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I know I seem like I have not posted at all on here or been on Hangouts in ages. Well, that's because I've been pretty sick with some sort of digestive issue for five months. I have had countless tests done, and no result has been found yet. I'm confident the issue will shortly be resolved over the next few months. I'll tell you my opinion to as why I'm still sick

The American healthcare system is pure garbage, and nearly everyone involved in it is greedy and cares more about keeping you sick, running up your insurance, pushing drugs that don't even treat the condition, and giving you tests that won't find anything. I have seen my doctors for about five or so minutes everytime I have visited them. They try to push me out the door as soon as I'm back there so they can get the wads of cash. I have to tell them what to test for - they are incapable of thinking critically. They rely on various mostly useless tests that they likely know won't find anything so they can bill the hell out of me. I've noticed most Americans are greedy and selfish, and if you're sick and weak they WILL take advantage of you and WILL circle around you like a vulture. Most of these people don't immediately come off as greedy selfish pricks, but they are, and you'll likely only notice it when you're vulnerable.

I'm fed up with greed, and I'm weak enough that I have major issues thinking. My intelligence is not so powerful now. So I'm moving in with some of my family, and one of them has worked with doctors, and neither them have patience for the abuse to continue. Do not trust doctors off online reviews - too many are uncaring and will not put in any concentrated effort to help the weak - they will take advantage of you.

I'm 22 years old and I'm sure if the USA had less greedy selfish assholes in it, I would be better right now. Yet there are many good people here. But the system encourages greed and manipulation. There is much to gain from this, and if you have enough money, you are less likely to get caught.

Those doctors know I have a disability, and that I've been sick for ages. They abused their authority, and they can go to hell for that. The bills were the only thing that ever came in on time.

People like this run the majority of essential services and the like in our country. This is a large part of why we are so unhealthy. Keeping us sick helps them milk our insurance, and that's Medicare in my case. They got so nasty when I wanted my records released because I said I wanted a second opinion after six months. They told me they don't want me seeing another doctor. And they suddenly actually seemed worried about my health. I'm glad I have a pharmacist with enough medical background in my family.

ObamaCare made things worse. It took a complicated system that was broken, and instead of removing all the greed and insurance corruption, it fed it and made things worse. It would have gotten worse either way, anyhow. We need universal healthcare provided without greed.

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Another worthless kanger. This one has kanged some apps by the SD Maid developer, and after being confronted, he removed the offending apps, but continued to kang other developers. He seems to be taking open source apps, removing the original credits and donation links, and adding his own. I suggest every developer that develops anything open source on Play take a look. Tools like this one ruin open source for us all.

Cough cough +Alex Cruz​​ would love this guy. 17 year old kid from Spain that doesn't know what respect is.

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Report this one if you can. Basically charging for SD Maid on Amazon. The "developer" has kanged other apps by other devs as well. Thanks for the heads up, +darken​.

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No, but #blisspoop encourages piracy. By bundling in pirated apps in their builds, and kanging from every major Android ROM.
Does Blisspop v3.8 have anti-piracy support

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Reason one quadrillion and ninety five not to use #blisspoop. Guess all those kanged unreviewed commits to the Contacts app backfired. Don't worry - we all hope this syncs to your Google account, so you will learn your lesson not to support kangers, noobs.

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Theme porter.

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Another pirate that just shared a cracked SD Maid Pro APK. Reported.

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This is old, but being recorded for future reference. An earlier promise that we'll stop taking everyone's commits, removing all credits, and replacing them with our own authorship.

And what's the best way to respond to pressure from others to man up? Stop all builds for a week, blame others, and then, when people get back to normal life, kang their shit again when their backs are turned.
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