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From So Cal to Austin Tx... I sojourn on
From So Cal to Austin Tx... I sojourn on

Unpopular opinion:
#1 As an American I am not strictly loyal to our nation, I am a citizen of heaven first. I am subject to this government, but I am not able to declare unlimited allegiance.

#2 I am totally fine with a diminished profile and influence level for the united states. I am really ok with whatever comes.
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Russia is so terrible, and yet they are accomplishing their goal by the political narrative pushed by the media.
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Truth in the lie... Clinton knew about the Billy Bush tape and seems to have called the timing:

“This is not OK, I thought. It was the second presidential debate and Donald Trump was looming behind me. Two days before, the world heard him brag about groping women. Now we were on a small stage and no matter where I walked, he followed me closely, staring at me, making faces,” Clinton wrote in her book “What Happened,” an excerpt of which was broadcast Wednesday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

I think this was specifically timed and designed to make Trump look really bad. The problem is Clinton got questions early from her media contacts, had advance access to stories, and likely timed some of these stories overtly. Media as the 4th branch fails the test over and over. Imgine if Trump controlled the media, our next president might be Trump with control of the media.
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FIRST POINT --> Trying to think this carefully through and I want to start by saying Racism and the Gospel of Jesus Christ are not compatible. Martin Luther was wrong in his racist views and should've been rebuked strongly for them, and historically has been.

Follow me here:
1. The Neo-Nazi movement follows a distorted false Gospel making Jesus to be something less than he was. This is why theology is really important, because "God Love everyone" and "All roads lead to the same place" cultural stuff makes it hard to draw lines of distinction. The biblical Gospel would classify racism as sin, and in line with Murder. Peter is openly rebuked for being even mildly discriminatory, and Paul rails against racism over and over. Jesus intentionally and as offensively as possible rebukes racism. Let's be clear Jesus and Racism do not work together.

2. Most White Supremacists are not Christian at all and openly reject the "unpure religion of the masses". Most are actually Pagan if practicing at all according to a 2011 Homeland Security study or are atheist/agnostic.

3. This is where I get probably uncomfortable... If you are Christian than Jesus and his work on the cross is front and center. Our posture toward this group, yes this group, should be love. I dont think it looks like yelling, denouncing, or shutting down. I think a thoughtful careful loving response. There is no doubt they outsiders who are desperately seeking value in their skin color which only a savior who died for all socioeconomic statuses, tribes, languages, races, and genders can give.

The response as I am thinking through it:
1. Draw lines of distinction, I think this is what everyone is trying to do at the moment. White supremacists are not Christian. The message from elders at the stone was clear: if you hold/ practice this from this line of thinking unrepentantly you will fall under church discipline. They are correct in doing so.

2. Take a step back and ask what a loving response is. The church is looking at this community and in it should see every challenge and more we see in the LGBTQ community. They get their primary identity from something the bible is not even a little vague about being evil and sin. What makes it worse is Jesus calls the posture murder. He doesnt say it is like murder he says it is murder.

3. This group is unlovable in the culture. Jesus has a certain way with the unlovable. Theives, Tax collectors (who stole from the poor), racists, prostitutes, most-likely LBGTQ folks (that takes some exegesis to get to), Greeks, Samartians, etc.. If the culture says a group is unlovable the church gets a great chance to reflect something different.

At the end of the day I think we need to take a step back and ask what we would do for any unreached people group which should be... Have we asked how would Jesus express his nature to them?

Trying to think this carefully through and I want to end by saying Racism and the Gospel of Jesus Christ are not compatible
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Except it does... I produce double what he does in Solar power... Double.
I dont believe in climate change.
I believe in ROI on electricity rates
This article basically says rich people need not worry about climate change its a poor persons problem. They are exempt, its us the unwashed masses that need to change. What a load of crap this is.
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The worst of all possible outcomes... What is the worst of all possible outcomes?
-Is it death..
If death is the worst of all possible outcomes we will all suffer it without exception.
- Is it Suffering?
If suffering is the worst of all possible outcomes all, even the most charmed among us, will suffer it without exception.
-is it cruelty?
If cruelty is the worst of all possible outcomes then we will all commit and suffer it without exception.

I have to look at the world and see a different worst of all possible outcomes... It isnt poverty, it isnt death, it isnt suffering, its not a life "unlived"...

The worst of all possible outcomes as best I can tell is to is to see the world through ANY OTHER lens than Christ Crucified and death defeated in the resurrection.
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This is my top google news story:

If frogs had wings and June had 6 Tuesdays which fell on a solar eclipse, here is what might happen.
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Trump was having a good week...
CNN posted a fake story undermining trust in Media
The economy outperformed across the board
Banks passed the stress test and the economy appears fairly well protected
Gas Prices held steady

So Trump wakes up Thursday and decides to talk about a bleeding face...
What the hell
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Ok here is the deal.. Americans dont want the government to solve the world's problems. This is the difference between US and European politics. Its Geographic as much as ideological.
US can ignore the world, for the most part. Europe is forced to deal with immigration, refuge and regimes that would become agressive quickly to a shared land mass.
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You know its a bad deal when the investors want a merger to make profitable companies "more rational"
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