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Strands of Fate 2e is finally available in Print!

NOTE: If you purchased the PDF before I posted this on Jan 3rd 2019, you should have gotten an email with links to purchase the print version at a discount. If not, it's probably because you've set your DTRPG account to be unable to receive messages.

In that case:

First, consider allowing publishers to reach out to you. We often send out notifications of sales and discounts.

Second, check your spam/trash folder. GMail especially likes to send these things to spam.

Third, if you purchased the PDF before Jan 3rd 2019, and you didn't receive an email with a discount, contact Void Star Studios at Be sure to include the order number from the email you received from DTRPG when you ordered the PDF.
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Strands of Fate 2e is out, and seems to be getting a very warm reception.

Nothing is perfect though, and we've found a few errors.
If you find any, please mention them in the Google Doc I'm linking here. This will help us make sure we get them addressed and cleaned up before the print version becomes available.
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My trigger finger got a little itchy.
Strands of Fate 2e is now available. :D

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Just so you guys know, I'm going to try to drop the Strands of Fate PDF tonight, on DrivethruRPG, around 10:00 CST.

Strands 2 was in dedicated development longer than any other project I've done. And I'm super excited to finally see it's release. I guess technically Nova Praxis took longer, but it existed as little more than scattered notes for a few years before it went into legit development.

The last version of Strands2 you guys saw as playtesters is pretty close to the final version. But the final stretch saw a ton of edits to spelling, grammar, general text cleanup, presentation, etc. And of course I finalized the layout and added the art, links, the introduction, and other structural bits.

As far notable changes go, there were a few Powers adjusted, a few new Antagonists added, a second sample Sequence, and I ended up renaming Threads to Deviations.

The reason for that was that it didn't really work the way I wanted as an analogy since thread is typically made up of individual strands. So to make the analogy work, "Strands" should be renamed to "Threads", and "Threads" to "Strands". But I really wanted to keep the word "Strands" for campaign templates. So that meant ditching "Threads" as a term. And I settled on Deviations, just because it's a pretty clearly self-defined term, and I don't think I've seen it used in another game before.

I really hope you guys dig it.

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Strands of Fate 2e to release this Friday, Sept 14th, on DrivethruRPG!

Cleaner, clearer and more concise, Strands of Fate 2nd Edition continues down the path set forth by the original Strands of Fate; providing a stand-alone set of core rules for using the Fate game system to tell exciting stories of action, adventure, horror and intrigue across an infinite variety of time periods and genres.

Strands of Fate 2nd Edition contains…

· Core Rules – This book is fully self-contained, and contains all the rules you need for making characters and playing the game.

· Aspects – Full rules for the creation and use of Aspects, the popular narrative mechanic that has defined the Fate game system since its inception.

· Strands – There are guidelines for creating them, as well as four sample Strands you can use as written, alter to suit your needs, or use as examples when creating your own. These include:

o Strands of Cthulhu – In which desperate investigators confront the minions of the Elder Gods.

o Strands of Fantasy – In which bold adventurers fight against savage and ancient evils for honor and treasure.

o Strands of Valor – In which heroes imbued with super powers stand against tyranny and annihilation.

o Strands of Neon and Chrome – In which cybernetically enhanced underdogs fight back against the oppressive mega-corporate elite.

· Perks and Powers – The extraordinary and supernatural advantages that separate your characters from the masses. Whether a mutant psychic, a crusty old wizard, a crazed cultist, an ancient vampire, a cross wielding priest, or a genetically enhanced cyber-soldier, we’ve got you covered. Powers are presented as self-contained special abilities that are defined with Aspects, and further detailed through the application of Limitations and Enhancements.

· Deviations – An entire chapter is dedicated to providing modular, variant rules that are added to, subtracted from, or used in place of the standard core rules. Deviations serve as a series of dials and switches, which can be used to tune the rules to better suit the story you want to tell.

· Antagonists – The Game Mastery chapter contains a number of sample NPCs and creature to challenge your PCs with, or to serve as examples when creating your own.

Strands of Fate 2nd Edition is a fully self-contained Fate game, and requires no other supplements for its use. It is built upon the branch of Fate rules originally published in Strands of Fate 1st Edition and later refined in Nova Praxis.

Note: This is an “Augmented” PDF, and was designed with laptops, tablets and smartphones in mind. It is filled with useful links, and features a special layout purpose built to speed up navigation on a digital device.

Print Copies of Strands of Fate 2e
The print version of this product will be available a few weeks after the PDF’s release. This allows us to capture and correct any errors discovered in the first few weeks after release, and make sure they are corrected in the print version.

Those who purchase the PDF prior to the release of the print version will receive a discount coupon for the print version!

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Feedback wanted.
The images below are the latest version of the Strands of Fate 2e cover and interior layout graphics/arrangement.

What do you think?

The buttons along the side are obviously links, and the black will run all the way to the edge of the printed page, making it easier to flip open directly to the chapter you want.

Regarding the cover, I'm a little iffy on the frame around the edges. Also, the original draft of the cover was white/gold in its color scheme. Which do you prefer?

I also just noticed that my name isn't centered at the bottom. I'd fix that, or maybe just replace it with the Void Star logo.
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Despite a painfully slow development cycle, we hit another milestone this weekend with Strands of Fate 2e.

Layout is nearly complete. The table of contents and cross references are done. Still just need to do a little work on the background graphics, lay out a couple of different types of character sheets, drop in the art, and add in a few of the "augmented" links (ones that exist purely to aid in digital navigation).

Unlike Nova Praxis, there will not be a "regular" PDF release for Strands 2. It will be "Augmented" only.
I've managed a few tricks that will mean the Augmented PDF and the book will look basically identical. That means the A-PDF will be portrait orientation this time, but it's still sized for easy reading on tablets.

The printed book itself will be slightly larger than Strands 1e, but smaller than a typical "full sized" RPG book. We're using the same size format as the print version of Nova Praxis: Savage Worlds Edition. And as of right now it's clocking in at around 230 pages.

I just finished ordering a bound print from my local Kinkos, which is actually the milestone I was referring to above. With every book Void Star has released, I've always ordered a bound copy to be printed. I then read through that copy, start to finish, with a red pen in hand, spilling blood where it must be spilled.

Incorporating the edits I find during that read-thru tends to be one of the very last things I do before release.
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I've been able to devote some hours to Strands of Fate 2e over the last few days. It feels good to be back in development after a bit of an unscheduled break.

The first cut of all the Powers are now done. I'm sure we'll continue to tweak them right up until release. But at least now we have something to tweak!
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It's been a while since I've posted any sort of update, and I thought it about time for a check in.

Strands of Fate 2e development continues, if at a bit of a slower pace than I would like. The realities of this world continue to obstruct progress, but I promise we're still at it.

In addition to VSS' tabletop RPG products, we've begun to explore the digital realms a bit. And it should come as no surprise to Nova Praxis fans that VR is the tech platform we're most interested in developing for.

It's still in its infancy, but we have a Nova Praxis VR game aimed at Oculus and Vive currently in the works. This is our first serious look at video game development, and we're diving into a market that is itself little more than a technological fetus. So when I say NP:I is in its infancy, know that I'm not exaggerating.

I'm still working in a sandbox state for the most part, working in Unreal on the Oculus Rift to dial in VR interfaces, inverse kinematics for body and arm animation, working out weapon interaction, building AI, etc. It's R&D that's spinning out of my day job responsibilities, and it's coming along as time permits.

The game is tentatively titled Nova Praxis: Infiltrator. And if forced to, conceptually, I'd describe it as Deus Ex meets Hitman 2016 in first person VR.
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Strands of Fate Beta 1.3 is Out!
So what do you think so far?

Below is the list of notable changes from the last update (1.2):

Rules Changes/Additions:
Removed Soft Compels as an optional Thread and integrated the concept of Hard and Soft Compels directly into the core rules. Soft Compels can be denied without spending a Fate Point, and the offered Fate Points for Soft Compels do not come from the GM’s Threat Pool.
Added Crafting Rules

Racial Changes/Additions:
Humans now gain a bonus Skill rank.
Added the Half-Elf

New Powers:
Imbue Zone
Super Speed

Power Revisions:
Imbue Creature - Changed Extended Duration from Day to Hour, added Extended Duration (Day) to the Power’s possible Paragon enhancements.
Summon - Added the Lesser Summons Limitation and the Extended Duration Enhancements.
Bolt - The Beam Enhancement has been replaced with a different, more clearly defined, Enhancement called Beam Sweep.
Cantrip - The Versatile Cantrip Enhancement has been changed from a Heroic Enhancement to a Paragon Enhancement.

Thread Changes/Additions: Added multiple new Character Development Threads
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