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Builder of WordPress websites that work!
WordPress developer, Facebook developer, HD Video Production
  • WordPress Sites that work!
    Builder of websites that work!, 2001 - present
    Building WordPress site that work, Facebook Apps for Pages and cool tech stuff.
Basic Information
November 16
I build custom Facebook Apps & Wordpress Blogs

I build custom Facebook Apps for Welcome Tabs and Ad Campaigns, Wordpress blogs, shoot and produce HD Video.  

Hit me up at (925) 456-4567

More?  Mike is…

The Guy: That “social media experts” turn to when they have a problem or question.

Television: Frequent interviews on evening news and morning financial shows.

Radio: Host on “Social Media Edge” and “the M files

Print: More than 40 articles published in Reuters News and the Chicago Sun Times Family.

Writer: San Francisco Examiner (nationally syndicated), BusinessWeek ExchangeThe Arizona Association of REALTORS®

Honored: To have included in Alltop and the AdvertisingAge Power 150.

Listed: In Stefan Swanepoel’s Real Estate Trends Report 2009 (Social Media), Dustin Luther’s 50 most influential people on  Twitter,’s 100 Influencers List. Stefan Swanepoel's Power 200 (#5 in Social Media) 2014

Quoted: Interviewed and quoted for articles in BankRate, Scripps, the San Jose Mercury News and others, including the Front Page of The Wall Street Journal.

Awarded: one of the Top 20 Bloggers in 2007, Winner of the MTO Video Blogging Contest.

Blogger: Blogger since 2001 (really)

Featured Speaker: at Inman ConnectAgentRebootAchieve 2010, REBlogWorldLas Vegas, REBarCamp/LynchburgREBarCamp/SeattleFlorida Association of Realtors State ConventionAchieve 2010Real Estate tech South (RETSO)

References: I am deeply humbled by what these wonderful people have said.

Other: Mike is One Crazy Cat who must be followed? Really? mikecrazycat.mp3

Cringes: At the mention of the word “Social Media Guru” or “Ninja” (really).

Mike is a former Mortgage Banker, Mortgage Broker turned “Tech Geek” who specializes in Social Media. He is a builder of engaging Custom Facebook Business Pages and WordPress blogs.

Mike writes, a blog dealing with social media and technology as it pertains towards real estate. He publishes articles in the San Francisco Examiner and the BusinessWeek Exchange.  AreWeConnected is listed in Alltop and ranked by AdAge.  He has been interviewed and quoted in articles for BankRate, Scripps, the San Jose Mercury News and others, (including the front page of The Wall Street Journal for writing mortgage related Haikus).

Bragging rights
Hockey, F1, Beer, Wine and Motorcycle freak too!
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Walnut Creek, CA
Prudhoe Bay, Alaska
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925 456-4567


Mike Mueller

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Your site has broken links. Google doesn't like it and neither does your readers. Here's a quick and almost painless way to fix that.
Your site has a lot of links. Google looks down on your site when you have broken links. Here's a plugin that'll make both your readers and Google happy.
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Broken link checker for WordPress. The end.
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Mike Mueller

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Day 3 of my new motorcycle blog.
I'm on a roll.
Seat height of the KLR is pretty tall right out of the box. Add a bunch of weight and a wider Corbin saddle and it becomes a little 'taller'.   Which is why Tom lowered his a bit (in the rear shock...
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Mike Mueller

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Just completed the remodel of - here's what we did and how it all happened.
Rebecca already had a site, what she needed was to make changes to the design, add calls to action and create new forms. We created a list and then made the site look and work the way she wanted it to.
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Mike Mueller

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Mise en place means everything in it’s place. You see it all the time on cooking shows. Here's how I use it in my business. Do you use it in yours?
When it came to get 'cooking' on their website I found myself scrambling all over my digital pantry looking for the missing ingredients. Not any more. Now, everything will be in it's place!
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Mike Mueller

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I don't LastPass (or Roboform) but if you do, you've heard about the security breech right? Here's what you need to change and maybe a better way to do it moving forward.
You either use a service like LastPass or you use the same password for all your logins. Either way you might want to think about changing your password to something more secure.
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Love lastpass!
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Mike Mueller

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It took me forever but I finally got around to asking the ever fabulous Dana Moos my 5ive Questions. Chef, Photographer, Author, Real Estate Agent and Inn Keeper... How does she do it all? Check it out!
It took long enough but I finally got around to asking Dana Moos 5ive Questions. She's a non stop dynamo of great content and very successful at what she does. How does she do it all? Check out her answers!
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Mike Mueller

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Day 3: we're in Zion. Hiked up Angel's Landing.
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Mike Mueller

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For years I was stuck with a horrible Facebook Title on my Page. Someone asked if I could change there's and that's when this happened...
Sharon asked, and I was just about to say, "Nope. you're screwed". Luckily I looked first. Here's how you can change your Facebook Page Title to something better.
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Lesley Lambert is changing hers
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Mike Mueller

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One of the best plugins for video may be on your site - it created a wonderful page and you really could "set it and forget it". You might want to go check that now, it's probably broken. Here's why and how to fix it.
TubePress was a fabulous plugin! Are you now getting an error on your page where TubePress should be working? Here's why and how to fix it. (there's a free version and a not so free version)
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Mike Mueller

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I had a few people ask, "What the heck is CSS" so I thought it would be perfect topic for this "Question of the Week" Episode. Most every website today is made up of a combination of code (in WP that's .php) some scripts, some html, and CSS to create what you see. But what is CSS and how does it work?
I had a few people ask, "What the heck is CSS" so I thought it would be perfect topic for this "Question of the Week" Episode. Most every website today is made up of a combination of code (in WP that's .php) some scripts, some html, and CSS to make it all look pretty.
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It's a big player ( There are a couple of competitors but not too many.
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Mike Mueller

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So I recorded the video, and as I was riding home I realized that I completely got one of +Jay Valento's questions wrong. (I totally suck!) Luckily, it's also a blog post so I fixed it. Phew!
Every Week I answer your questions. Sometimes I get it wrong. This week I tackle "What size font should I use on my blog posts?" and "How should I redirect a subdirectory I have on my website?"
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Mike Mueller

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The Santa Cruz Bronson. For around here you couldn't pick a better bike!
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Well, there is a 5 year warranty on the carbon frame, and the wheels carry a 10 year (carbon fiber too) so there's that. My original Tallboy (the yellow one) did develop a crack and was replaced with the new blue one very quickly.

I hadn't thought about the other stuff but that certainly explains why "Candy" knocks on my door every Friday. When I ask, Megan always says it was just somebody who had the wrong address.  Oh well. ;)
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Connecting with Content Marketing - Carole Sanek - The Social Butterfly ...

Connecting with content marketing is important as we leave the direct "buy me" mentality in branding and move into the need to be clever wit

Chasing the allure of Exposure | LinkedIn

I’m a member of a group on Linkedin aptly titled, “Writing on Linkedin” and while I’ve participated in a few discussions I am following one

Tour of California Tracker

Follow the 2014 Amgen Tour of California with the official mobile application, the Amgen Tour of California Tour Tracker. The Tour Tracker c

Mike Mueller

Sometimes there are videos that you just don't want to share with the world. Here's the three privacy settings you have in YouTube and what

Mike Mueller

"I want to use COMIC SANS everywhere on my website" - said nobody ever. But what if there was a particular font you wanted your site to use?

Mike Mueller

Quit searching Craigslist and make new posts come to you instead... Automatically! Here's how.

Adoptable Malamute of the Day - Sugar - Howl More Bark Less!

Sugar is a BIG malamute mix who, at only 9 months weighs 76 pounds. So appropriately named, Sugar is so sweet, gentle, playful and beautiful

Mike Mueller

Last Saturday was my birthday. I'm now 54 years old. I've never been ashamed of my age, never shied away from a party, and always appreciate

Mike Mueller

If you are facilitating a session and doing most of the speaking... STOP! You are doing it wrong.

Team HowlMore needs your donation, here's what's in it for you

My dad shot this video yesterday. He's a lousy mountaint biker but he's got mad tech skillz. He's happy to do work for free if you donate to

Tasks Free

Tasks brings the full Google Tasks experience to Android. * Sync with Google Tasks at the core * Sync with Google Tasks is not just another

Mike Mueller

Few people know that I also build apps for Facebook Ads These squeeze page apps are quick and get response. Buy one or as many as you think

Mike Mueller

There's a buzz about Twitter Analytics today and getting your website verified. It's really simple. Here's an easy tutorial and how to video

Mike Mueller

Crash Test Dummy or Guinea Pig? When it comes to beta testing things, I'm always a sucker. I'm testing the new Facebook Android App. Wish me

Hello world! - Guys Talking Tech

These are not the droids you are looking for...

So long, video responses... Next up: better ways to connect

Helping you connect with your fans is extremely important for you and for us. This includes replacing little-used features with better ones.

Did you hear that? - Howl More Bark Less!

Yes, we dogs have super powers when it comes to the smallest rustle of the food bag no matter how stealthy Mom and Dad try to be. But, when

Winnie and Rhonda do it right! Highly recommend them. :)
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