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Canadian Google Home?

Got my Pixel XL today, love it, I have noticed some interestingly different things.
1. I got this pre ordered from bell there are no Bell apps. Which there was with 5X and 6P.
2. No prompt to enter your Google account info when first started, very strange now there will be many people using the phone with out backing everything up automatically. (unlimited photos?)
3. Very few Google apps installed I had to download Google+ weird! The only Google apps installed were Chrome, Callander, Gmail, youtube and Play music nothing else. (Are they scared of the European union?)
4. You can tell this isn't a nexus phone its made for everyone not just us geeks.

Just thought I would share that.

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I wanted to share my recent experience with my Nexus 5 and it's replacement.  This is a long read BTW. I bought my Nexus 5 on day 1, The only one I could get was the white 32 gig version but I got it 3 days after release.  I love the phone but it has the audio issue (low speaker sound and low line in mic) a lot of first gen nexus 5's had.  After they tweaked the hardware, I wanted to send mine back but they had no stock and I didn't want to be with out my phone so I put it on the back burner.  

  I knew my year was almost up so i called and google support is awesome btw and they gave me an rma and I purchased the "refurbished" one they provided the link for and they put an authorization on my Credit card.   I got the new one about a week later and it looks brand new.  As soon as I booted because I have 2 factor authentication I had to download a scanner to scan the QR code on a PC in order to sign in.  Not a problem accept the scanner crashed and said can't connect to camera,,,humm.  So I shut off 2 factor to log in and i notice there is no phone icon on the screen and no phone app is showing up.  update to 4.4.4 and now there is a camera app but when I open it there is no HDR+ option weird I thought, next time I open the camera app it is on my front camera and there is no icon to switch to the rear camera.  Strange again.  Do a factory erase and reset and the camera seems to work fine, I am a little worried about sending my old one back now, Not having a camera is a deal breaker for me.  I have lived with the audio problems of my old one for a year.  I noticed there was no RMA info with the new phone so I called google.  I was told I had to have it shipped back with in 7 days oops, I work away from home so I wasn't there when it came.  but they extended it, I told him about the issues I had with the camera and I was told the warranty of the original phone has now expired but in the next couple of days if I was still having problems with it to call back.  A couple hours later I got the 5.0 update (salt in the wound almost a week after my wife and daughter got it, lol) After the 5.0 update the camera was back working again.  I said cool and shipped my old phone back.  Next morning the camera app in 5.0 was gone again and if I went into the camera app from the lock screen it would crash with the error can't connect to camera.  Did a factory reset again and no camera app. This has to be a hardware issue, I called Google again and like the last time they are awesome and provided another RMA for the replacement.  I hope the new one isn't a lemon.  Has anyone else had issue's with the replacement "refurbished" nexus 5's  I am beginning to wonder about the quality of the nexus 5 build.  I love this phone and can't see my self getting the nexus 6 .  

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It's been a while since I did a giveaway, eh? ;)

Downloaded the show from last night but looked quick and didn't see what they recorded and couldn't stream. Anyone know what it was? 
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