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If you are Canadian and you received a notice that you are infringing someones copyright and they demand payment please read this article.

#copyright #canada
“There is no legal obligation to pay any settlement offered by a copyright owner,” Industry Canada confirmed to Global News.
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Michael Gabelmann

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Farewell 2016 and good riddance.
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Michael Gabelmann

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Michael Gabelmann

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Michael Gabelmann

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Michael Gabelmann

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Misha sleeping on a chair under his blanket.

#cat #bw #photography #photo #hidden #caturday

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Your photo will be re-shared as the Cat of the Day ! Congratulations!! ;)
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Michael Gabelmann

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Ugliest Colour
According to scientists this is the worlds ugliest colour.
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Michael Gabelmann

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Happy New Year!
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Beautiful kitty 
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Michael Gabelmann

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Michael Gabelmann

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1956 crown vic
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Michael Gabelmann

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Hot Dog
Homeless man on the street with a hot dog and an extra pair of boots.
#homeless #people #street #bw #victoriabc #canada #photo #photography #blackandwhite
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Michael Gabelmann

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Found this small jumping spider among the roses I picked for a shoot today.

#insect #spider #jumpingspider #canada #photo #photography #ccbync #studio #rose 
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+++ :)
The fragrant home :)
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Photographer, Java Developer, Rōnin, Adventurer
I am a photographer at heart and a programmer by profession.

I have a diploma in Computer Programming and an Honours diploma in Photography.

I am a 2nd degree black belt in Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu Iaido (way of drawing the sword) and a 2nd Kyu in Aikido.

  • photography (emphasis on landscapes and nature, but I enjoy most types)
  • games (computer, role-playing)
  • security, cryptography
  • web design, usability, UI
  • Linux, Java, programming
  • hiking, biking, camping
  • reading
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I post mainly to photography related topics such as #landscape, #hdr, #macro, #flowers and #nature

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I'm left handed, a self declared handyman and I know how to use a katana.
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Sooke BC
Osoyoos BC - Ottawa ON - Victoria BC
Photographer, Java Developer
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June 16
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