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What REALLY happened at Stonehenge! LOLOL
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Nice one!!!
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Prehistoric angry birds :)
I'm pretty sure the same happened with dinosaurs. It must have been a very big&angry bird from outer space that hit Earth.
About YouTube Link is EPIC! It's a hysterical ( Unplanned? ) Ballad to Stonehenge!
I absolutely despise that so called "game". Still funny though.
die pigs ......D-I-E!!!!!! grins
Ama B
Hahahaha dats funny
Shared this with my boss's boss because she's a big Angry Birds fan.
Yeah. What really happened? lol
That is pure awesome! I always thought Stonehenge was built by aliens! 
wouldnt you need a bomb-bird, egg-dropping bird or a super red bird to destroy stone walls? i dont think the standard angry red bird would cut it.
got to rethink history now. okay stonehedge, big bang,oh what the fuck who cares
XD that explains everything!
The day people shut up about Angry Birds is the day I can die happy.
kill two birds with one stone has been replaced with kill two pigs with one bird
I +1'd this mainly to spite the other guy
Sorry someone stole this post...

Great picture you have there!
Even funnier; there really is a pig farm nearby to Stonehenge!!
who dosent like angry birds so awesomeness
the mystery has been solved lol
I think I am the only one that finds Angry Birds extremely annoying... lol- Wish there was a way to filter the popular posts so I wouldn't have to see posts I rather not see :P
Jay M.
Lolololololololololo! Now thats funny!
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