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JeepersMedia on YouTube 400,000 Subscribers to FAIL TOY Reviews!
JeepersMedia on YouTube 400,000 Subscribers to FAIL TOY Reviews!


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Uncle Scrooge McDuck Tipping Hat! FINISHED Artwork Street Art Graffiti Style Painting on a carefully prepared realistic DEEPLY textured brick surface permanently applied to a Highest Quality Studio 4 X 5ft Canvas by me, Mike Mozart! Artwork is Signed "MiMo" for Me! "MI"ke "Mo"zart AND with full script signature and date.

Lots More posted on my MikeMozart Instagram!
Golden Brand Acrylic Paint and my own "Secret Paint Additives" to paint directly onto an absolutely realistic, very deeply textured, brick face canvas is lightweight, permanent, and hangs exactly like a regular painting! I'm a street artist from way back in the 70's before Graffiti was considered art! I became a Professional Illustrator and Product Designer in the 1980's and have illustrated over 100 licensed Kids Books with Disney, Warner, Ninja Turtles, And dozens more! ( I'm posting 100's on Instagram, Go back a couple weeks and see some Disney Licensed Artwork I Created) I've designed literally hundreds of toys and consumer products from 1981 until today! I've appeared 100's of times on QVC and HSN as a Product Pitchman, selling over 50 products that I created! Now, I'm creating new Street Art paintings with my decades of Professional Illustration experience! I've travelled the world for my design work! I'm best known for my YouTube Channels, JeepersMedia, and TheToyChannel which have more that 700,000 subscribers and Over a Quarter Billion Views!
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Mimo Mike Mozart Uncle Scrooge McDuck Street Art
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Retro Tech! 1990 Electronic King James Bible by Franklin, Just $199.99! From the David Weis Catalog 1990-1991,
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Radio Shack 1988 Fond Memories! From Mike Mozart's collection of 100,000+ Catalogs!
Radio Shack 1988
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WONDERFUL Article about my 50,000 + Creative Commons Pictures on Flickr on +Pixable +Pixable Admin by +Natalie Krawczyk 

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Lobster Ice Cream?
The creators of "Moose Tracks Ice Cream" now make "Lobster Tracks Ice Cream"!!
It actually doesn't include lobster anymore than "Moose Tracks" contain moose!
The Little Cups mixed in have a red Candy shell.
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Coca Cola "Share a Coke" Promotional Displays have begun to appear in the USA after introduction in Europe. Over 250 of the most common names randomly appear on Coca Cola Bottles this summer! This Display at Target! #ShareACoke #CocaCola
Coca Cola Share a Coke Promotion 2014
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Rarest Disney Pixar Cars Collectible EVER! Kellogg's Retailer Preview special promotional cars set made more than a year before the first Cars movie premiered in 2006.

This is so early, the artwork for the package, book and actual prototype pull and release Cereal Box cars is "Off Model".

Kellogg's made a handful of these to give to buyers at Walmart, Target, the Big Grocery store chains, and pharmacy chain stores.

This is the only surviving sample that I'm aware of. Kellogg's likely has a sample or two.

The set of six, "Pull and Release Cars" are similar to the final cereal box premiums. But are not identical.

I have uploaded 125 detailed pictures to my flicker Creative Commons attribution.
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NEW! Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Oreo Cookies with Chocolate and Peanut Butter Crème inside! At Target stores and other retailers until August! These Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Oreo cookies are a very limited special edition and taste Wonderful!
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My Zeiss Ikon Contax lllA 35mm Rangefinder Camera with full flash sync and Late Production Chromate Yellow 50th of a Second marking. From the Collection of Mike Mozart of TheToyChannel and JeepersMedia on YouTube. Contax 3A NOTE: All these Pictures are Creative Commons Attribution! Lots of Cameras being posted on my Flickr too!
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My 1955 Stylophot "Private Eye" Spy Camera! This rare vintage subminiature camera was a real concealable camera used by Spies! Made in Paris France by SECAM they cost 65 - 150 dollars each THEN!

The Stylophot "Private Eye" took 10mm X 10mm pictures on 16mm film that was wound into tiny cassettes! Note the Pen Clip on the Side. These Pictures are Creative Commons Attribution! More pics of this camera are available on my Flickr
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