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Still the start up hot spots...

According to CrunchBase in 2014 Bengaluru, or Bangalore as it’s otherwise known received the world’s fifth largest amount of funding, $2.6bn, only beaten by San Francisco ($13bn), Beijing ($6.4bn) New York ($5.7bn), and, believe it or not, Palo Alto ($3,2bn) makes the top five. 
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Hellwo, how r u?
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Mike Hendrickson

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No wires. Just music. Biking, Running, Walking, Commuting -- NO Wires, No Cords, No Hassles! What Freedom.
KANOA has set a new standard in true wireless audio performance, enhancing life experiences through the power of music. We have redefined earphones by cutting all cords and offering users a seamless music experience.
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Mike Hendrickson

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Not completely sure, but I think these were butterflies mating. 
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Mike Hendrickson

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Boy I forgot about this one. Great to hear this again.
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Mike Hendrickson

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Not sure what kind of tree this is, but it smells great.
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I know it as 'paper white,' or 'cigar tree'. Seem to like cemeteries.  They usually grow close to another variety of tree, as well.
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Mike Hendrickson

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It's melting fast now. Near 45 degrees (f) today. This will go quickly because the whole week is suppose to have this wretched warm weather.
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Mike Hendrickson

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When I charge the Volt, the dog stays by and thinks she needs to protect the line.
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Mike Hendrickson

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You’ve heard this song hundreds of times, but I bet you’ve never heard it like this. These 6 men are redefining music with their unique style of singing and I have no idea how come they’re not superstars yet. The acapella sextet comes from Cuba and if you close your eyes and just listen to them I swear you’re hear the instruments in their voices.

Rather than doing a linear rendition of the song, they took each individual part and emphasized it in their own way. I love this song, but I have to admit I prefer this version to the original.
You’ve heard this song hundreds of times, but I bet you’ve never heard it like this.
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Mike Hendrickson

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If Trump was elected. The White House one year later.
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Bjr koi9
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Mike Hendrickson

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For all publishers on all technical subjects, physical book sales at the cash register have plummeted the during 2014 and 2015. You will notice that last year only one week surpassed the same week from the prior year. And this year, not one single week has been ahead of last year. This is a market still looking for bottom. The fortunate news for a few publishers is that direct and digital sales are off-setting the lose of print sales.
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Mike Hendrickson

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Tucker wondering if he really wants to go out into the snow-covered area.
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Mike Hendrickson

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Doing some Googling for fun. I find it interesting to see what is Popular now. There are even theories on how these show up differently for different people. Would love to know if you type these in, do you get the same results?
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