So I just finished watching Ep 76 today about the WiFi settings.  What Padre never mentioned, is when adding additional AP's, should the SSID's be the same or not?  

  Also, he mentioned using additional routers (with DHCP off) instead of  actual AP's, which I thought may confuse some folks.  With a router, you can wire it to your existing LAN with the WAN port or a LAN port on the router, and results can vary depending on which port the router wants to use for the uplink to the rest of the network.

  But getting back to my original question, in my experience, unless you have more enterprise AP's that can create the "wireless mesh" network, it makes more sense to have separate SSID's for each AP as most devices don't jump from one AP to another very easily.

  Curious what the general consensus on this is... :)
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I have several wireless routers in my house of different types and I find it up I use same SSID my phones and devices switch more easily from one to the other ensuring the best signal as I roam around the house
noob questions, but do the additional AP use the same internet signal from the AP connected to the modem?
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