there's a new update to randm solo, now v0.9.5. engines added: +Kenny Norris Fate Solo, +Nathan Russell's Freeform Universal with support for the optional doubles rules if you like. I noticed my dice parser might not have standard notation for fate dice -- use "#4f#" instead of "#4dF#" to roll 4 fate die for example.

one notable feature addition: the 'prep blog post' button. it will take the results and attempt to format them nicely for a blog and stuff, brief instructions are in the in the 'help' section. I'm beta testing this, and I wanted to get this feature out before I start posting solo logs to the blog.

the freeform universal 'spend FU' button layout has a bug that I'll fix... later.
possibly much later, it's time to start playing instead of coding :D
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