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We ask for YouTube to give us the Channel Names being Unsubscribed! That is NOT Unreasonable. Those Subscriber Channel names are OPEN to us now anyway.!* +Margaret Healy
YouTube INSISTS that not ONE SINGLE SUBSCRIBER Removed in error! Thats easy to verify. Just send me and each partner a spreadsheet of ALL Un-subscriptions! . . . We ARE "Partners" . . after all. . . . One Partner of course would be Transparant to the OTHER Partner.
THIS SCREEN CAP represents the 2-3pm Hour Un-subscriptions ONLY. The YouTube Un-Subscribing Bloodbath Continues!
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They really must not like him much. Not making bookoo bucks enough for google and his ratings are so low is he?
A Spreadsheet or just a Text List is fine! Just to put an end to all this silliness. This is a perfectly legitimate request.
+Michael Mozart I have made a program that can generate a list of all the accounts that have unsubscribed from a user's own channel. Perhaps you'd find it useful?
Here is a link to the program I have made:

Hopefully this helps you. The program is made in Java and is just under 200 lines of code.

There is a readme file with instructions on how the program works.

I tried to make the program as simple to use as possible.

Edit: There is one thing I have not thought about though... (Since I only have 15 subscribers.) It is possible that the program would have to be modified if you can't get all the subscribers listed on one single page. (Step 2 in the readme file.)
I have a mac computer. I'm not too savvy. You can become Famous if you make this work.
+Mohamed Mansour Can you look at this for me?
+Michael Mozart I have made this in Java specifically so it work on any computer (Windows, Mac, Linux).

Basically, Java doesn't produce native binary files. Instead, it produces files that can be executed by the Java virtual machine which I believe is installed by default on macs.
Then one can research on how to make it work. Though it does take some time to look up info online.
Just to clarify, with the way YouTube works, you can get a list of your subscribers here:[ PutYourUserNameHere ]/subscribers

What my program does is it parses that page and generates a file with a list of all the subscribers listed on that page (At the current time). By waiting a few hours, you can then generate a second list. The program then compares the two lists and generates a last list with all the subscribers that are missing from [list 2] based on [list 1].

The page above can only be seen by the person owning the channel, which is why I cannot make a list of your channel's subscribers on my own.

Right now, the program can only parse a single page since on my channel, I only have a single page worth of subscribers. (I can't test with more than that.) (This is assuming YouTube puts the users on multiple pages. If it doesn't then there is no problem with my program.)
Did anyone try the program? Were the instructions easy enough to follow? Did it work correctly?
+Jean-David Moisan We are scared to open it. Your Profile is black, we never saw you before here commenting. Do you see our concern.
I do see your concern. I can open source the program if you want to see the source code. It's not the algorithm of the century.
Sorry for double posting...

You can now find the project here:

The whole source code is contained in two files which can be examined here:

The readme file can be seen here:

Any programmer can now verify what I have done and say whether I was legit or not. Those files have not been modified since I have packaged them in the post above.
I will soon add an other download link directly in the project page. DONE

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Edit: I know that my algorithm is not the most perfect one. It took me about 30 - 45 minutes to code the whole thing yesterday. If I put more time in this project, the code would look better, but it works for now.
I only have 14 at the moment so I wouldn't need this program myself.
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