes by the name of Brent Nicholls and he was kind enough to share this beautiful looking photo with us all. "Thanks Brent"
Although I live in London I was born in Sydney...I took this pic in 2007. I do not get back there as often as I can mainly due to the distance...but like London, Sydney is a wonderful place to photograph especially due to the natural beauty...and including this world famous landmark The Sydney Opera House #brnetpix #brentorignal #throwbackthursday #sydney # Australia
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Mike Pugh

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Hope folks can enjoy the Bethesda Fountain Central Park shot I captured. I used the Aviary Photo editor out on TSU to turn the statue colorless, and done my best with the tool.

If you're looking to earn bank from posting your original content out there give #TSU a good go! make sure to read up on the terms of use, and F.A.Q page there prior to posting any images/photos or choosing to interact. Oh and the Monetization terms as well. 

Here's a Webinar I done out on YouTube to help folks learn more about the Monetization terms and how they can avoid from getting their account banned (1 hour+ webinar but worth while)

I'm the CloudExplorer there on TSU and I help folks with networking tips, and I can also help anyone learn the ropes there as well as on YouTube. Good luck to all who may choose to give it all a try. My user name can also be used to gain access to their official homepage. I recommend folks to try the Press link (lower right of the website to learn more from all the good press coverage, it also legitimizes any claims online).

If you like a direct invite use:
For Network assistance:
For Business owners/Networking Pros/YouTubers:
I done some minor edits on this #photo I tried to resize it, turned the statue to colorless, and did my very best to polish it so it appears the best quality as possible. Enjoy! all constructive criticism is accepted. I'll try again soon with another photo. Hashed: #CityPhotoChallenge #OriginalContent #Bethesda #Statue #CentralPark #NYC
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Mike Pugh

Ball Handle Drills (Videos)  - 
Behind the back crossover drill and sound advice for ballers.
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Mike Pugh

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Now this is what I'm talking about. #OriginalContent  like this is surely gonna get shared by me. 
Johanna W's profile photomeet patel's profile photo
I want to do this one day!! 
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Mike Pugh

B-Ball Community  - 
A new Series is on the way folks - Basketball Hoop it Up Series
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Mike Pugh

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Lovely photos and blog post by a good friend of mine. Feel free to check it out and pay it forward for her. Photography by Leigh Goessl
Leigh Goessl's profile photoMike Pugh's profile photo
You're welcome
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Mike Pugh

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A beautiful Elephant photo. I'm sharing from the super cool Weare8 social network. Enjoy!
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Mike Pugh

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This looks like a winning team! 
I wanna join them, hopefully they accept my special request to tag along. I know I got the +Basketball Skillz needed to help them win a championship. Go #TSU   #Ballers  bring home a victory!!

You dudes must kick ass out there on Asphalt Green.
We won tonight 65-55 , now we 1-1 in the summer league 🏀🏀🏀 @urbano @Sebastian @TsucoJemell
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Mike Pugh

Motivation & Inspiration  - 
For true #ballers who got that True love for the Game! of #Basketball "Dedication & Determination to continuously Improve!"
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Mike Pugh

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TSU Secrets has arrived folks! A new series out on #TSUNIVERSE
This new blog series is set out to help people new to the #TSU social networking community to learn how to succeed. It will be covering what to avoid from doing there, and so new and old members can achieve true network growth potential rather than get their accounts banned or end up becoming inactive or uninterested.
I would like to say thanks for giving this post a good look. TSU Secrets is a educational series to help new TSU members to keep their accounts and to
Nicole Franklin's profile photo
Thanks for the info! Just joined three weeks ago. Hope to find you there.
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Mike Pugh

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Had to share this one, wow!!
Johanna W's profile photo
Thats insane and very creative!!!
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Mike Pugh

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Had to re share this lovely poem, if you choose to read it. More than likely you'll also be compelled to do the same. Enjoy!
The Precipice to Change~

At the precipice

Upon the brink


Manifest Destiny’s promise
Exposed as Sagan’s speck

Technology’s promise
A dim flicker
Gifted to the fearful, unethical, and deluded

Effective communication for uniting diverse creative vision
Ending slavery to ritual and tradition

Humanity’s cooperation fit for survival of all earth’s species
Appreciation accountability of care

We are all insane here
Pointing to one another’s insanity

Seeking redemption from ourselves
Through finding fault in others
While wishing for deliverance

Attempting to prevent what fear imagines 
Apocalypse a vain imagination

Limited scope puzzling profound spectrum
Losing sight of one’s arrangement within the larger unknown

Largess yearning for immortality 
Fearing it none the less

Event horizons limited memory makes traveling a burden
Upon land mined roads of emotional reactions

It is in this free fall 

Flight’s hopeful possibility 
Desperation’s frightful probability

Humanity’s choice takes wing

To hug the dirt
Or Kiss the sky~

© Kelley White 2014
Photo via Extreme Sport~
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