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Ok, little help Google+ers. I have a two hour layover to burn before I'm off to St Louis.

Where are the best eats here at DIA?
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If you're super hungry: Heidi's down in the Regional Jet facility on B Concourse (around gate B92ish)
AMAZING sandwiches (I'm a sucker for the Hell's Kitchen, but it's enough to feed me for two days lunch...)

I think my second choice would be the Chophouse Restaurant in the Center Core of A Concourse, Northeast side.

My third choice would be Wolfgang Pucks on the Mezzanine level of B Concourse.

Gimme a call 720-210-7931, and we'll #HIRL (Hangout in Real Life) for a bit!
If you're treated especially well or especially poorly by any security officers there, let me know and get their names if possible. My company does the security there, so a candid opinion is welcome. (Not TSA, we do the security. They'll have shoulder patches that say HSS on them)
Crap. +Joshua Hocieniec one was just really good with some advice. Big dude. Near the center food courtish area.

+Jonathon Barton good thing my next gate is down near the end of B. I'll have to catch you next time. Thanks!
I have nothing to add other than to say this post proves why G+ kicks ass. Nicely done, everyone. Glad the food situation worked out for you +Mike Meagan