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Along with XT, last week I also gave a talk at #TheConference  in Sweden. In it, I talk about the trend towards building communication infrastructures that the creators don't control.
In this keynote session, Bitcoin developerMike Hearntalks on the topic ”Fighting for the right to be ruled by machines”. He outlines a possible scenario over...
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When you started speaking, I was wondering whether I was inadvertently watching the video at 1.5 speed. 
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Mike Hearn

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I blogged about the topic of soft and hard forks in Bitcoin.
What is the difference between a hard and soft fork?
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Josh S
not at all, +Chris Niekel Bitcoin is a big beast and every step is super well discussed and debated 
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Mike Hearn

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Still, this gives me hope for the future. With sufficient optimisation, even modern desktop apps can soon be of similar size to a large web page. If someone finds a way to nail the distribution/update UX, thick clientside apps could make a comeback. And that'd be cool.
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Achievement unlocked!
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Mike Hearn

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Why Kotlin is my next programming language
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Ah yeah, then you have no choice.

When I said it's the language I will use for the next 5-10 years, I meant when I have the choice of course :) And assuming nothing better comes along.
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Mike Hearn

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Probably one of the most epic AI blog posts I've read in years.
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Mike Hearn

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This is an excellent visualisation of the #bitcoin  block size crunch, by +Tom Harding 
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We're not running with a constant backlog, though. So it still seems accurate to me. I guess I still don't understand why it seems confusing.
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Mike Hearn

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After a lot of work, Bitcoin XT 0.11A is released! This is a formal fork of Bitcoin Core, and features:

• Bigger blocks!
• Double spend relaying
• getutxo / BIP 65 support
• Better DoS defences
• A refreshed DNS seed list

There's downloads for all major platforms and an apt repository for Debian/Ubuntu 64 bit servers.

Come join us!
What we stand for. The XT Manifesto defines what the project believes is important: commitment to these principles are what differentiates us from Bitcoin Core. We try to follow Satoshi's original vision, as it is that vision which brought the Bitcoin community together.
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If (I haven't personally verified it) the IP-leakage is true then indeed that was very very sloppy. 

I don't think sloppy Bitcoin releases serve the community. Almost made me take down my own node. But then, I haven't personally verified it ... 
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Mike Hearn

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Just completed my first trade on the Coinffeine decentralised Bitcoin exchange! It's very slick. A great example of a decentralised, p2p Bitcoin app. 

And best of all it's built with bitcoinj, JavaFX and Scala, tech I've been pushing for a while now. You wouldn't know it to look at it though.

Coinffeine ( decentralises the Bitcoin side of trading, whilst giving you a traditional (but open source and fully client side) order book style interface. The fiat is transferred using OKPay and the whole thing happens in chunks, so lowering the trust required. It's not as fully decentralised as BitSquare is, but it avoids the need to manually set up wire transfers and the like.
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Mike Hearn

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After many months of work, the bitcoinj team has released version 0.13!

The highlights of this release include

* Dramatically improved performance, especially for big wallets that contain many large sendmany transactions e.g. from mining pool payouts
* Much faster Tor performance
* A new MySQL based block store
* Ability for the wallet to use a UTXO database instead of its own internal data structures. A good place to get a UTXO database is by building one using the MySQL/Postgres/H2 block stores that come with bitcoinj. This is a major step forward for allowing bitcoinj to be easily used for making web wallets and other hosted wallet services.

Many other API cleanups, tweaks and new features have been added too. The Lighthouse crowdfunding wallet was developed alongside 0.13 in parallel and many improvements made as part of developing this smart contracts app were made available for general use in this release. So it should be easier than ever to build advanced smart contract apps now.

Let us know how you find it!
Release notes. Version 0.13. From most to least notable: Major performance improvements: Chain sync is now faster; Much faster handling of large wallets, especially on Android. Tor bootstrap is significantly faster, and is now just a couple of seconds on desktops once the local caches are warm.
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Mike Hearn

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lol. best advert for a programmers tool ever! Well done github.

That said, I'll stick with IntelliJ.
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Mike Hearn

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The BBC is using an example from my talks on Newsnight :) Though the overall story is pretty garbled. Also .... "what is block chain"? What happened to the "the" ??!
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Mike Hearn

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The tutorial talk given at DevCore 2015, "How to build a timestamping app in under 30 minutes" is now available on YouTube and GitHub:

It covers how to use the bitcoinj wallet-template app to build a cross platform, Tor supporting, decentralised, peer to peer, 3D accelerated, block chain based document timestamping app ...... from scratch. Is that enough buzzwords for you? Then check it out!
Tutorial: Building a document timestamping contracts app in under 30 minutes. Document timestamping is the process of proving that a document existed at a certain time, usually, without revealing the contents of that document to the entity doing the timestamping.
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A fantastic location right opposite a beautiful park. The guide books are free and the receptionist was very helpful.
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We had to wait a long time for our food, and the waitress forgot to bring various things we ordered and had to be reminded several times. However, when the food came, it was pretty good - the portions were exactly the right size, and it tasted great. The tables have wooden benches that make it easy to squeeze more people on, so it's a good place to go if you aren't sure how big your group will be.
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Simple and straightforward, Sams is one of the few places that serves deep dish pizza. If you like American style pizza, give it a try. Most pizzas are around 25 chf, though they serve other food too.
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Food-wise, the pizzas and subs they sell aren't the greatest ever - but the staff are cheerful, the decor is nice, and most importantly they are open practically all the time. No closing at 7pm for these guys! They provide newspapers for people to read, TV to watch, and also sell subs and fajitas. Be warned though, they only take cash - visit the cash machine just down the road (towards Bahnhof Weidikon) if you are short first.
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