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Very well said. If you haven't checked out Path, download it now.
+Path is my current obsession. Why? Because it makes sense. The design is awesome and I find that the way that Path wants us to use it gets me what I want from a mobile social experience. The people in my Path are people I care about and want to know more about and hopefully they feel the same way about me. If I want more, I can post to +Twitter Facebook +tumblr +foursquare effortlessly and I am ridiculously excited about the Nike Fuelband integration.

I recently sat down with +Dave Morin (the article is worth clicking on even if just to get a closer look at their epic conference table) to discuss his plans for the app and more.
I hear from people all the time that Path is incredibly cool looking, but that it is not for them because their friends are not on the application. I have a bit of a different philosophy. Users who li...
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I totally understand but check out that article. I loved this part of the post: "Users who like the concept of Path should just start using it to do their life journaling. The app is incredibly versatile and can be your means to publish content to twitter, Facebook, foursquare and even Tumblr and it makes a very cool timeline that can quickly remind you of all of your adventures. Create all of your mobile content on Path, push it to other networks when you feel it is appropriate, but make Path the hub of your mobile content universe. Do this even if you do not have any friends on Path."
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