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Hey gang, question. But first, some preamble.

I'm going to introduce interviews to my entrepreneurship podcast, Make It Matter — I've used Skype w/ a mix minus for interviews with a previous podcast and was unhappy with the audio quality coming from my guest, and ultimately with my release.

I'm considering investing in some gear from JK Audio to allow for my guests to call in on a phone rather than use Skype.

So, to my question: What is your preferred set up for getting the best audio out of an interview?

BTW, my current set up: Shure SM7B through an ART Pro MPA II preamp, into a Mackie 1202 and out to a Roland R-05 recorder.

Hey folks. Question: If one creates a free podcast but the podcast includes advertising, is that considered "commercial" with regard to Creative Commons Licenses?

I'm asking because I'm trying to choose some open/close music for a new show and am not clear if I can use art/music with a non-commerical aspect to the license.

So, I've got a guest who's asking if they can host a copy of their interview on my show on their website and related media channels—Youtube, Vimeo ...

They've agreed to no alter/modify and to make sure I get the proper credit. I'm a little uneasy about this. I am happy to provide them an embed link, but not too sure about handing a couple files off.

Of course, anyone who dl's the podcast from iTunes has files right on their HD, so maybe I'm just being too cautious. And, to put this in perspective, I've got five episodes each with about 150 dl's per episode. Not a big media property for sure and I'm not quitting my day job just yet.

What would you do? Let them have files? Say "no way"?

Post processing question: I am doing my audio post in Adobe Audition. No problem working with files in both waveform and multitrack, but when I'm outputting final files to convert to MP3 (which I do in iTunes) I can't get the loudness right. No matter what I do my files sound too low in iTunes in comparison to other podcasts and music files in my library.

I'm using the "Match Volume" setting and setting the target to -16 LUFS for all the clips in the multiracial session. I then mix down to a WAV, which I pull into iTunes and use to convert to the MP3.

Can anyone share how they get their volume and loudness right?

I'm certain I'm not giving you enough info, but if you could share your process id be grateful.

I am currently using an Audio Technica M8000, which is a dynamic mic. I'm happy with the sound but want to take it to another level by using the Rode Broadcaster, a condenser mic.

My question is how much more sensitive will the Rode be to ambient noises than the AT? Both have a similar pick-up pattern and currently I'm not getting too much unwanted ambient noise from the AT when I record, even though there's traffic outside, etc.

Will the Rode set off a spiral of frantic soundproofing or will it be similar to the Audio Technica?

I really want the sound of the Rode, but don't want to get sidetracked into building a proper recording studio while I need to be building my audience. Also, I don't want to drop $400+ only to be unhappy with room noise.

How do you approach show domains? Do you like to have a discrete show site: or do you like to append it to another site:

I've been asking myself this question for a few weeks. I've launched my pod and currently it's a stand-alone site ( but as I've been thinking about the podcast and how I'd like to use it to develop and maintain an audience that is part of a larger conversation, meaning the pod is part of a larger publishing effort that could include blog, books, vid, etc., I'm questioning having a stand-alone domain, as the stand-alone would not be the same as the publishing brand.

Of course, I can just include a link with some info about the show on my publishing site's upper-level navigation, so it's clear that The Subject is part of a larger ecosystem, so I don't think I have a problem. That said, I'm not convinced I know the best way to do this and I'd like to get other's experiences and opinions here. What do you think?

So, I'm considering doing another couple podcasts since it's so satisfying doing the one I recently launched. How many folks here do more than one and what has been your experience moving from one to multiple?

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So, this might be more of a WordPress question, but it's related to podcasting.

I've set up a site for my podcast, The Subject. ( I'd like to add an iTunes bug—see image—at the end of each post for visitors to click through to the show's iTunes page. I'm having trouble getting WP to accept the code to embed the bug.

Anyone else have this issue and if so, is there a work around?

Anyone willing to share their approach to inviting/recruiting guests for their interview-style podcast? Also, what's your process once they agree, meaning what steps do you take them through before the interview? Pre-interview? Guidelines?

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Published my first podcast, The Subject, last night. Got it to the host, submitted it to iTunes, etc. Felt like a champ to ship. Thanks to the folks here who helped make it happen.

Feel free to check it out here:

Please Note: It's a show about Christians that are living out their faith in very real ways. Just thought I should put that out there so no one's sensibilities are harmed. ;)
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