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There are a lot of pictures here, but we were there for a month after all (and there are many more where these came from)... Anyway, enjoy!
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Probably makes sense if they are moving more towards electric motors -- and given the fact that transmissions can shift faster and more precisely than people. That said, I still like the feel of driving a stick shift

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In an effort to bring content to google+ that isn't about google+ ...

is a little annoyed that the "notification" box in my gmail window lags the notification box in google+ ... not because I get all excited only to find it's telling me about a post I already saw, but because it's misleading, and that IMHO is worse than not having it at all

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where is the +1 button to share something from google reader to my g+ stream?

might try to setup a hangout when I get home tonight

who gets to see when I tag +Deborah Lee in a post or photograph?

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