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I think politicians should blog more often
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Mike Hearn

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My take on the Lightning network, and why it's not a solution to Bitcoin's impending capacity crunch.
And why we can’t use fancy tricks to avoid it
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I would argue that they generalized the concept, which is a major advance. Plus they made it trustlessly relayable, another major advance, particularly for those concerned about the centralizing effects of simple channels.

It's roughly the jump between Chaum blinded centralized e-cash, and bitcoin.
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Mike Hearn

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A good summary of what's going on that hits all the right points.
More than £2 trillion-worth of eurozone government bonds trade on a negative interest rate. It's a bubble that is bound to end badly
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Not sure anyone really knows, at this point, but best guess, the economy continues to limp along with barely any growth and more frequent recessions. I don't think there's going to be a sudden doom moment though.

But who really knows? Remember that negative interest rates were supposed to be impossible, and that assumption was e.g. encoded into banking software, so there's been a lot of busy programmers lately changing old assumptions for the new world. That won't be the last "impossible" thing that happens.
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Mike Hearn

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The new programming language I've been playing with lately has a brand new little web IDE. You can write code, compile it, see the output and even get on the fly type checking all within your browser. It's no match for IntelliJ itself but a good way to get a taste of the language for beginners.
Loading. Please wait. Project Kotlin Learn Contribute Try Online. Get Kotlin. Log in: facebook. google. twitter. Log out. Shortcuts. Convert from Java. Fullscreen. Hello. Save. Save as. Arguments. JVM, JavaScript, JavaScript(Canvas), JUnit. Run. No files are open. Hello, world!
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Mike Hearn

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If you're in London next week and are a Bitcoin developer, come to DevCore -  I am giving a talk titled "Building contracts based applications", and giving a workshop.

In fact, that's not quite true. I won't be giving a talk this time. As we're all gonna be programmers, I plan to do something a bit different. To prove to you how easy it has become to write specialised smart contract wallets, I will be writing a decentralised document timestamping app that uses OP_RETURN transactions, on stage  ..... from scratch in 30 minutes. Don't think it's possible? Come see for yourself :-)
DevCore London: April 15, 2015, 08:30 am -- Dexter House, London
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+1 for the video. Thanks!
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Mike Hearn

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Anyone want to make a small bet with me about when traffic growth will resume?
In the past couple of years Bitcoin has been settling into a regular seasonal growth pattern, in which growth stops duri…
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Mike Hearn

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Got some bitcoins? Happy about the rise in price? Why not share a bit of your new happiness with a charity and play with a Lighthouse smart contract at the same time?

The Ronald McDonald House of the Capital Region is looking to raise money to purchase a medical grade breast pump for their latest house.
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Mike Hearn

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Some people think nothing bad will happen if Bitcoin enters an overload situation. I think they are wrong.

In this article I explain what I expect to happen, the day Bitcoin runs out of capacity.
What not to do
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If Bitcoin breaks when the blocks get full, that seems bad regardless of whether it can be avoided with bigger blocks. Are there any plans or ideas to fix this so that a fee market could exist without breaking Bitcoin?
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Mike Hearn

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On the right of the stage is my brother, David William Hearn. And on the left is Satya Nadella, the man who runs Microsoft.

From BUILD, a few hours ago. Dave demoed his amazing music notation app for Windows tablets, +StaffPad.
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Ha cool! I just watched that! I thought "Satya's full of shit. But that british guy is actually pretty suave."
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Mike Hearn

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A good look at the other side of the spam war that I took part in alongside +Rob Jackson +Tadek Pietraszek +Artem Malyshev +Angelika Moscicki and others. Some great photos in there. This guy is lying on packs of SIM cards used to create Facebook PVAs.

Key happiness quote for me:

For two years, Braggs made his living spamming half a billion email addresses ..... but between 2010 and 2012, teams of Internet security researchers and law enforcement officials dismantled several spambot networks across the world. These efforts, combined with the improved defenses of email hosts, effectively disabled many onliners in Cebu City.

Yep. There were indeed big improvements in that period of time, at least on Gmail.
Click farms are changing what it means to have social media influence.
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For the past several years, ad fraud has become a more profitable crime than spam. Spamming produces undeniable evidence: the spam itself. When websites pay for traffic, they just inflate their impression volume with no consequence other than making more money. With the proliferation of malware infections on real people's computers, fake profiles aren't even needed: the ad bots get targeted ads meant for the real people who use those machines.

So this guy's shift out of spam may be emblematic of a wider shift of the whole scene. But I don't know... success with ad botnet operations may select for a different skillset, leading to a different set of winners and losers.
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Mike Hearn

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Video of Q&A session that +Gavin Andresen and myself did in London. Thanks for recording it IAmSatoshi - tip sent your way!
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+David de Kloet BreadWallet
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Mike Hearn

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I've written a couple of new articles about #bitcoin .

The first is about the "replace by fee" patch being suggested for Bitcoin. I think it's a bad idea and won't work. In this article I explain why I think this:

The second is about double spending and various ways it can be mitigated. A bunch of people in the Bitcoin dev community seem to be talking about this right now, so here's what I'm thinking.
and how to make it harder
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>4. Remote attestation ...... And unfortunately whilst ARM TrustZone is widely deployed in mobile phones it apparently can’t do remote attestation

cough Trustonic cough
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A fantastic location right opposite a beautiful park. The guide books are free and the receptionist was very helpful.
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We had to wait a long time for our food, and the waitress forgot to bring various things we ordered and had to be reminded several times. However, when the food came, it was pretty good - the portions were exactly the right size, and it tasted great. The tables have wooden benches that make it easy to squeeze more people on, so it's a good place to go if you aren't sure how big your group will be.
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Simple and straightforward, Sams is one of the few places that serves deep dish pizza. If you like American style pizza, give it a try. Most pizzas are around 25 chf, though they serve other food too.
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Food-wise, the pizzas and subs they sell aren't the greatest ever - but the staff are cheerful, the decor is nice, and most importantly they are open practically all the time. No closing at 7pm for these guys! They provide newspapers for people to read, TV to watch, and also sell subs and fajitas. Be warned though, they only take cash - visit the cash machine just down the road (towards Bahnhof Weidikon) if you are short first.
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