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I tried LoveFilm's free trial today. A previous DVD delivery trial was abandoned very quickly due to their awful website. Now, the website is much better but to watch a film, silverlight needs to be installed. Tried three browsers - including the hated IE - and over an hour faffing about, before cancelling the trial again. Ho hum. 
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I really enjoy +LOVEFiLM actually. I don't use it on my laptop (pretty sure it won't work on my Chromebook), but it works perfectly fine on my PS3 and they're always quick with sending new discs to my flat.
I am glad for you +Martijn van der Meulen. I really wanted it to work for me too. Their website is so much better now - I gave up on the first trial before ever hiring a DVD because trawling through their website was so unpleasant. My wife thought I was being unreasonable, tried herself and was quickly exasperated. The streaming should just work - but silverlight, ffs? Shame, really.
They actually were quite transparent on their use of Silverlight. They sent an email and created a post on their website saying why they moved from Flash to Silverlight. They didn't really want to themselves, because it would mean that quite a few people would be excluded from watching films online. But the film publishers wanted them to use Silverlight, since Silverlight provided a better level of security. Not great for lovefilm or the end user, but still understandable.
+Tom Lee Yes, very much like Netflix - I will probably move to that when supported on the Chromebook

+Martijn van der Meulen Indeed - Chrome browser was the only one not supported, interestingly, being the most used.
Tom Lee
+Mike McLoughlin so far I'm happy with Netflix, streaming to my 55" flat screen. Flawless. However, NF movies selection can be a little outdated at times, but they do rotate the selection.
+Mike McLoughlin - I've been a LoveFilm member for years (with a break of about 9 months).  I like the service and they've been pretty good to me in the past.  Not really watched many streaming movies with them...but I suppose I would have been more likely to keep my account open if they had an Android app for streaming.

Ho hum.
Lovefilm actually told me that they're actively discussing streaming films over Android / iOS with the film publishers and told me to watch this space. Let's see.
If they were to do that, I may well re-open my account (again) on a streaming-only package.
It was actually one of my daughters that was trialling it and she thought, for 4.99/month she would be getting unlimited. She was shocked to see you still get charged per film on top of that - that was not made clear to her. Why not just charge per film as youtube do? Trial now canceled. 
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