A new release of my GME/random table tool, the main notable feature is the inclusion of the question engine from Scarlet Heroes.
I have another new release of the tool I use for GM emulation and random tables/oracles -- RanDM Solo is up to v0.9.2. The only notable additions for this minor release:

* the quashing of a foul math problem error when using mythic and achieving "exceptional no" results that resulted in too many "no" results being exceptional.
* the addition of the solo question engine from Scarlet Heroes
* splitting off the development stuff into a separate page
* reorganizing and revising the help text.
* defaulting to the local DB save and load using localforage

the main known bug that I'm aware of is the auto-loading of local browser save results in a bunch of sections reading "undefined" after the first load, though that's a fairly long-standing bug. Offline app / tablet functionality appears to work fine.

So as it stands, I have a total of 4 GME engines to choose from - Mythic, CRGE, CRGE-Kai, and Scarlet Heroes.

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