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Grrr... Was putting the finishing touches on the Strands of Fate 2nd printing PDF and my monitor died.
New monitor is inbound, but it's going to delay the release of the PDF until this weekend. I may be able to get it out sooner, but don't get your hopes up. This looks to be a very busy week.
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I hope you were able to get a good deal. Last time this happened to me I had to have a new one right away. Scoured Walmart and Bestbuy and finally found one at a local computer store for $75.
I ended up doing a little bit of an upgrade. Got a new 23 incher for $190. Should arrive from amazon on Wednesday.
Almost bit the bullet and just got a new computer (thinking about switching to a Mac), but decided to wait.

I didn't really want to spend that much money at the moment and it looks like the iMacs will be getting retina displays somewhat soonish. And after getting used to the retina display on my iPad, I'm getting spoiled.
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