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Amazing Hair and Beard Trim . . . LOL
Viral Video of +Tom Offer-Westort filmed by +Peter Simon
First appearing as this Vimeo Viral Video called "Trim"
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Isn't this Amazing? It was fun to find out that the Subject , and that the Hair trim-ee was here on Google+. He doesn't seem to be posting here, as he's out enjoying life boating or exploring somewhere!
About 4 months ago when this gif first made the rounds on Google+ it was either small and poor quality or too big to Auto-play here. I'm glad that I stumbled upon this Mid-size version in sharp quality!
The video is actually in reverse of the Hair trimming process which worked out great. Most of these type of Beard / Haircut videos go Hair to Bald!
You can actually see the hair trimmings on his right shoulder during part of the process. :)
I would prefer going the other way: longer beard, longer hair. No way anyone's gonna shear me...
Hey! Thanks for the post! We had a lot of fun making this video and were completely surprised by how fast and far it went around the internet.
+Peter Simon I had a lot of fun researching the history to make this posting! I was Shocked to find out that both you and +Tom Offer-Westort were both on Google+ but I wasn't surprised that Tom had never posted! They don't have laptops in Canoes!
+Michael Mozart , Yeah, Tom has been in Hawaii producing a play the last 3 months. Now he is planning a trip to Eygpt in the spring. In the meantime, he is living out of a sailboat. I'm not joking when I say he is an adventurer.
You gotta read the comments about 5 back! The original Photographer talks about the Adventures of the " Hair Cut Star "
my spikes are better than your!!!!!!!!!beat that!!!!!!!!!!
Hey, Tom and Peter . . I just embedded your video as user NewsMan in a page at (that's my user's index there), and assigned it to the categories and . (I think I'll go back and add another category: .) It took me about 3 minutes to grab the embed from Vimeo, click into Page Creation at (aka: also known as - it has lots of names, the shortest being ) . . . review and delete the upper instuctions, substitute the Vimeo embed for the sample player in the player div, edit out the lower instructions on the Page Creation page, put my cursor in a data box (not a text area, but a shorter data field), and click Enter to send off the page. Done. So now its . How did you ever get all that hair on so quickly? Interesting . . . Thanks, Rich
If only I could do that in real life!
It shows you cannot trust movies online at all. They can be tricked so easily nowadays...
oh this is whats going to happen @ Occupy Wall Street OWS , hahah
Hey folks. I'm glad to see people enjoying the video.

The whole project was Petey Boy's idea. He thought it up, shot it, picked the music, edited it all together, and posted it. His wife, Abby, contributed a number of ideas and did the haircutting. All I did was shave.

The original video on Vimeo has music performed by a great band called "Mr. Pumpkinpants and the Manatee Burnouts." Sadly, I think that band no longer exists. Here are the links for the individual musicians involved though:

Paul Otteson:
Laura Schultz:
Joe Briggs:
+Tom Offer-Westort Thanks for Adding me on Google+ Post more Pictures in your Stream! You must have an exciting life!
PS +Tom Offer-Westort Your Haircut Video has been in the Top Ten Most popular Posts ALL DAY! It still is at Number 8 Right now out of 40,000,000 Google Plus Users!
From a mohican to an Irish warrior :P
+Peter Simon LOOK, Tom is Commenting! It must be like Gillian's island when the professor would make thinks like telephones out of Coconuts! ( For my Readers, Tom, the guy getting the haircut, is now in Hawaii! )
Guy looks just like Jax from Sons of Anarchy.
I vote this chap the Movember champion of all time! :-)
Awesome clip.
There`s an effort to make a scene like that nice post
Meu irmão é totalmente careca, seria maravilhoso passar a mão na careca e nascer cabelo rsrsrsrssr (Adorei)
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