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Mike Marien (x12Mike)
100% Geek, Systems Engineer, Dad, Husband, and generally one easy-going dude.. :p
100% Geek, Systems Engineer, Dad, Husband, and generally one easy-going dude.. :p

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Greetings Folks, I'm at a loss so I am hoping someone in the community may be able to offer up some sage-like advice...

I have my Syma x5c-1 quad, the first one I bought... I recently took it out after the winter to teach my daughter how to fly it.

When I powered up the transmitter, the only thing it does now is light up the middle green LED and do a constant beep, similar to a smoke detector :)

I've searched everywhere I can find online, there appear to be other folks who have had this issue before, but nowhere have I seen an actual fix.

The batteries are fresh in the transmitter and I tested each one specifically with a multimeter. I even tried brand new batteries as well. I'll also note that it's a stock transmitter. I know there are a lot of mods out there, but this hasn't been modified in any way.

Anyone have a thought, they will be appreciated? :)

Has anyone else noticed that Android pay has stopped working after the marshmallow update?

I have been using Android pay ever since I got my Moto X pure, however since the marshmallow update the other night I've not been able to use Android pay.

When I put the phone against the NFC reader at a store nothing beeps. And I've confirmed multiple times that NFC is turned on with my phone and my payment options are set.

I just did a cache partition wipe to see if that would help however I am still curious if this is isolated to myself or if other people are experiencing the same problem.

Curious to know if anyone has had a similar experience as I..  Now that my S4 is on Lollipop, the built-in VPN client isn't working anymore.  I have a basic IPSec XAuth + PSK connection, which used to work fine under KitKat.  

Now under Lollipop, the VPN will connect, but nothing gets routed at all.  Not sure if I should just wipe the phone and retry, or if this is a bug, etc, etc.  

Anyone else had a similar issue?

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Way to go Google...   #Fi_Fail  

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Brilliant!  I'd go see it! :p
Can you figure out which one is me?! 

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This will be nice to escape the shackles of my S4 bloatware and eliminate the slowness of my 2012 Nexus 7! :)

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Hey New Hampshire!!  Pay attention!  If Worcester can do it, so can we! :p

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So +Verizon Wireless , how do you expect to keep these idiotic data limiting plans, yet offer services to have folks use MORE of their limited plans?  I believe it was your CEO that stated unlimited data plans are not profitable, however isn't loosing customers also unprofitable?  Who is going to stick with a carrier that can't use your service anymore because they hit a cap.  And then they were raked over the coals for overage charges.

If folks could only drive their car 500 miles a month before they needed to hand over the automaker more money, no one would drive..  

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