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Mike Ellis

Questions  - 
Hi all - q for you. We've noticed a MASSIVE increase in comment spam on one of our client sites in the last couple of days.

The only thing that has changed on the site is that I've moved them from SendGrid to Mandrill as the email provider. 

I can't see how this can possibly be the problem, but as it's the only thing that's changed I'm running out of other answers. Obviously it could just be that it's coincidence - but as they say in the movies, I don't like coincidences..

While I'm on it - does anyone have any good strategies they can share for using Google Analytics to identify spam sources / bots? 


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+Mike Ellis I had something like 10,000 spam comments during an 18-month period when I neglected my WP site. What an ordeal getting rid of it. The anti-spam plugin WP Spam Free (I think that was the one) was worthless. I thought little of Akismet for some reason. But I will echo +April Sadowski that it works very well I have now had about 8,500 spam comments filtered. And I have only had less than half a dozen comments go to moderation that were actually spam.
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Mike Ellis

Questions  - 
Does anyone have any experience with outsourcing WP stuff? So - do you outsource, where to if so, any recommendations on who to go to, how to choose people, etc? Other hints, tips, things to avoid?

I'm looking at possibility of outsourcing at various points along the stack - most likely it'll be design to HTML, and then doing WP integration ourselves, but all stories / thoughts / recommendations would be welcome.  

p.s. if you're a company that provides outsourcing, please don't get spammy on this post, I'll just ignore you :-)
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Hi +Mike Ellis ,
I have had success using in the past. The key was having detailed descriptions and specific goals. The more precise you can be in what you want, the more likely they can hit that target.
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Mike Ellis

Questions  - 
I avoid pre-built themes wherever possible, so forgive me if this is a stupid question: but - does anyone know if you can create a Child Theme for a Theme Forest theme? I know some premium theme makers won't allow this, wondering if TF do or not? Thanks!
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Thanks all. WIll investigate those various options. +Istvan Horvath I can only say that I've had times when I've tried to child theme with Premium themes and it simply doesn't work. Can't unfortunately remember the specifics right now and it was a while ago but it certainly caused a problem at the time.
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Mike Ellis

I have a question...  - 
Apologies if this is an easy one, but I'm failing to find stuff on the web.

If I've registered a custom post type which has custom fields (I'm using ACF for these) - is there a way of displaying one of these fields in the listings menu in the dashboard?

So in my example I have a custom post type called "ads", and one of the associated fields is "ad type" - how would I display this value in the listing at /wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=ad ?
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Hm, thanks +Thomas Scholz - will have a look
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Mike Ellis

I have a question...  - 
I've been asked by a client to look into providing content that is localised depending on where a user is looking at the site from. The context is that the site has different vendor prices for (say) Germany, England, US etc and they'd prefer a user coming from X to only see prices that are for X area. Now obviously I have warned them that this is spoofable - ie a user could easily override this and see other vendor areas if they were savvy enough - but knowing this, are there any tips on how best to do this?

My first thoughts would be:

1. Use a multilingual plugin like WPML and treat the differences in content as "languages" 

2. Write some code which asked the user to localise (or did it automatically) and then surfaced different variables using ACF or whatever for that particular localisation

3. Do something with multisite where users go to a "root" site which determines locale and then redirects them to en. or us. or whatever

I know a lot of this is dependent on the specifics of the content but any hints / best practice would be appreciated. Ta.
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Paul, don't tell me you read until that point? I googled it, took the first result and really hoped that everybody just says "TL;DR"  :)
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Mike Ellis

Ableton Remix/Mashup Tips  - 
In arrangement view, what's best way of cutting output from all tracks except one for a couple of bars? Route everything to sends and the master volume down? Or route all the tracks I want to cut to a new track and cut volume there...? Or are there better ways? 
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If you want to adjust levels between the solo track and the rest of the tracks, here's what I'd do.
Create two audio tracks. Name them "Main" and "Solo".
In the "Audio To" dropdown box of your tracks, select either "Main" or "Solo".
Then you can do what you like with the volume of the groups independently. Just put the two additional tracks on one side of the set or the other, just to keep things straight.
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Mike Ellis

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I haz new toy.... 
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Ahhhhh it's arrived. I too haz new toy. BOSS RC-300 loop station. Time to play Mr E!
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Mike Ellis

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West Somerset Ocean
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Mike Ellis

Questions  - 
I have few major gripes with WP but one is how appallingly bad the media search is in the dashboard. Even if you know, say, an image file name you still can't find it. Any recs for approaches / plugins that do this better - ideally I'd be able to search title / alt / filename / part filename. Wildcards would be even better...
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They've been working on the Media Library in terms to UI and some functionalities, but generally, the backend search in WordPress has always been poor.

Integrating better scripts for search may actually bog down the backend as per discussions amongst devs in the past years. 

The search is not too dissimilar to the one on the front end. Try searching the front end , and then also the backend on posts to check it out.

Frankly, I'm not sure if it helps for the backend, but I know for the front end, Relevanssi has helped with search.
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Mike Ellis

Discussion  - 
I'd like to suggest that we add a rule to the community guidlines: "try using Google before you ask here". Harsh perhaps, but I see an awful lot of stuff being posted in this community that is either not terribly relevant or is much better answered on Google / Stack Exchange etc... +Thomas Scholz 
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+Mark Taylor  I’ll do, I have some ideas already. :)

Please remind me if I forget it.
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Mike Ellis

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Quick work in progress, first go with the Launchkey49. Really liking the flexibility it gives....
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Mike Ellis

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Wild today. High tides and big winds..
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Beautiful though
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Web strategist, writer, speaker, musician, lefty, father, husband, sorta-atheist-agnostic-buddhist. I run a little digital agency called Thirty8 Digital
I do a lot of thinking, talking and writing about the web: what it means to be a part of it, where it might go next, and how technology could make our lives better if we could only make it less visible.

Outside, my life has more to do with family, music, creativity, books and living.
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Brilliant, brilliant pub, fantastic food, great people, fantastic cider. What more could you want..?
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