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Mike McLoughlin
Hanging on by the skin of my teeth.
Hanging on by the skin of my teeth.

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"Login required" error - even though account authenticated


I have a script that successfully sets users' Gmail signatures - based on this:

The script uses an OAuth2 to authenticate and domain wide privileges with a service account.

The successful url is:' + emailForUrl

However, I need also to get/set vacation details and that is failing with "Login required". The url is:' + emailForUrl + '/settings/vacation/

The service account has sufficient scope:
Email (Read/Write)

Any pointers to what I am missing here would be gratefully received.

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Mind boggling.
Because free (as in beer) access to 1000 Tensor Processing Units, each of them able to perform 180 teraflops on 64 GB of memory, means a total of 180 quadrillion (that's 180 petaflops — 180 followed by 15 zeroes) floating-point operations per second, on 64 trillion bytes of memory, are available—free—to researchers.

How fast is 180 PFLOPS? It's as fast as every human being on the planet dividing about twenty million pairs of decimal numbers every second.

That means they can do a lot of math!

The recent Wannacry debacle affecting my beloved NHS fills me with despair. Such organisations are penny-pinchers ICT-wise and are ripe for conversion to Chrome devices. Perhaps this the straw that broke the proverbial to trigger such a move? Let's hope so as the status quo is not an option.

#chromebooksftw #everycloud 

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How to make your country look very, very silly.

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Let the fun begin...


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There are few who can match Neil deGrasse Tyson's razor-sharp clarity.

Thanks +Adam Liss

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I am a huge fan of Cloudready (by Neverware) but am unsettled by the news they listen to Africa by Toto in the office at 5pm every day :P


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Francis Bacon's work is dark but wonderfully compelling. I would probably keep this in a room I didn't have to walk though too often.
"All colours will agree in the dark." - Francis Bacon (Head VI, 1948, Oil on canvas)

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Things like this give me hope.

Thanks +Adam Liss
With the caveat that this is ultimately about selling beer, it's worth the watch. They assure us that the people and reactions are genuine.

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This begs the question - will there be enough anti-vaxxers to go around or will these diseases diminish their numbers over time?

Thanks +Gordon McIntosh
Knowing which diseases anti-vaccinators contract can help health workers prepare for potential outbreaks #VaccinesWork
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