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Google Apps for Business Certified Consultant (GACI)
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The Google Apps Dude
The Google Apps Dude for Business (GAFB) IT Cloud Solutions
Save money, increase sales and improve efficiency with Google Apps for Business.

Many research studies including “Impact of GAFB” and "Meetings Around The World" have proven that with proper planning and implementation, including training and support these new cloud-related collaboration tools are having two to five times the impact on a company's overall sales than in pursuing new or external market opportunities.

The end results include enhanced operations, (improving the efficiency of existing work flows, processes and/or by replacing outdated methods) having a direct, immediate, and long-term impact on any small, mid-sized or global operation and if made public the success or lack of implementation could indirectly affect the market value of any publicly held entity.

Mike Morris, "The Google Apps Dude" is a Google Apps Partner & Certified Consultant" (GACI) offering assistance to IT staff, business owners and managers who plan in servicing their own in-house deployment to Google Apps.

Mike can also help in drafting your customized deployment template, manage, provision, migrate, train, support and/or customize a new or existing deployment to Google Apps for Business, Government and Education including preferred or required add-ins from the Google Apps Marketplace with or without ChromeBooks, IOS or Android Phones or Tablets.

Mr. Morris is also a full-service Google Apps Solutions Provider, offering services remotely or onsite to assist by utilizing your existing resources, manage, provision, migrate and/or customize a new or existing deployment to Google Apps for Business (GAFB) or Google Apps for Government (GAFG).

After receiving a Free Consultation you may then decide to go directly to a assessment and evaluation of your existing IT resources, providing you and your decision-making team an in-depth hands-on experience on how moving to Google Apps will benefit your organization. 

Click here if you are interested in Google Apps and want to receive a special bundled offer from both Google and its partner "The Google Apps Dude" that provides your organization with a free trial to Google Apps, $10 off per user from Google and a free Professional Introduction to Google Apps.

Any questions call (312) 945-8544 The free presentation is only available to organizations migrating 10 or more users to Google Apps.

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Chicago, IL
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(312) 945-8544
Chicago, IL 60631
Gurnee, Ill 60031


Mike Morris

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Carly Fiorina is being kept off the debate stage tonight. Earlier this week Carly beat Gov. Kasich and Gov. Christie, Gov. Huckabee and Sen. Santorum in Iowa, she…
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Mike Morris

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How do I convert calendar event text showing time event begins to display 12:00 PM time instead of 24:00
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Don't think he made that code yet
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Mike Morris

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Looks great but in the video you said the company that makes the glove is a Korean based company. So what's with the American flag on the glove. You better rethink that idea before it destroys your brand.

Mike Morris

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If you are interested in Google Apps for Business and want to receive a special bundled offer from both Google and its partner "The Google Apps Dude" that will provide your organization with a free trial to Google Apps, $10 off per user from Google and a free Professional Introduction to Google Apps. 
The Google Apps Dude provides assistance to IT pros and small businesses who plan to service their own in-house deployment to Google Apps.
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Mike Morris

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Questions In The Wake:

Is this not a wake up call to modern man?

Here we all are using the most advanced technology, easy to use social media apps, most affordable accessible devices ever made available to man and we have absolutely no idea, while investing billions of dollars of the most advanced technology and equipment, "only available and affordable to wealthy countries", where on this satalite infested planet, the most advanced high tech commercial plane carrying 239 people, "of whom are almost all wearing high tech GPS traceable devices" has laid to rest, after three weeks of intense searching of historical proportions.

Has our most advanced technology really been put forth for the common good of mankind?

And are we really.... technologically there yet?
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Mike Morris

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This is the biggest most important upgrade not only to Google Apps but to cloud biz apps in general.
Meet the new Google Sheets
Google Sheets has been rebuilt from the ground up. It's faster, supports larger spreadsheets, has a number of new features, and works offline. Try it out at ...
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Mike Morris

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google-apps-image. Since Google launched Google Apps in 2006, there's been considerable growth and adoption of the suite. The last reported numbers state that there are over 5 million organizations on Google Apps with 50 million users and it seems like more organizations go Google everyday – in ...
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Mike Morris

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Hello everyone,

My daughter Katie #22 and I would appreciate your help. The Wave 14u Girls Softball Team says: Get Your Super Bowl Squares Here! Purchase your squares here online. $25 per square $200 payout each Qtr, last Qtr payout $400. Click link below to sign up to play and join our private pool using: Wave14Silver. Please add my daughters jersey number #22 in your user name you create when joining to expedite any payouts.

Thank you for your support and I hope you win some squares. Please feel free to share this post.
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Mike Morris

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If you like stories from the old neighborhood along with some real horror then look no further. My old friend Dave Ghilardi (actor, writer) has some sleepless nights in store for you.
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Mike Morris

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I was able to save residential and small biz clients at least $1000 a piece in just over 12 months in moving their land line or mobile phones to Google Voice using a Google Apps or free Gmail account.

This move not only saved or eliminated fees on client's phone bills but provided them more functionality including a unlimited call blocking feature and the ability to answer there home phones from their mobile phones.

Google Voice is only one example on how moving to or using Google products can save you money. There are many apps in Google Apps suite that can not only save you and/or your company big money every year but open up new markets using the cloud. has you covered.
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Mike Morris

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Subscribe to my YouTube channel to receive new Google Apps for Business (GAFB) tips and tricks that will make your job and life a whole allot easier.
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