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It's been a while since I've posted.  Many of you have been in touch with Lisa or me directly, so you're probably aware that Lisa has continued to improve thanks to her monthly cancer treatment holding her existing tumors at bay allowing her nerves to start...

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One Step At A Time
I could spend the next 20 minutes writing about Lisa's progress, but why write when we have video evidence. . .just watch.  We'd like to thank everybody for your continued support.  Your prayers and encouragement mean so much.

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Good News
Last week, we made a return visit to U of M and Lisa underwent a follow-up MRI of her abdomen and a bone scan.  The doctors wanted to see if there was any growth or any new tumors.  The results are in and there is not any new growth or any new tumors.  Very...

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Betsy's Bus
Lisa and I are now the proud owners of a 1995 Ford E150 van with a wheelchair lift that we found on Craigslist for an incredible bargain.  The prior owners purchased it about a year ago for their mother and they nicknamed it "Betsy's Bus".  Searching for a ...

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Now that Lisa has been home for a few weeks, we wanted to give everybody an update.  Lisa is very happy to be home of course.  Her sleep has dramatically improved as well as her overall mental condition.  It can be exhausting being in a hospital, and even m...

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Challenge Accepted!
We were informed yesterday that  BCBS has decided, in their infinite wisdom, that effective April 24, Lisa is no longer certified for continued care at Heartland.  Seriously?  Yesterday afternoon I get a call from Heartland that Lisa's certification ends Fr...

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4/20, Happy Easter, and Aunt Flo came to visit
Happy Easter everybody. Lisa spent most of Saturday afternoon and Sunday afternoon at home with me.  My sister Melissa and her husband Dwayne and their son Jacob brought a feast with them so that we could all enjoy some time together.  The food was amazing ...

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Another week
We completed another week of rehab.  Not saying anything against the folks at Heartland since they do the best they can with what they have, but it is definitely not the same level of care that was provided at the University of Michigan. At UofM, she had an...

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Stumbled across this awesome post by Mary
Go to this link for the original post: The Gorilla In Your House With thanks to everyone over at Ouch. Acquiring a disability is a bit like getting home to find there's a gorilla in your hous...
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