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Mike Mearls
I'm a game geek who lucked in to running the Dungeons & Dragons R&D team.
I'm a game geek who lucked in to running the Dungeons & Dragons R&D team.


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Joined the legion of people who resolved to blog more regularly.

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Hey all - we're playing D&D to raise money for charity. If you sponsor me, you can either give my character free treasure or assign weird, bizarre, and amusing traits to his/her personality. Check it out.

After running one session, I've already cooked up a hack for the escalation die, stolen an idea from FATE (twice) and have a question about minis.

Escalation Dice
Rather than tie it to encounters, I think I'm going to use the escalation die as a per session/adventure measure of momentum. As the players ratchet up the stakes and their icon relationships come into play, the escalation die escalates.

On the other hand, shying away from challenges or being lame de-escalates the die.

Zones, whether from 4e or FATE seem a great tool for the game. I think FATE was where I saw this recommendation: list your zones on index cards, and clip them to your GM's screen facing the players. I'm planning on mapping them to the high end of impromptu damage to make them really worth chasing.

Using the index cards really helps call attention to those nifty options you've taken the time to add to an area. It's worked well for me.

Open Information
By the same token, I'm going to write down monster defenses on cards and hang them from my GM screen. 13th Age encourages open information sharing. I'm hoping this will also help speed up play, as players can just self-report hits and misses.

Finally, A Question
For people using minis and a grid, what advice do you have to get players to stop thinking in 5-foot increments? The biggest mistake I made in running the game was sticking too close to precise measurements. It slowed things down and didn't play to the game's strengths.

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Good Guy #wizardsofthecoast  sends Long Beach hurricane Sandy victim GM a holiday surprise!

My friend (and selfless weekly GM to so many since the 90's!) lost everything on his ground floor during Hurricane Sandy, including 20+ years of D&D rulebooks, supplements, adventures and novels.

As several feet of flood waters poured in, he chose to rescue precious items like his daughter's princess castle and his wife's sentimental treasures. His impressive #DnD  collection, on multiple giant bookcases, toppled over and were destroyed in minutes and needless to say he was dispirited. So I reached out to #wizardsofthecoast   to see if there was anything at all they could do to help us rebuild his collection (discounts, coupons, PDFs or anything). They said that maybe they could do something for him. Nobody expected this enormous box of Christmas cheer!!

Thank you Wizards! The day before this showed up he was telling me he'd lost the will to play or rebuild his collection. An hour after it arrived he was in good spirits and working on a new campaign :) This makes all the players in our groups feel good about supporting their company all these years. And we appreciate the older edition they thought to include! And sorry about the wall of text guys :)
D&D Christmas gift to Sandy Victim (3 photos)
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That's my head, speaking at you from the Youtubes. Guest starring my hands and a water bottle.
For those of you who missed the D&D Next hangout with Mike and Jeremy, do not fear! You can watch it all here!

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This Friday, November 9th at 11:30am PT, we're pleased to offer an online discussion with R&D's Mike Mearls and Jeremy Crawford over Google+ Hangout On Air. Now that the latest playtest packet has gone live, Mike and Jeremy will be covering all things D&D Next.

We will be asking Mike and Jeremy selected questions from the D&D community. If you have any D&D Next questions you feel our moderator should ask, simply add them to the comment field below.

You can watch the Google+ Hangout on Friday on our new Google+, here!
We appreciate your help and feedback -- and we'll see you at the Hangout!

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I've been playing a nifty PC game called FTL. Imagine if you played in a homebrew Traveler game that was mostly a sandbox and a GM who just let the dice fall where they may. That's FTL.
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