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Excellent compare & contrast of subtle but important differences between Erlang processes and ZeroMQ message queues.

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Wow.  Finally taking a look at Parse.  It looks AMAZING.

Makes back-end stuff just ridiculously easy.

* In the browser, make a new project

* Add a new "class", which you should basically think of as being like a  "table" in a SQL database

* Add columns if desired (but actually the data is all free-form)

* I downloaded their standard template for a JavaScript app; then I plugged in an app id and a javascript id (both of which were easy to find on the website)

* Run it.  With some very simple JS (using JSON for the actual data), it created an object on the server.  Voilà.  Using the web browser's data browser, I can see the row that was added.

* How about controlling login?  Super, super easy.  I created a class (again, basically a table) with the special type "User".  Then in the web browser's data browser, I manually added a user, with username "mike" and password "pass".  Then I copied that user's objectId to the clipboard...

Then, still in the web browser, I went over to the TestObject class (this is the class of object that was inserted by the sample script).  I changed that class's permissions for the "create" action to only be allowed by users I specify; then I pasted in the objectId of the "mike" user.

If I run the JS app now, it fails to create an object, as it should.  But by adding just another couple of lines of JS to log in as "mike", it was then able to create the object again.

In the long run, all this stuff is pretty routine; what is really awesome is that Parse makes it so damned easy.
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