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Mike Guild
Husband, Dad, Hunter, Camper, Fisher, Best Buy and Geek Squad Guy
Husband, Dad, Hunter, Camper, Fisher, Best Buy and Geek Squad Guy

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Hello Google+.  You look different.

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Free computer repair by Geek Squad in the Twin Cities. Oct 26. Check it out!

For those of you using Tablets: What Apps do you use the most? Find the most useful? What is your Diamond (App) in the Rough?

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And just like that....they're gone. Wow.

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KJ (2yo daughter) woke up entirely too early. I am in pissy mood. IM'ing with cousin Keith Grauman. I said make me laugh. He gave me this. I laughed. Video OK for work, but audio requires headphones.

Tablets. Discuss. (And more than just all you Steve Jobs slaves ranting about how perfect your iPad2 is....)

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Agreed. Pretty interesting.
I am truly enjoying the transparency Google is providing around user data. View what categories you fall under for targeted ads. Even the ability to opt out.

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Mike Guild hung out with 2 people.Andy Hart and Emily Tritabaugh

What could be better than flipping between SHARK WEEK on Discovery and THE GODFATHER on AMC?
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