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Mike Prigodich
MELZ, PRIGODICH, ERSKINE GROUP (MPEG) featuring Damian Erskine (bass), Reinhardt Melz (drums), Mike Prigodich (keyboards).
MELZ, PRIGODICH, ERSKINE GROUP (MPEG) featuring Damian Erskine (bass), Reinhardt Melz (drums), Mike Prigodich (keyboards).

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Thursday, March 24, 2016 - 7:30pm - 10:00pm
The Jazz Station, 124 W. Broadway, Eugene, OR
Mike Prigodich Quartet presents: "Adventures In Music"
A Live Concert Of Original Jazz Fusion Compositions
Featuring: Mike Prigodich (piano), Damian Erskine (bass), Reinhardt Melz (drums), Joe Manis (sax)
all ages
$12 general admission, $9 students/members

Keyboardist Mike Prigodich’s jazz fusion compositions attract attention from many upper-echelon national artists. His original compositions combine jazz with influences from many other genres and regions of the world. Mike leads the Melz/Prigodich/Erskine Group (MPEG) with master drummer Reinhardt Melz, and bass virtuoso Damian Erskine. Together they create some of the best jazz fusion being played anywhere in the world! This performance will also feature guest saxophonist Joe Manis.

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Tonight! Hope to see you there.
"Wonderful. Beautiful. Really great. Wow, Mike. Great writing, man." -- Chick Corea
"Very cool Mike!! Love the bridge and the keyboard solo. You can definitely play!!" -- Steve Porcaro (Toto, Michael Jackson)
"Fantastic work by all! Great writing and playing. Well done! Great sounds too." -- Todd Sucherman (Styx)
"Prigodich speaks a musical language all his own, one born of a voice that elevates his instrument far beyond its realm into one where mystery and magic meet." -- All About Jazz
"I knew this guy was up to something; what a great disc! Beautifully written and played with passion and intensity by an excellent band. This is one of those CDs that you want to hear again as soon as it's finished. Bravo Mike!" -- George Whitty (Brecker Brothers)

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If you're in the Portland area this Thursday night, come see this performance. We'd love to see you there. Invite your friends and family to this all ages concert. This will be a fun reunion after a nearly two year hiatus.

Mike Prigodich Quartet presents: "Adventures In Music" -- A Live Concert Of Original Jazz Fusion Compositions
Thursday, February 18, 2016 - 7:00pm - 9:00pm at West Hills Covenant Church, 5815 SW Gillcrest Ct, Portland, OR
Featuring: Mike Prigodich (piano), John Nastos (sax), Damian Erskine (bass), Reinhardt Melz (drums)
all ages
$10 suggested donation

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OK, Apple people. I admit that iOS + Siri is way better than Android + Google Now when it comes to a seemingly simple thing like "Play Next Song". I got a Samsung Galaxy S5 that has Car Mode that worked great for 2 days if I said "Hey Galaxy" and then mysteriously stopped being able to recognize voice commands (though S Voice works fine) -- can't connect to server no matter what I try. So I switched to the Car Dashdroid app that can use S-Voice, but you have to press a button to activate the mic to hear your voice. I want hands-free operation. So it also supports Google Now which allows you to say "OK Google" to wake it up. Works great, and I can say "Play Music" and it launches Google Play. Great. But if I say "OK Google. Next Song", it stupidly does a Google search on an R&B band called "Next" and then launches Google Play Radio (disabling my "downloaded only" setting) to play a song by "Next" instead of just playing the next song in my offline music library. So I found a few apps that you can use to automate stuff that integrate with Google Now though the first one I tried had an annoying glitch that repeatedly switched songs in a tight infinite loop. But I finally found an app called "Automate" and found a macro that intercepts "Next Song" and actually plays the next song in Google Play Music (though Google Now still stupidly executes a search on "Next Song" in the background). But at least I can now do the same thing that Apple Siri users can do and "simply" play the next song through hands-free voice commands. Sheez, Google and Samsung! How hard can it be to make this simple task work reliably and properly the way normal people expect it to work? If you search Google for "OK Google Next Song", you'll find tons of people just as frustrated as me trying to accomplish this seemingly simple task! facepalm

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Just read this headline. READ THIS HEADLINE. Is Business Insider implying that music should NOT be paid for? This article is frightening. I'll be impressed if you can make it half of the way through without getting nauseous.
"The one thing people in the music business all agree on is their love of vinyl. They love how it sounded and how it presented their work inside huge picture sleeves.
They also love how it made money.
In the vinyl era, you had to pay to hear a piece of recorded music. Tape cassettes let you copy an album for free, but taping was so laborious that it didn't really dent music sales. Nonetheless, the music business launched a legal and lobbying campaign against tapes, called "Keep Music Live."
Labels and musicians loved it. They got rich."
From reading the comments below this article and many others like it, I'm noticing that, increasingly as time goes on, people genuinely believe that musicians and labels are stinking rich and that music shouldn't be paid for. For me, this isn't about Apple, and it's not about purism. It has nothing to do with vinyl. It's about the fundamental worth of music. And the truth is that although we don't make music to make money, if we don't have the latter, we all lose the former. Together.
Please. Please. Please. If you like art, buy it. Otherwise, the next generation's Jimi Hendrix could end up being the guy who serves you your next latte for $3.99. Chances are you won't have the option of taking it home for free.
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