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I'm really getting into Google Music. I think I'm about halfway through uploading all my CDs (I've ripped 140 so far), and being able to listen to all my music almost anywhere is #awesome.

However, the one place I would want to listen to my music most, but can't, is on my entertainment center. I expected to be able to visit with my PS3's browser, but sadly that DOESN'T WORK. How can I get around this so that I can listen to my Google Music with my PS3? I'm looking for a solution that is 1) easy to implement, 2) easy to use from the PS3, and 3) free, preferably.
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My only complaint about it is that they don't have a native iPad app. Their mobile web app is nice, but kind of unreliable, probably through no fault of Google, but because of sketchy HTML 5 audio in Safari.
Thanks, Mike, I'll check that out.
I've been using gMusic on my iPad for the last few hours, and it's great! It improves on all of the annoyances in Google's web app.
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