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LLA Show premium episode #4 is available, as we discuss the benefits of training more infrequently, why you should get over your carb and gluten phobias, how much daily protein is really enough, taking on Sincere's 52 week veggie challenge and more.
LLA Show premium episode #4 is available, as we discuss the benefits of training more infrequently, why you should get over your carb and gluten phobias, how much daily protein is really enough, taking on Sincere's 52 week veggie challenge and more.
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Mike Mahler

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Ty Ritter is a stuntman, protection specialist, and founder of Project Child Save, which specializes in the rescue of children that have been kidnapped or sold into sexual slavery and child pornography worldwide. Ty joins us to discuss the following:

Ty discusses what motivated him to create Project Child Save

Ty shares steps that parents can do in order to help their children to be safer

Ty shares how Pokemon may be the next accessory to kidnapping and sex trafficking

How does Ty work with medical and mental health specialist, once a child is recovered

Ty shares his gruesome experiences with the cartels

Ty shares how social media and how pride in your child's school only helps predator

What are some good tips for parents whose children must walk home from school

How has Ty's work affected his view of the world and how does he work through what he has experienced, on a daily basis

How does Project Child Save prepare their team members to deal with the scenarios they encountered compared to what they may seen during their time in the military
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Highly sought-after strength coach, Eric Cressey joins the LLA Show to discuss the following:

Eric shares the importance of speed necessary for efficient deadlifts and how it has helped him lift nearly 5 times his bodyweight

What is the biggest mistake most deadlifters commit

Are pre-lifting cues an asset to deadlifts or just pre-performance theatrics

Does Eric feel there is any benefit to deficit deadlifts

Eric describes the importance of varying your grip for deadlifts

Is there a good transfer from squat to deadlift or is it the other way around

Eric shares if there are any benefits to performing a personal mock powerlifting meet

Eric shares if there is any transfer from olympic lifting to powerlifitng

Eric discusses why you should not skip glute-ham raises

Eric shares his opinion on the use of a weightbelt

Eric discusses the benefits of the safety squat bar and other various bars

Are there any merits to unstable surface training

Mike helps clarify the substances involved in Jon Jones's recent removal from UFC 200 & what is NOT being reported
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Mike Mahler

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Solid workout to end the training week:

Barbell Squat 1x5x275, 1x5x315, 1x5x365lbs (Tried sitting back the way powerlifters do and I don't like it. Low bar and squatting straight down instead of back and down is what work for my structure. Otherwise it feels too much like a good morning and I don't get into the right groove)

Partial Barbell Deadlift (4 inches off the floor) 1x5x315, 1x5x405, 1x4x515lbs (these felt great and are coming along nicely. Started doing them again a few weeks ago and I forgot how much I enjoyed them. The bar starts just below the knee so great for blasting through the essential sticking point to complete deadlifts safely)

Glute-ham Raise 2x8, 1x10 (these are awesome and definitely helping my deadlift strength. I am going to start adding weight next week)

Seated Dumbbell Overhead Press 2x8, 1x11x60lb dumbbells (really like this move and feels great on the shoulders)

Double Kettlebell Swing 2x15, 1x20 (70lb bells)

Practice sets during the day

Double KB Military Press 2x5x84lb bells
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Mike Mahler

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I felt the need to chime in about my thoughts on your Restorezyme product. This stuff is the real deal! My soreness and aches and pains have decreased significantly. I am able to recover so much quicker now! These enzymes are magic. I am hooked for life. I have recommended them to several people to try out and I am hoping they get the results they desire. Thanks for creating some of the best products available. The inflammation in my elbow joints are healed and I am able to do regular pullups with no pain again. This is worth it to me! Like you had said, I must establish my idea dose to feel the benefits. Some days I take four caps at once. I am surprised this stuff isn't more popular. I have a feeling it could blow up big. Thanks again Mike!
--Mark Richard
Mike I want to thank you for another absolutely outstanding product in Restorezyme. After achieving excellent results with the Recovery Oil and the Test booster, I had to try Restorezyme. As someone who spent the majority of his life working manual labor, at 36 I just accepted that all those years of roofing, construction, and landscaping had finally caught up with me. Since taking Restorezyme, two caps three times a day, I have noticed an amazing improvement. The nagging pains are gone and I wake up with less aches and stiffness. Along with a consistent stretching regiment, my sciatica has decreased a great deal as well. My shoulder isn't clicking or popping as much either. I can't recommend it enough. You have raised the bar in quality standards with your supplements and customer service. Thank you for all that you do Mike
--Tavis Murray
Mike I want to thank you making such an excellent supplement in Restorezyme. At 44 years of age with many years of heavy lifting, coupled with more recently long-drive golfing left & right handed and heavy double kettlebell work... the consistent knee, back and elbow pain was something I was prepared to deal with for the long haul. After taking your product my joints and residual soreness have gone away. The inflammation I was dealing with previously was awful and has now disappeared! I'm able to once again pursue all my athletic endeavors at full speed. Thanks again for making such an incredible product.
--James Frank
Hi Mike. Just wanted to give you a shout out about your Restorezyme. It took me a week or so to figure out the dosage but once I did, I was quite surprised. I am a lifelong cyclist & sometime runner, so upper body strength has not been a priority for me. I started Crossfit and have packed on 20lbs in 2 years. My bench press has never impressed anybody at only 150lbs. I have been suffering a pulled left pec and was having some other shoulder issues on the left side; my bench dropped down to 95lbs, then it was all I could do to press 75lbs. The weakness for presses on my left side had gotten pretty bad, my right side would punch the weight up while I could barely get the barbell off my chest on the left side.
Once I had the correct dosage of Restorezyme, after a week the soreness in my left chest & shoulder was gone. The weight started back up towards my previous limits and I was able to get back to my working weight again. We did testing this week to see what our new PR's were if any. The bench press is up by 20lbs! Strict press went up another 5lbs!
I don''t want to sound like I'm over-hyping the product, but this stuff has produced the most desirable effect of any supplement I've taken. I'm working out hard, but that "blown out & crippled" feeling I used to have on the day after is just gone. I'm a bit sore and that's it. I've started recommending it to other folks, I can't say enough good about systemic enzymes now.
--Ansel Chin
I don't really remember how I stumbled onto your site, the internet is quite the rabbit hole, but I ended up listening to the podcast you have on the page for Restorezyme. It all sounded good, and I figured I didn't have much to lose by giving it a shot so I ordered a bottle. I won't say it was quite a miracle cure and that I was jumping out of bed with no pain the next morning after first taking it, but I can say that I was able to quit taking the Aleve that first week. My feet quit feeling like they had knives shoved in them and my hands were no longer felt like fat fingered gloved lacking the manual dexterity I once enjoyed. While I still get regular massage therapy, I can't tell you the last time I had to see a chiropractor for my back. This product is simply what I had been looking for, for years. While Restorezyme appears to be marketed toward folks that lift heavy things frequently, it has done amazing things for my arthritis, so much so that I ordered a pack of five bottles once I was done with that first bottle. Hell, I'm even looking into working out again, something I haven't been able to do for years. Thanks for getting this product out; as long as you make it, I'll continue to it.
--Scott Hoerner
Like many physical therapists in the profession, I became one due to a personal history of injuries. Yet at times, therapeutic exercises and manual therapies can only get one so far. My long standing history of herniated discs in my lumbar spine (since I was 17), a torn rotator cuff (since 2009), and extensive knee surgery (since I was 16) has led to recurrent aches and pains. After initially listening to your podcasts with Sincere, I decided to give your products a try.
I’m blown away by all of them, but for now I want to highlight your Recovery Oil and Restorezyme. It just so happened that around the same time I ordered them, I had exacerbated my lumbar discs due to a freak accident. I'm talking "sciatica" down the leg, a flexion deformity when I got out the car, and an antalgic gait.
Normally, it would take me weeks to recover despite specializing in herniated discs. (BTW, I'm purposely trying to avoid surgeries for my back since I’ve treated so many post-op surgeries). Anyway, since taking these products, I’ve recovered in record time. Yes, I did my therapeutic exercises (McKenzie method + neurodynamic tensioning + spinal manipulations), but I do believe that the anti-inflammatory effects of the Restorezyme assisted greatly in addressing my nerve/discogenic pain. I’ve been able to resume my kettlebell training (which I started since ordering your FANTASTIC DVD, BTW.)
The Recovery Oil helped me greatly in my sleep during this time. Italso allowed me to alleviate the muscle soreness and generalized pain I've had in my shoulder, knee, and lower back. It has even made a believer in my wife, who's been working through a bicep strain.
These products are fantastic, and I'm not shy about telling my friends (and patients) about them. Thanks for providing such quality supplements, as well as excellent information through your podcasts and DVD.
--Dave Aznar, DPT, Cert. MDT
Start taking Restorezyme now to address aches and pains, lower inflammation, decrease recovery time, and increase health and vitality!
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Mike Mahler

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This week, Mike & Sincere discuss the following:

Mike & Sincere answer listener's questions regarding Jim Wendler's 5-3-1 program & how to make it work for you

High volume vs low volume and calculating the optimal starting point for German Volume Training

Mike reviews the book "How Champions Think"

The problem with PG movies and being adverse to violence

Why blood testing for magnesium is flawed and superior options

What are Tiger Nuts (yes, Tiger Nut) & how this tuber can help boost your testosterone by up to 225% in 30 days

If a man wakes up with an erection and it's a sign of optimal hormone optimization, what is a good indicator for women

Obvious indicators of leptin resistance and insulin resistance
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Great having Christian back on the show for another round of a serious wealth of information! Check it out


Top strength coach and popular T-nation contributor, Christian Thibaudeau returns to discuss the following:

Christian discusses how trainees are into the art of "seduction"

What are the top two mistakes for natural trainees

Christian shares specific issues of performing too much assistance work

Why does Christian choose the sumo deadlift & is it more beneficial than tradition deadlifts

How does Christian attain optional nutrition, in spite of extensive travel schedules

Is there any benefit to performing explosive movements/exercises before performing a max set exercise

Why is high-rep Olympic lifts problematic & how does effect the most experienced high level Olympic lifters

Christian shares how to make a Crossfit experience beneficial

Christian shares his views on Tabata workouts
Why is Christian anti-stimulants, including pre-workout supplements

What are Christians go-to supplements

Christian shares his stance and experience with low carb diets

What are the 3 most important things a diet should do

Christian shares his view of the Westside Method and why so many people get it wrong

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And the great feedback keeps coming in:

"Just finished the two month cycle of the test booster today and I will be doing EC for the next 30 days until I start the next Test Booster cycle.

I didn’t get my levels tested before I started, but I’m 56 years old and I’m waking up with morning wood every morning now and I haven’t done that in about 25 years. That right there tells you something. I lost about 50 pounds during the last year but I have about 20 more to go and it's hard as hell to get rid of it. It started coming off when I started doing the test booster and I’m sure that had something to do with it. Workouts are more aggressive and I have packed on a lot more muscle since taking this stuff. I’m real happy with it. Also I switched to using two kettlebells now like you suggest and it does change the game. Results are much better using two kettlebells.
Anyway as soon as I finish the 30 days of EC I will be reordering another 60 day cycle of Test Booster."
--Bill from Philadelphia
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Mike Mahler

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Please sign and share. Let's get this poor lion to a sanctuary to live out the rest of his life in dignity. It takes a few seconds for you to sign the petition and share it and every signature makes a difference:
Malik (12) lives alone in Tierpark Chemnitz. His partner, lioness Kimba, died last February 2016. Malik... (53326 signatures on petition)
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One of the great tragedies in life is the difficulty and often inability to genuinely value what you have until it is gone
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Training moving along nicely and nice PR on Deadlifts

Barbell Deadlift 1x3x425, 1x3x475, 1x3x535lbs! (The most I have lifted for a double and while not easy, both reps were solid free of sticking points)

Glute-ham raise 3x6

High Incline Dumbbell Press 1x5x70, 1x5x80, 1x9x90lb dumbbells (You don't always have to increase weight to progress, you can move to harder variations. With incline presses you can start with low level incline presses, then progress to mid level, and then high level. High level incline presses are a great supplement to improve overhead presses as well)

Hammer Strength Iso Squat 1x5x365lbs, 1x5x415lbs, 1x3x535lbs

Double Kettlebell Swing 2x17, 1x20 (70lb bells)
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Mike Mahler

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Burn guitarist & top strength coach, Gavin Van Vlack returns to the LLA Show to discuss the following:

Gavin talks being on tour with his band Burn, running his training
facility, & creating multiple streams of income

The guys discuss the importance of deload weeks, the downside & misconception of being strong first

Why you may want to bring a newspaper with you the next time you have a heavy weight-training session

Why should "Under-Roos" become the official sponsor of the LLA show

The guys discuss the pros and cons of trapbar deadlifts

How is Wendler's 5-3-1 program currently working for Gavin

Gavin shares his experience with acupuncture for recovery
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