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I am currently holidaying in Cornwall. This is not quite the Slaughtered Lamb of American Werewolf in London fame but I am having second thoughts about going inside...
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mmmm...a bucket of blood, and all the trimmings...
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A great shame Johnny Marr cannot sing as well as he plays guitar. If only he could keep still so I can work out those chords he is playing - grr.

H/T +Harvey Giles Turner
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+Jason T. Smith Yes, that is a good enough stab at it. Marr loves his Major 7ths...
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Mike McLoughlin

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Public sculpture has such power to provoke and challenge.  Figurative sculpture, particularly, I find immediately unsettling but in a good way.  

H/T +God Emperor Lionel Lauer 
Statue of a homeless Jesus startles wealthy neighborhood

As well it should.

Disabling comments because I'm tired of all the religious/atheist debates. STFU and enjoy the art.
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I love this statue. I feel it is exactly where I would find my Rabbi today.
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Mike McLoughlin

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A little racy but lovely poetry.
Today's poem is by Audre Lorde
                                Love Poem
                  Speak earth and bless me with what is richest
                          make sky honey flow out of my hips
                          rigis mountain
                          spread over a valley
                          carved out by the mouth of rain.
                           I knew when I entered her I was 
                           high wind in her forests  hollow
                           fingers whispering sound 
                           honey flowed
                           from the split cup
                           impaled on a lance of tongues
                           on the tips of her breasts on her navel
                           and my breath
                           howling into her entrances
                           through lungs of pain.

                           Greedy as herring-gulls
                           or a child
                           I swing out over the earth
                           over and over
     Enjoy your Saturday everyone!                      
This is picture is called In Bed:The Kiss
by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
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Mike McLoughlin

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This gallery in Totnes has surprisingly no works involving David, I'm afraid +Joanna Ivison ;-)
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+James Waller That was my 2nd thought, but no. They have some provocative art - pronounced pudenda a-go-go so maybe it is euphemistic?
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Mike McLoughlin

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Very good advice - now added owner info to my lock screen.

Thanks +Melissa Daniels
I forgot my bag on the NJT train!

[tl;dr: an amazing person picked up my bag, noticed the email address on my tablet's lock screen, and returned my bag! Everyone should add their phone and/or email to their lock screens.]

Tonight's commute was unusual but ended well. I rushed from TGIAF and attempted to catch the 5:50PM train to NJ. I missed the train by one minute and had to wait for the 6:18PM.

When the train arrived I settled in; three bottles of whisky against my left leg, my messenger bag behind my feet, and Kindle in hand. I started reading and immediately started feeling sleepy.

I fell asleep. It's extremely rare that I fall asleep, I'm sure the samples of whiskey didn't hurt. I woke up when the train was stopped... one station after my stop. I quickly gathered my kindle, whiskey, and jacket and jumped off the train. The doors closed behind me and I immediately realized my mistake. I rushed to the front of the train, knocking on exit doors as I passed. I reached a ticket agent and quickly explained that I left my bag two cars back. The agent refused to open the doors so I could get back on! It's possible that she couldn't stop the train but I was extremely disappointed.

I was hopeful that the agent would take my bag to the NJT lost-and-found since I told her exactly where I left it. Camera. Tablet. Notebook. Car key. Badge... all of my every day items missing.

Jenna picked me up and we returned home where I moped for about an hour. I started thinking about everything in my bag and what, if anything, could allow someone to identify its owner. My badge and tablet lock screen were the only items with my name or email address on them.

I decided to check my email just-in-case. Amazingly, someone had emailed me about my bag! The person noticed my bag at the last stop and decided to grab  it so it wouldn't be stolen or "lost" by NJT. I immediately called him and he drove 20 minutes to my location. He returned my bag and politely declined the reward I offered. 

I'm still shocked that the NJT agent left my bag. I am grateful that someone was nice enough to find it, locate me, and then drive it to my location. I'll certainly do their same thing if I'm ever in the that situation.

(I'll likely place an ID card in my bag as well; I would have been out-of-luck if my tablet's battery had died.)
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+Steve Jaszczak Sorry, I have been out on the moors all day with no signal. Glad you got it sorted.

+Jason T. Smith Yes, it is a little small - I will feed that back.
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Mike McLoughlin

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Spot the woman in this photo?
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That's amazing!
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I had my first stab at designing my own decal for a battered Chromebook 550 - with added air-bubbles :-)

#definitelycoolerthanbefore   #iwontbegivingupthedayjob  
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+Frank Tedesco They add style and character. ;)
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In a double-blind test of violin tonal quality by 21 experienced violinists the new violins were preferred and the Stradivari least preferred

It seems the monetary value of the older instruments may have been influencing judgement.
This reminds me of the study finding most wine connoisseurs can't blindly distinguish between a $50 bottle over one worth thousands.
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That was an interesting study. It was too small a sample size to ruin old violins, but it definitely showed that new violins are at least as good as and probably better. I'd like to see another study done in a concert hall with the audience voting.
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Mike McLoughlin

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Some species understand that forming an orderly queue might be generally beneficial. A concept wildebeests have yet to embrace, it seems. I have this hard-coded into my very being and could never push in front of anyone. That, or I am a bit of a wuss.
Karen Lunney, finalist in the Natural World category of the Smithsonian photo contest, says this about the photograph of wildebeests forced to find new river crossings in the Serengeti-Mara region: “The animals were being taken by the unfamiliar currents of deep water and had to struggle to get close to the far bank. There were few rocks on which to land and the initial orderly progression soon became a desperate struggle of clambering."
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Be nice like that in Puerto Rico and you'll never get into the movie...
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